Let Go What Weighs You Down – Monday Oracle 13 July 2020

“Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down.”

Roy T. Bennett

Hello, Lovelies!

July energies are all about authenticity. It’s a month of endings and beginnings that will help us move into better alignment with our true self, encouraging us to step out of procrastination and into action.

Keep that in mind as we explore the gifts that the oracle card REBIRTH brings us this week. REBIRTH is from Chakra Reading Cards: Ancient Wisdom to Balance and Heal by Rachelle Charman.

The Gifts Of The Week Ahead

The energies this week support a gentle letting go of the things that have been weighing us down.

There doesn’t need to be a struggle or a big dramatic scene. In fact, the very best kind of letting go is one where we decide to let something go with grace and ease.

REBIRTH reminds us that letting go lightens us energetically. It feels good to let go of the things have burdened us. Whatever it is that is dragging you down, keeping you stuck or sad or sick, be prepared to let go this week. Decide you don’t need to keep thinking about your ex anymore. Decide to stop smoking and then do it. No need to make a big fuss. No need for big declarations or public posts about your decision. Just decide, make a plan, act.

Decide that you don’t need to keep eating food that makes you feel bloated and tired. Then stick to it today. Repeat again tomorrow. And if you mess up forgive yourself and then keep going. Decide that you’re going to sing or write or paint or dance just because you want to. Decide to clear your clutter. Decide to let go of thinking you have to do everything yourself.

Decide that you don’t need to stay in a bad relationship. Decide that you don’t need to stay in a lousy job. Decide that you don’t need another family Christmas where everyone ends up fighting. Decide to get a cleaner. Decide to get your tax done. Decide to see the doctor.

Letting go is an act of empowerment. And when we let go, and remain empty for a while, better things come and fill the void we have created, because as we lighten our energy from the letting go, things of a lower vibration will no longer be in alignment and we’ll stop attracting them. Letting go in one area often brings opportunities, miracles and advancement in another.

So this week, lighten up by letting go!

Supportive crystals this week

Smoky Quartz helps you let go of old hurts, old pains and old ideas/situations/dreams so you can move forward without regret. Any kind of Geode will be great this week for amplifying joy and abundance in your life. A geode is a little ‘cave’ or hollow filled with smaller crystals. The one pictured is an Amethyst Geode! Petrified Wood promotes compassion, wonder, curiosity and benevolence. It is a stone for healing old hurts and allowing hope back into your heart. Tourmaline in Quartz will build courage and help you to stand by your choices and decisions.

Helpful Essential Oils

I’m loving Geranium again this week. This sweet uplifting oil helps us to open our hearts, to find our enthusiasm and optimism and promotes peace and emotional well-being. Use it as a perfume or diffuse it. Add few drops added to your bath make for magical self-care.

Need a blend to help with clarity, creative flow and decisiveness?

Each of these oils work well with Geranium: 
Orange supports creative flow, and is uplifting, busts stress and helps us overcome self-doubt, Lemon is mentally refreshing and helps us overcome cynicism and move to a place of optimism and trust in the Universe and Rosemary gifts clarity and decisiveness. To diffuse add 2 or three drops of each oil to your room or personal diffuser.

Take care of yourself this week, be brave, choose well, let go of what weighs you down, and make sure to leave a little room for your dreams.

Don’t know how to do that?

Stay tuned – tomorrow I have a very exciting new course to share with you that is the perfect practical support for the strange times we find ourselves in.
Much love, and a tingle of anticipation as we get ready to launch! Nicole xx

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