My Favourite Christmas Fruit Cake Recipes

“Are you a witch?” I ask, reaching in and taking a bite of one. It’s like Monster Cake, the Sequel—freaking Christmas in my mouth. I already want more before I’ve even managed to chew.”

Emma Lord

Hello, Lovelies!

Have you made your Christmas Fruit Cake yet?

Here are my favourite recipes to help you create a tasty cake for the festive season. Just click the link to go to the recipes.

I’m cheering you on. YOU can make a fruit cake and it will be wonderful!!!
And if you do make a cake, post a pic and tag me in because I’d love to see what you created.

If you want to make a vegan or dairy-free Christmas Cake use the last recipe below for Easy Moist Boiled Fruit Cake and follow my substitutions

Remember to play a little Christmas music too, to get you in the festive baking mood.

All my love,
Nicole xx

Make and Mature Christmas Cake
– If you’ve had your fruit soaking, or if you can soak your fruit over the weekend this is still a fabulous recipe with time to mature before Christmas Day

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Last Minute Christmas Cake Recipe – This one tastes FABULOUS and I have made it on Christmas Eve, so it really IS a last-minute foolproof recipe, and it’s EASY!

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Easy Moist Boiled Fruit Cake Recipe – this one is simple, cost effective and uses condensed milk. To make a vegan version simply replace the condensed milk with coconut condensed milk and use a vegan butter substitute. This recipe is so easy and it’s delicious!

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6 thoughts on “My Favourite Christmas Fruit Cake Recipes

  1. Hey Nicole, I used half my soaked fruit to make a pudding which will turn out ok because everything in it was good. But it was my first pudding and I couldn’t find a recipe on your site which is where I looked first! I had to settle on half Nigella and half Taste! Do you have a wonderful pudding recipe? I’ll let it mature and judge it on the day we all gather for the feast. By then I’ll be unable to remember the exact quantities and embellishments to ingredient list… 😉
    (But the secret will be the brandy butter sauce that I’ll serve with it) nom nom!
    Kate xxx

    1. Kate, I’ll have to FINALLY share my grandmother’s secret pudding recipe next year! And yay to brandy butter sauce too – big hugs xx

  2. My word Nicole I am reading this at 7am and my mouth is watering
    I love a good homemade fruit cake and I have made both types….the make & mature and the last minute
    My 2020 Christmas Cake is languishing in the fridge tightly wrapped in foil until Christmas Eve
    My huz loves them too but he is allergic to mixed or candied peel so I leave that out and add extra glace cherries because who doesn’t like extra glace cherries if you are a fruit cake lover 🙂

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