Our First Day Off

Most of the things we need to be most fully alive never come in busyness. They grow in rest.

 Mark Buchanan

Hey, Lovelies.

Today, Ben and I are taking a day off.

I’ll be working all weekend on the 2022 Journeymaker’s Planner, and that’s a total labour of love and devotion! And from next week I’m taking bookings for sessions with me again, as normal. But today we’re both going to step away from work and responsibilities, so that we can just be together, rest and play.

Ben only just finished bringing the last truckload of our possessions back from our old farm this week. The things we haven’t unpacked yet completely fill our garage, waiting to be moved or sorted. We still have an entire house to clear out back in Brisbane. There is a mountain of unpacking left to do. And we’re juggling a family illness and Harry Dog’s leg injury too.

On top of all of the normal things.

Yep, even though we have done our best to take care of ourselves and each other we have been burning the candle at both ends for months.

We looked at each other yesterday, saw how tired each other was, and made the decision that today needs to be an unplugged day. I know you understand, and I hope you are able to take time for yourself when you need it too. It’s what helps us be sustainable. And un-cranky!

I’ll catch up with you tomorrow, after I am rested and refreshed.

Love, deep yawns, and a burning desire to swim in the ocean, lie in the sun, have a little picnic, and then nap the rest of the day away, Nicole xx

PS – Want to grab a copy of my 2021 Journeymaker’s Planner? They’re half-price while stocks last. Details below.

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There are 52 pages of rituals, information and activities to help you make the most of this year. Read about the energies of 2021 and how to make the most of them. The Planner is then divided into Quarters, each with a theme to support you. Every month starts with guidance for the energies ahead, and suggestions for crystals, gemstones and essential oils. After each Quarter you’ll find a review to help you learn, grow and plan. There are full year calendars for 2021 and 2022, monthly calendars showing moon phases and astronomical events, and week-by-week diary pages for you to plan your days. There is still so much year left – it’s not too late to get started and to make the most of the months ahead.

Learn with me as I show you how to review 2020 and learn from last year, choose a project and habit for 2021, do a 10 card tarot or oracle card spread to guide you for the year ahead, and then create a plan for the remainder of 2021 that is workable and supportive. No prior experience is needed. I’ll teach you everything you need to know with the free course that accompanies your Planner. You’ll learn to work with our monthly money tracker, Sunday planning sessions, weekly tarot or oracle card, habit and goal setting, reviews, coping skills, lightwork, meditations, affirmations and more. You can start at any time, because the work is self-paced and can guide you at any stage of the year.

And for every Planner sold, ten trees will be planted, to give back to Mother Earth.
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