Is Your Child Psychic?

What does it mean to be psychic? Essentially it means to feel, rather than think all the time.   


Hello, Lovelies!

‘Is my child psychic?’

It’s a question I am asked often.

I am also often asked if people’s pets might be psychic, and my answer in almost every case, whether it’s a child or an animal is simply ‘Yes’.

We are born intuitive. It is part of our birthright and EVERYONE has intuitive ability.

Many children are also born remembering past lives, or aspects of lives between lives.

Children have not yet learned to inhibit their intuition, or to suppress or hide the feelings, images and knowing that flows to and through them.

You were once intuitive and connected to that inner knowing too. But maybe you can’t feel that now because you locked that aspect of you down, out of fear, or because of the influence of the adults around you.

One of the best ways you can support children is to create a safe space where they feel comfortable to share their feelings, dreams and the intuitive happenings in their lives, and where you can help them to see that sensitivity (emotional, energetic or otherwise) is a gift.

Perhaps you might even extend that wisdom and kindness to yourself, by reparenting yourself around your own intuitive abilities.

Intuition and spirituality help us to become more truly ourselves, and to reach for the best version of ourselves.

To deny yourself or others the right to claim intuition as a natural and normal ability diminishes everyone.

My wish for the world is that every person comes to know this as truth, and that we all become comfortable with our own inherent powers and abilities.

Sending so much love your way, my sensitive friends, Nicole xx

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