A Normal Friday Night

Normal is an ideal. But it’s not reality. Reality is brutal, it’s beautiful, it’s every shade between black and white, and it’s magical. Yes, magical. Because every now and then, it turns nothing into something.

 Tara Kelly

Hey, Lovelies.

This might not be a big deal to you, but it is to me.

I had a normal Friday night last night.

We met up with friends, had a drink, ate dinner out.

Like most normal people do.

It has been thirty years since I have been that kind of person. My health has been so poor, my energy levels so low. Going out at night has just not been a thing.

But last night?

Oh my. I had a gloriously suburban ‘go out to celebrate the weekend’ kind of a night.

Yes, we ate early. Yes, I was still in bed well before midnight. Still, this newfound energy and freedom is something I am relishing. It feels so amazing. Like a whole new life.

I’m glad I never croaked it all those times, so I could get to live a bit. Oh, living is LOVELY!

Big hugs, and a whole lot of going-out deliciousness and fairy lights, Nicole xx

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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7 thoughts on “A Normal Friday Night

  1. When chronic illness steals this normal’ activity, isn’t it so much more glorious?!? I’m so grateful for the times I’ve had energy to socialize.

  2. That is great, I am so glad for you. By the stories you shared in the last years it seems to me like a miracle and this can give us all hope for the future. Even if the current situation is bad or was for a long time – a good transformation, a new birth IS POSSIBLE. By the way, since you included me in your prayers more than one little miracle happened in my life too. Please go on with that, it is very welcome and also needed. I feel blessed and nurtured. Thank you.

  3. Ah lovely and well deserved Nicole how very hipster, trendy and suburban..go girl..so funny you are glad you didn’t croake it all those times….funny, witty, brave and tough…much love enjoy, enjoy…

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