Another Of My Unusual Crystal Trade Relationships

‘A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business’.

Henry Ford

Hey, Lovelies.

I thought I’d share some of the messages I received over the past few days, with one of the places which supplies crystals and makes malas for me. It’s attached to a monastery in Asia. They don’t do business the ordinary way. It’s a relationship built slowly over time, after introductions from my good friend Dan, who has spent much time in this special and remote part of the earth.

These people are Buddhists. The pace of their life is slow. Rural. Other worldly.

I sent an enquiry to see if they had any of a particular stone I have sourced from them before.

This is what they sent back:

Nicole hello good morning we must ask at monastery but rain here so heavy we cannot go by bicycle for water in places on road. So can send the car but problem because many ducks on road also.

A little later they updated me:

See Nicole we took for you the duck picture. They many and eating snails in long grass very fine but make travel so slow on road to monastery and they will not hurry for us.

Don’t you love that! The ducks would not hurry for them, so the journey was slow.

Finally I had my answer. Yes, they had some of the stones I was searching for. Not many, but enough. We could begin my new project.

This was their latest message:

Nicole so happy, we busy to make the bead form for you, and teach now two novice help make the knots. Do not worry dear they will practice hard to make perfect before begin your work. Also we will make the rice blessing for them to give good energy for wearing.

I have no idea when I will receive my latest projects. There is no point in asking for a timeframe. They will be done properly and with love. It will take as much time as it takes. And that’s okay.

I’m an old-fashioned girl at heart, and this way of doing business, this heart-felt and honest way, is good for my soul.

I am sending off a package for them tomorrow with my well wishes for their festival of Ganden Ngachu, which falls in December. Photographs, and Australian chocolate macadamia nuts and dried fruits, and a linen tea towel with pictures of kangaroos and koalas and wattle blossoms.

Their last package to me contained incense, a small string with tiny bells, and a holy picture of Green Tara.

Friendship is built like this. Shared stories. Kindness. Compassion.

I hope one day I will be able to visit them in person.
Love, ducks, and the unexpected happiness that comes from sharing a window into another life, Nicole xx

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6 thoughts on “Another Of My Unusual Crystal Trade Relationships

  1. That is absolutely charming. Thank you so much for sharing this. I drive and visit various factories for a living, one of them is a mill (flour) and they have geese, ducks and egrets on the waterway next to it. (it is no longer water driven but used to be) I spend many days sitting and waiting for them to cross because they see a vehicle and immediately walk out into the narrow road. It’s so charming. I could watch them for hours, and truth to tell, that’s the site that I am most relaxed at. Just those few minutes watching these geese make their unhurried way across eight feet of tarmac, if it’s been a warm day they’re just as likely to settle down on the residual heat. Every site shoudl have geese or ducks!

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