The Woman I Turned Away…

Evil Woman by SalaBoli:

When I do psychic readings for people, I have a few procedures that I follow to ready myself for our session.  Firstly I close my eyes, centre myself and offer up a prayer for the Highest Good, and then I allow myself to move into a channelling space.  When I am firmly anchored in this energy I open my eyes and connect into the ‘seeker’ – the person I am going to read for.

If I am doing a reading by distance (ie by skype, phone or from a photograph) I do this energetically.  But if the person is sitting right in front of me I like to hold their hands to make that connection.

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Once again I close my eyes, and then I psychically ask permission to work with that person.  When permission is obtained I open myself to any first impressions, and then I open my eyes and begin the session.

In the thousands of people that I have worked with I have only been refused twice.

The first time, I got a clear ‘no’.  I was surprised, as that had never happened before.  And the explanation? It was not ‘Right Timing’.  I apologised, and ended the session.  A few months later the person came back and the session proceeded beautifully – at a time that was perfect, given the sudden changes in that person’s life.

That taught me something valuable – the need to always honour Universal Wisdom.

But it certainly didn’t prepare me for the second person I turned away.

I awoke agitated on that day, with an annoying headache that wouldn’t budge.  Before I’d even begun work my last two appointments rang to reschedule – something that rarely happens.  Trusting in Right Timing, I got ready for my only other appointment that day.  As the time grew closer I felt more and more ill, and my head throbbed as if it might explode.  I wondered if I was getting a migraine, although I’d never had one before.

Finally my appointment showed up, ten minutes late.  I ushered her in, sat her down and began.

My own connection took much longer than normal.  I sat patiently, and when I was finally ready it felt as if I had been surrounded by a heavenly host of Angels, an energy I don’t usually work with.  I felt very safe, very calm and very loved.

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And then I took hold of this woman’s hands.

Whoosh.  It was as if I had been sucked over the edge of a deep abyss.  There was nothing. Nothing but darkness.  But the darkness wasn’t empty.  And it certainly wasn’t friendly.

My eyes snapped open in shock, and I saw her watching me.

“Sorry,” I apologised.  Then shutting my eyes, I tried again.

All I felt was fear – my fear – and a deep sense of unrest.  No matter how I tried, I just couldn’t connect. It was as if she was behind a wall I couldn’t penetrate.

I let go of her hands and opened my eyes.  “I’m sorry,” I said to her.  “I’m feeling unwell.  I just can’t work with you today.”  My skin was goosebumped, and I sensed shadow all around us.  All I wanted to do was get her out of my home as quickly as I could.

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When she was gone I cleansed my house, did a healing meditation, and put myself to bed, completely drained.  It took two days to come back to a place of feeling my normal, optimistic self.

That session really disturbed me, but I was never able to access any more information, and eventually I put it behind me. Two years later an older man turned up for a session with me.  He came through my door very unwell and weak, with a great weight of sadness.  My first instinct was to greet him with a hug.

My connection with him was easy and strong.  And very disturbing.  As I held his hands a bitter taste flooded my mouth and I felt my own body weaken.  My heart rhythm went wonky, and my vision blurred.  A shocking awareness came to me.  I dropped his hands and asked, “How are you feeling?”

Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘An Old Man’s Winter’s Night’

He batted away a tear. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I’m so tired all the time, and I just can’t seem to come right. I feel like I’m dying.” He took my hand in his.  “I’ve got cancer,  haven’t I?  You can tell me.  I just need to know what’s wrong.”

“No,” I blurted.  “It’s not cancer.  You’re being poisoned. And you’re in grave danger.” The information poured out of me.  His wife.  His wife was poisoning him.  And she had done this before, to previous husbands.

“Her first three husbands did all die,” he said to me, almost unbelieving. “But she loves me. She’s stood by me even when my own family turned against us. She’s been caring for me ever since I got sick.”  He pulled a photo from his wallet and placed it on the table between us.

It was the woman I had turned away.

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Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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91 thoughts on “The Woman I Turned Away…

  1. Wowww!! goosebumps!! Thank god you could help the poor man. Hope he is surrounded by loving people now. Thank you for sharing this!!

  2. Wow.. it’s been a long time since I have read something so short which has affected me as such. I’ve even created this account especially so I could comment on this! I am currently putting together a crime novel for my dissertation proposal and typed in death by cupcake and this came your story came up! I’ve always been so fascinated by these instances, and the cold which you felt has truly touched me as you have produced an amazing short piece. For that I truly thank you x

  3. You are truly very sensitive to have been affected by this woman before she even arrived. I’m so glad that all worked out for the highest good. I’m curious that this woman allowed her husband who she was poisoning to come to see you. Perhaps she was confident that you wouldn’t ‘see’ anything because of what happened with her visit with you. If that is the case, her underestimation of your gifts was her downfall. Ah, the universe truly is perfect. Many blessings to you for the work that you do.

  4. WOW!!!!!
    That is amazing Nicole. I would so love to have a session with you. You’re so far away and for now I know it’s not possible, but I’ve been dreaming of that since my first day on your Blog. Thank you so much for all you are doing <3

    1. Nikky, most of my clients live interstate or overseas. These days, with technology, we are so much closer to each other. Even though some people still fly in to see me, I can skype or use other things to work with people who live far away. Bless xx

  5. eye opening experience. can you feel or sense the evilness in a person only by physical presence or also by looking at pics and interaction. i needed some help/advice from you thats the reason i am asking.

  6. Wow – goosebumps is right. Felt I was right there with you while reading it. Thanks for sharing such an engrossing tale (that thankfully had a happy ending). What an amazing gift you have.

  7. Goosebumps and wow. *squishy hugs*
    I would love to be your student, and hone my own empath abilities…
    They truly wax and wane, which i’m actually kind of comfortable with.
    Some encounters/impressions really can gut you, though.
    I admire you, my friend.
    VW ♥ )0(

  8. wow- I had goosebumps from the start and keep getting chills up my spine. Thank you for sharing Nicole. How blessed was this man to have found you. I’m with Sarah Roberts- why did that woman come to you? To test your ability? Cry for help? Morbid curiosity? Hmmm. Really fascinating. I hope you never have to experience darkness like that again. <3

    1. She came to me for the craziest of reasons. When she left, she left behind an old ad of mine torn out of a magazine from years ago, and a list on a scrap of paper. She had wanted to ask about moving, should she go home to her own country after her husband died, would there be more love for her, and would her daughter have any more babies… I remember thinking how normal the list was. Of course, it was only after her husband came to see me that I realised how chilling it was.

    2. What a crazy, messed up, sad sad woman. (Chills) Imagine her poor daughter. (More chills). When I look at the purity and innocence in my own baby girl, it’s such a shock that we all start out like this- even your crazy lady. What had to happen to her to turn her into what she became? (Shiver) Okay time to stop thinking about this! Thank you again Nicole, your openness is a gift to us all xx

  9. thank god for the healing angels around you and this man, we live in an incredible universe! I’m just stumped as to why a serial killer would go to see a renowned psychic, it seems really odd, or a subconscious cry for help! i pray that this woman learns her lessons quickly and moves into the light! we are all connected so one lost soul impacts on us all! blessings to you! sx

    1. Nah, Sarah. She was coming to me to help her plan her future and to ask about the most mundane of things. Now everyone comes to me from referrals but she had found me though an advertisement in an old magazine, and I think she thought I was going to tell her fortune and give her the lotto numbers. I love the way it all unfolded, and that my prayer for Highest Good was actually answered.

    2. wow she was sooo disconnected! sending love to all souls, especially the very lost and disconnected ones who need lots of healing, to us all really! sx

  10. It is comforting to know – you were/are protected by a host of angels and Divine Love and Light. The universe provides amazing protection … thankfully for the gentleman arrived in time for your assistance, and immediate medical care … for the lay person, it is an unnerving story. xo

    1. Yes, Jeannie. When he was in hospital (I called an ambulance because he really WAS dying) they found that his illness was caused by poisoning, and his then wife was found guilty of attempted murder. He’s fine now. ❤

    2. Wonderful to know the poor man is OK. That woman–I can’t imagine her life in the void.

      Bless your heart Nicole! How unnerving this all must have been but knowing this man is now fine makes it worth whatever you went through. Oh my gosh. I thought about this all night.

    1. Trust me, my goosebumps both times were BIG! LOL Nice to be able to laugh about it now. Wasn’t laughing then. But it showed me something so powerful. My intention at the beginning of every session is that the Highest Good be done. And it was…

  11. OMG!!! God Bless you!!! and take care of you Nicole. !!!! I know he is doing that already. Thanks for doing what you do. Blessings more Blessings. Love and Hugs,

  12. Wow,thanks for sharing that story.Ive read the other’s amazing!You have a beautiful gift,Nicole i love your mini meditations so much that iv’e downloaded them on to my phone to use at night before bed and also when i wake-up through the night.They are so comforting sends me off to sleep.Helps with my anxiety too.Thank you!xxxx

  13. Nicole, this was amazing, especially that the husband found his way to you. Somehow, it doesn’t surprise me, though. I’m so glad your angels were there protecting you. Incredible post. ~ Julie xox

  14. ooooh the goosebumps!!! Thanks for sharing that scary and mysterious event… Did u tell the man? I luv the stories of your life.. u are so unique!! ❤❤❤ (and I am glad u were so protected and kept safe)

    1. I called an ambulance for the man, he was really in such a bad way, and between the hospital and the police the rest just fell into place. The woman later went to jail.
      And me? I trust that I am always safe and looked after.
      ❤ xx

  15. The Universe moves in mysterious ways, and the synchronicity of it is all there if we can listen. Thanks for sharing this, it reminds us to trust our intuition and that we don’t need reasons for our decisions, only a trust in ourselves.

  16. Oh gosh that was awesome, like a mini episode that leaves you hanging for more?? When is your mini series coming out? I want to watch?? I love your work <3 I am so inspired by you.. Thankyou thankyou thankyou 🙂 xx

  17. Wow. Powerful and compelling. It reminded me of a day when my hubby and I walked into a store in Cherokee, NC. I wasn’t inside for a minute when I felt fear and blackness around me. I had to leave immediately.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I think most of us have felt this sort of energy and its affects at one time or another! We just need to speak out about these sensitivities, so that others realise this sort of reaction is natural and normal. Bless xx

  18. NIcole,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. I am so awed that you were able to help this man (and that the angels helped protect you).

    You have a unique ability to communicate what you do in a very grounded, clear, and vivid way. Your storytelling skills are a true blessing, because it allows you to share your experiences with Spirit with readers, and strengthen our faith that Spirit is moving and acting in our own lives.

    My favorite books as a girl were Dianna Wynne Jones, Edgar Eager, ect. You should check them out if you do not know them already! Have you ever thought of doing a Young Adult psychic novel? It would be fantastic!


    Nicole 🙂

  19. OMG! I am all goosebumps! And my heart is beating so fast I can almost hear it! You are privileged to be blessed as you are with this great gift to humanity, and because of your faithful and wholehearted service to this Divine purpose, you are always watched over and protected by Angels. May God continue to bless you and protect you and keep you healthy and in service. You are an amazing, angelic being. I feel as if our souls have connected either in some past life, or perhaps some future life…you have become a beacon of light in my days. My prayers and loving energies are with you always.
    with much love light and JOY

  20. OMG…I have goosebumps from head to toe…deep shivers throughout by body. With deep gratitude for the lesson of truly listening to the soul’s message and honouring that. Big hugs to you…XO

    1. I was incredibly together until after the ambulance had gone. When I’m in work mode I amaze myself sometimes. But afterwards I had a cry, and then another, and then a cup of tea, and got on with the rest of my day…

    2. Wow. I just feel so emotional reading about your experience. Did he know that you saw his wife? I can’t even imagine how it must have been. You must have felt like you were on autopilot.

    3. So strange!

      Yes! We will eat all kinds of amazing things and have cocktails on rooftops so you can see the Empire State Building all lit up!

      How many more sleeps? 260-something, no?

  21. Oh Nicole, it’s amazing how the 3 of your posts that I’ve read so far truly resonate with me. I’ve just this minute finished writing an email to someone who I hoped I could help but I always had a creeping sense of unease about. It soon became obvious that our relationship was adversely affecting my health, and no matter how hard I tried or what words I very carefully chose I couldn’t ‘break through’ to her. I’ve just now ‘turned her away’ once and for all. Interestingly, it was through her that I found your blog in the first place. It appears that God has directed me to you to help me heal from the events of the last few months. Thank you so much for being you. I know it will do me alot of good to now make the time to read your posts from first to last. God Bless, Julia X

    1. Julia, I’ll include you in my daily healing meditations. Know that you’ll get past this, and come out the other side stronger, and better able to attract loving new relationships into your life that truly serve your Highest Good. Bless xx

  22. I’m glad the angels were there to protect you. I know you do a great deal of good for many people, but I don’t know how you can make yourself so vulnerable. Did you tell the man that his wife had been to see you? What a horrendous situation to be in.

    1. Yes, I did tell him. But he knew she had been to see me, and had been unable to work with her, because I was ‘unwell’.

      She was waiting for him out the front in her car. I ended up calling an ambulance, as he was very ill, and he willingly went with them. Then at the hospital the police were called by medical staff, resulting in her being charged with attempted murder.

      It was a very strange few days for me, but I am so glad this man had a chance to reclaim his health, and to heal his relationship with his family. My short term discomfort was a small price to pay for that.

    2. What an incredible story. I’m very relieved that the man was taken to hospital and an end was put to the wife’s poisoning. It must have been a very strange time for you, and I’m sure every strange experience you have like this helps for the future.

  23. one of those moments where I like the energy but not the seeping one
    not sure that makes sense….my head felt/feels very strange after reading this….
    and someone I care about very much just poofed in front of me…
    this was a very good read….I enjoyed for the most part
    Hope you are having a Bliss-filled SummerSoltice
    and wishing you
    Blessings of the New Moon
    Take Care….
    You Matter…

  24. Oh wow, major goosebumps Nicole. I am very grateful to you for what you do and am glad you are in my life. I could not do what you do, you have a great strength within you.

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