The Power of Hugs


Yesterday was a wonderful day and a difficult day in equal measure. I am mid-way through running my Temple of Light retreat, I had a big day of work ahead of me, it was Fathers Day here in Australia, and it was also my beautiful Nana’s birthday. Lots going on. And not just for me. Many on my workshop are going through big energetic and emotional shifts. Luckily we have hugs!

Hugs are good energetic medicine. When we stand heart to heart, encircled in each other’s arms, there is a strong flow of love, light and healing that is transmitted from one to the other. We both benefit. When we stand barefoot on the ground and hug, the earth benefits too, and is also able to add her own grounding and healing energies.

Hugs aren’t just comforting. Hugs can be a way to transfer energy, strength, support and compassion, one to the other, more completely than you might ever achieve by using words alone. Hugs enable us to communicate heart to heart and soul to soul.

Yesterday I began my day with hugs to support my students in their journey. When I spoke to my Dad on the phone a little later in the morning, and felt his pain and sorrow as his mum, my Nana, slowly worsens and moves towards her last hours, all I wanted to do was to give him a hug, and I ached that I couldn’t. My own heart ached that I couldn’t wrap him and my Nana up in my arms and physically transfer some of my love and energy to them.

When I finished my call I was so very grateful to have hugs from some of the people here at the retreat with me. It gave me great comfort and eased my pain.

During the day yesterday there was lots of cause for hugs – hugs of comfort, hugs of nurture, hugs of connection and of gratitude. Hugs of sheer happiness and joy that needed to be shared.

Last night, after a trance channelling session for my group, it was hugs that brought me back into my body, and helped me to ground again.

You may have never thought of yourself as a healer or an energy worker, but every time you give someone a heartfelt hug you become both these things.

I hope you get to experience some of that hug magic today. The world needs more hugs.

Bless xoxo

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10 thoughts on “The Power of Hugs

  1. Thank you for today’s words of wisdom Nicole. Ever one to give a hug, I have a new appreciation of their power. Sending lots of hugs your way. I will keep your family in my prayers at this time. xox

  2. Amen Sister! This is a topic close to my heart that I think should be considered as a core subject for Healing 101. Hugs given and received in pure love without conditions or judgement to me are the purest form of healing that are under-rated. No special talents or knowledge required to perform, can be administered any time of the day. No dosage minimums or maximums. Anyone in need of a hug for healing, strength and general well being please let me know. Blessings Julia
    p.s. I think holding hands for healing/energy sharing is really cool as well.

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