One Small Bead to Connect Me…


Today is the last day of my shamanic meditation retreat. Just over a month ago I chose a bead to represent each person who would attend the course. Then I began to string the beads into a Mala for meditation. A bead for each of my students, and then enough smaller beads to make a total of 108.

After the Mala was complete I prayed with it, blessed it and placed it in my crystal grid to charge up. When it was ready I began my work.

Each morning I would hold my Mala beads. As I moved each bead between my fingers I would affirm a mantra. As I got to a bead representing a student I would send them love, light and healing, tuning in to what was most needed to prepare them for our work together.

Again each evening I would meditate with my Mala. Soon I could just hold the bead and think ‘Satisha’, ‘Monique’, ‘Karen’…

This morning I prayed my Mala for the final time. The retreat ends today, and my students go back out into the world.

Symbolically, I have undone the Mala. I feel quite sad to do so – like a parent whose much-loved child is leaving home.

This week I will turn each bead into a pendant so that I can return them to the students as a gift. There is so much love and good energy invested in those beads now.

So even though they will no longer be under my direct care, they will still have a piece of my heart…

6 thoughts on “One Small Bead to Connect Me…

  1. What a wonderful mediation practise that one could adopt for other things in ones life- Nicole your blog inspires me daily as well as teaching me new ways to be. You are such a blessing to the world Thank you xxoo

  2. Thank you, thank you… thank you thank you thank you!!!

    It was such a joy to be a part of the retreat and spend time with such a warm, humorous, gentle, genuine, integrous person with an amazingly generous spirit. Connecting with so many wonderful people made me giggly with excitement and I enjoyed every second of the time together. Happy-dancey-funtime!!!

    Oh, and I hope you’ll write your book entitled “Weird stuff…” , soon. 😉

    So much love and hugs to you, Nicole xxx<3

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