All The Ways You Never Knew You Matter

Image by Heather Hummel
Image by Heather Hummel

“Even very little things can change your destiny and throw you to a different path, to a different fate; you must never forget that even very little things have great powers!”
~ Mehmet Murat ildan


Sometimes we play a bigger role in the lives of other people than we can know. Your actions, choices and decisions ripple out before you, in waves of influence you will never be able to truly comprehend.

Yesterday on my facebook page, a dear woman named Jo who had a psychic reading with me last year wrote:

One year ago today you changed my life. You showed me what my life could be, and why things had happened the way they did. I have so much gratitude towards you that my heart is really too full for words. You helped lift such a massive weight off my shoulders. I would say that 90% of my PTSD healing came from your simple words “It was not your fault, your body didn’t fail you.” I will never forget that (and it still chokes me up), and although I struggle with the side effects of PTSD, I know that it happened for a reason, and that reason will be put to good use in the future. Thank you so much, you did so much for me in those 90 short mins <3

Another friend, Robyn, (yep I often become friends with people like Jo who come to me for readings or as students – birds of a feather flock together and all that…), wrote :

to Jo,  I may not know you, but I so love to hear someone making such a positive change in their life. Such simple words can be so powerful! Nicole you are awesome!

Oh my goodness.

The groundswell of emotion that rose in me when I read both of those messages… I can’t begin to tell you. My heart thumped in my chest, my eyes filled with tears. I needed to make myself a cup of tea and go sit quietly in the garden for a while.

We’re all so amazingly connected. This little conversation on facebook was proof of that. Our love and caring, our smallest gestures of support, build bridges for each other in times of trouble. At the time it might seem so inconsequential, but these small actions can have huge flow-on effects.

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How timely that Robyn noticed Jo’s post. How timely that she commented and that I was there to see it.

Because I had something very important that needed to be said.

I sat in the garden, had a little cry, drank my tea, and watched the birds awhile, until I had myself under control and could come back inside to my computer.

With a lump in my throat I write Robyn a comment of my own.

Hugs to you, Robyn – but you’re the one who is awesome – after all, it was YOU, my darling friend, who encouraged me to embrace the new, the morning I woke up on my thirtieth birthday and could suddenly see auras. If it weren’t for you I think I may have jumped off a bridge that day xx

So you see, I was there for Jo when she needed me. But I was able to be there for Jo because one day seventeen years ago Robyn was there for me.

It all sounded kind of jokey and lovey on facebook, but the reality of my birthday long ago was anything but. I’m not kidding when I say that Robyn saved my life that day. I almost went crazy with distress back then. It was a dark and confusing place, and I was questioning my very existence.

I’ll tell you all about it in tomorrow’s post. It’s time. It’s a story that needs to be shared.

Be kind to each other today, and never doubt the difference you can make, simply by being you, and taking  a moment to reach out to another.

Much love, Nicole <3 xoxo

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12 thoughts on “All The Ways You Never Knew You Matter

  1. Its for me Nicole that you shared this again today. Thank you so much. Yes, you do change people’s life. My dream is still to be able to meet with you one day or talk to you. Also loved your post of two days ago about perspective? I will try to do the same and look at my issues with the doctor differently. Thank you. Love and hugs

  2. Hi Nicole – a beautiful post. Once again your words mean a lot to me on those days that I physically struggle and then get bummed mentally about all the side effects of treatment.
    Thanks for keeping the torch light burning.
    Love Sue Girl

  3. What a beautiful post. Yes, we are all indeed connected yet we seldom get to see the positive ripple effects we create. Off topic, Nicole the picture of the bridge caught my attention as only three weeks ago I was literally taking pictures in front of that bridge!! It’s Bixby Bridge near Carmel in California. A very beautiful part of C.A. Hope you are feeling a little better. xx

  4. Very poignant reading this today. I don’t think there has ever been a year with so much distress, unhappiness and uncertainty as this one. I often confide in a dear friend that sometimes it would be so wonderful not to wake. His reply is always – you mean so much to so many people, what would they all do if you weren’t around? Just like your friend Robyn, there have been a few days this year this friend and these words have been a reason for still seeing the sunshine, smelling the fresh air I breath and having the enjoyment of sharing the love of those that are such an amazing part of my life. Thanks Nicole, always a positive in all I read that you share with us daily xx

  5. Thanks for this timely reminder Nicole. Reaching out can be easy, but sometimes reaching out in the midst of an uncomfortable situation can mean a lot to the recipient. Look forward to your story sharing tomorrow. xx 🙂

  6. Lovely story x I’ve been reading your blog for the past 2 days don’t even now how I came across it but thankyou it’s helping me with a difficult time I’m having xxxxx

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