Turquoise – A Great Stone For Healers and Empaths

“A turquoise given by a loving hand carries with it happiness and good fortune.” ~ Arabic proverb


Last week I made a simple turquoise and rose quartz necklace for a friend, and it has been charging up in one of my amethyst caves ever since. I’ll give it to her today – a gift to thank her for all her help as my acupuncturist’s assistant. Her caring and skill have helped me through some difficult days.

I chose turquoise because it is such a supportive stone for healers and empaths. I also added a small rose quartz for love and nurture – replenishing the energy that is so lovingly given out to others. Turquoise is a wonderful crystal. It shields the wearer energetically, and helps to process and let go of emotions that are generated or picked up during work with others. It is very protective of the heart chakra, and clears grief, guilt and trauma.

The emotions of grief, guilt and trauma can move deep into the body. They sit in our throats, our lungs, our hearts, our bellies. It can be our own feelings, or the energies we shift form other people and then take on as our own. Unexpressed, these trapped emotions weaken our immune function, and our digestion. They affect our physical organs, making them more prone to illness and, over time, dis-ease.

Holding grief, guilt and trauma within our bodies is a place that many intuitive, empathic and deeply caring people find ourselves. To love and to care is also to expose ourselves to hurt and to loss. Loving and caring deeply is risky, because when you live in that open-hearted state, love goes hand in hand with suffering. Still, I would advocate that you love anyway. That you care anyway.

One of your greatest gifts is that you care. One of your greatest gifts is that you can live heart-opened. Don’t change that. Just learn to manage it better.

Turquoise, worn on the centre line of the body, is a beautiful crystal for supporting healers in all modalities. Maybe you’d benefit from wearing one too!

Lots of love to you, Nicole xoxo

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5 thoughts on “Turquoise – A Great Stone For Healers and Empaths

  1. Lovely necklace and story. Thank you for the information about the turquoise stone. I have purchased a lot of it over the last year to include in my jewelry work and this will help me inform my customers! And I must need it too because I keep buying more and more of it! I love you Nicole! <3 <3 <3

  2. How beautiful! Nicole, you really make some beautiful necklaces. Hope to see some of your pieces on sale in your shop soon. Your lovely friend will be thrilled. Glad to see you are on the road to recovery. Lots of love 🌈💐❤️

  3. Thank you Nicole for sharing this story today. It’s so relevant for me and comes at a time when I need it most. You’ve created such a beautiful piece for your friend and after being charged up so lovingly, this pendant looks like its brimming with vitality ready to bless her with the good fortune and happiness you mention. I have plenty of rose quartz but will look around for a suitable piece of turquoise. Wishing you another wonderful day in your healing process. ❤️🙏💚🌹💜🦋

  4. Hi Nicole, very informative and encouraging piece. I’ve recently been doing a lot of research into astrology and gemstones. This fits right in with what I’m currently learning about the vast world of healing and spirituality.

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