How to Choose Crystals And Essential Oils

“The hardest work you have to do is to learn to depend on your inner self because you have been taught to look always to someone else.”

 Venice J. Bloodworth

Hey, Lovelies,

One of our community has asked me to explain how to choose essential oils and crystals for daily use. I thought my answer might be useful for you too!

Here’s what she said:

About crystals and essential oils – Is it ok to use these like I use my oracle cards and just be guided by asking the universe what I need each week/day? I have a big bowl of crystals on my desk and I have just ordered a mixture of essential oils for my diffuser. I want to get the best out of them. Should I use my crystal bible to read about what I have chosen to use for the week or just go with the flow?


J., This is a great question. I am a firm believer that when we choose essential oils or crystals the best way for us to do this is:

  1. Take a couple of conscious, calming breaths to center yourself. If possible, close your eyes while you do this to allow yourself to come back to a place of calm.
  2. With your eyes closed hold the intention ‘What do I most need to know right now?’ or ‘What oil/crystal will support me best right now?’
  3. Open your eyes. Does a particular oil or crystal stand out for you? Go with what you are drawn to, and trust that it is what you need. You may also find that before you open your eyes you already have your answer – an oil or stone will have come into your awareness. Trust that.
  4. Repeat the process if you feel that you need more than one oil or stone.
  5. If you have a guidebook for crystals or oils, feel free to refer to it AFTER you have chosen. See if anything in the text resonates for you. Discard anything that doesn’t seem relevant or doesn’t feel meant for you. This is also an easy way to learn more about crystals or oils without overwhelming yourself.

Much love, and the gentle aromas of flowers, resins, leaves and bark,
Nicole xx

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