Healing Body and Soul – Monday Oracle 24 June 2019

“I think that little by little I’ll be able to solve my problems and survive.” ~ Frida Kahlo

Hello, Lovelies!

June brings energies of growth and transformation. This month you can build on existing situations, foundations and opportunities, further transforming your life through work and self-belief. (And I have a gorgeous new online course which will help you capitalise on all of this good energy! Details Here) This month you’ll start to see results, and your progress will become visible to others too. Keep that in mind as we look at the gifts of inspiration which the card Medicine brings us.

Medicine has a clear message – it’s time to put an emphasis on your health, your healing, and your wellbeing.

You’re called to bring an important truth deep down into your body – a truth that can illuminate and transform your life. This truth is an understanding that you can’t put your health second to everything else because your health – your mental health, physical health, emotional health – is the most precious resource that you have.

Do a check-in with yourself this week. What’s happening in your physical body? How’s your mental health? What about your emotional wellbeing?

If you are out of balance in any of those areas Medicine calls on you to recognise that and to begin putting things in place to maintain or come back to a place of health.

This week is a great week for breakthroughs and understanding around health and well being. Expect to find resources, people and information that can help you turn your health around. You know your body better than anyone else so if you know there is a problem and you are not being listened to or believed then seek a second opinion and find a health practitioner who supports you on your journey.

Medicine also reminds us that we are part of a wider biosphere. We are connected to nature and nature has the power to help us heal on many levels. Medicine brings awareness that demands action – about our own health, and the health of the Earth. If the planet is unwell then we too will be unwell. If the air and water are polluted and our food is compromised then we are also compromised. Understanding that is the key to far greater healing for humanity and the Earth.

Supportive crystals this week?

Map Jasper helps you to concentrate, analyse and understand. It supports the adrenals and counteracts overthinking and intellectual exhaustion. (Can’t find Map Jasper? Use a combination of your favourite Jasper with Black Tourmaline.) Peach Moonstone encourages self-care, soothes worry, raises vibration and stimulates your capacity to problem solve using both intuition and reason. Turquoise is a Master Healer and helps the body to feel supported and to accept healing on all levels – body, mind and spirit. Bloodstone (pictured) will gift you energy, vitality and an understanding of how hard to push yourself and when to take a break. 

Helpful essential oils?

Frankincense is my oil of choice this week. It’s a Master Healing Oil that works on body, mind and spirit. It also amplifies the energies of all other oils it works with. Try it in combination with any of the oils below for a customised diffuser blend:

  • Orange, if you suffer from anxiety, depression, overwhelm or feeling flat
  • Lavender, for peaceful sleep and healing during sleep
  • Eucalyptus, for clearing your lungs, sinuses and your mind!
  • Lemon, uplifting and kills germs too
  • Neroli, to boost your creativity and sense of self-love

I’m passionate about essential oils and their capacity to support our wellness journey and our spiritual and emotional wellbeing. If you’d like to know more or want to source the oils I recommend and trust visit this site or contact me at channelnc@gmail.com

Do you want some support for your journey?

My new self-paced Journey of Transformation online course teaches you how to use your intuition and oracle or tarot cards to gain insight and guidance for life’s troubles or to get clear on your future direction. Suitable for complete beginners and advanced students. The feedback from students already enrolled in this course has been amazing and their results have been too! Click here to find out more.

Think you might be psychic? Know that you’re intuitive but don’t know what to do with that? Looking for a teacher, and a great bunch of friends to join you on your spiritual journey? Come join us in our YOM Membership group and community with access to online courses and materials, meditations, exclusive webinars and a very active Facebook group. Click here to find out more.

You only have one body – please look after it, and please look after you. Your health IS the most precious resource you have. Let this week support you to find solutions, help and a greater sense of self-awareness.

Lots of love, Nicole ❤ xx

PS: Monday’s oracle card, Medicine, is from the Sacred Power Reading Cards by Anna Stark. I use any cards shown as a prompt for channelled messages and my own intuitive wisdom, so my take is sometimes quite different from the meaning found in a book. 

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