How To Get Help From The Universe

The shaman had taught me how to set a strong intention each time I had a vision. I had to ask for the help I needed. “This is how spirit works,” she had said to me with a smile. “Spirit is ethical. You have to ask in order to receive.”

Meggan Watterson – Mary Magdalene Revealed

Hey, Lovelies.

This week’s energies are so supportive of you receving clarity, answers and inspiration.

But how do you get those things?

You need to ask!

We are part of something much bigger than ourselves, and we are all connected. When we honour this space of connection, and we ask for answers, the answers will come.

No matter what you are struggling with, or seeking clarification on, you can use the simple process of asking and trusting to bring you the information you need to make a decision, or to see a clear outcome.


Set your intention by asking for what you need. Ask with the expectation that you will be answered.

Where possible, ask out loud. There is power in your spoken voice, and speaking is a different energy than simply thinking a thought.

You might feel self-conscious, but speak your request out loud.

Ask as you work with your tarot or oracle cards.

Ask as you journal.

Ask as you connect with your Guides/Angels/Universal energies during meditation.

Ask to be shown in your dreams.

Ask for a sign.

Ask for answers, direction, clarity, understanding, support.

The second part of the asking equation is to trust that an answer will come, and then to trust the answer when it does.

Once you’ve asked don’t keep asking, hoping to be heard, or hoping for a different answer to the first one you were given.

Ask. Trust the process. Honor the outcome.

It’s that simple.

Don’t let your brain get in the way. Don’t overthink it.

Love, hugs and magical sparkles of insight, Nicole xx

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