Pantser vs Plotter


The more that you read, the more things you will know.

The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.
~ Dr. Seuss

Hey, Lovelies!

In preparation for my first session with my writing coach tomorrow, they have sent me notes on the manuscript excerpt and synopsis I recently submitted to them.

The manuscript is a work in progress, which means it isn’t finished yet. I’ve got about 110 000 words and expect to wind it up at about 120 000. And right now it’s very much a first draft.

Because of that I thought I’d have time to work out the ending later – until my coach told me I needed to submit a synopsis showing the storyline and character development.

Which revealed a major problem.

I’m what is known as a ‘pantser’. When I write, it’s by the seat of my pants. I have no idea where the story is going. It just pours out of me, and I am as surprised as a reader might be by what ends up on the page.

Now I need to find a way to be more of  ‘plotter’ – so that I can have a map for what the story is about and what will happen.

It’s just not the way I’ve ever written. But I’m open to being better, to learning my craft and improving my work, so maybe I will be able to find that happy space between being a pantser and a plotter. I’m told it’s known as a ‘plantser’. Who’d have thought?

Meanwhile, I did indeed work out an ending, which also revealed that I need to make some structural changes to the plot to make that happen. Here’s hoping this saves me needing to write twenty drafts to figure all of this stuff out.
Wish me luck!
Love, messy desks, pots of tea and words, Nicole xx

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4 thoughts on “Pantser vs Plotter

  1. Love that term … pantser … definitely how I operate in the world in most parts of my life … but to become a plantser … now that could be a game changer!! You’ve got this girlfriend … mwah … XOXO

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