My story, interrupted!


“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.”

~ Deborah Day

I was going to keep writing about owls and fairies and those sorts of things, but I can’t this morning.  Instead I have to go to work.

Psychic work.

Just before I woke this morning I dreamed about a client who I’ve known so long now that I consider her a dear friend.  In my dream her phone accidentally speed dialled me while I was out in the paddock on the farm.  I wasn’t far from the house so I ran back inside but the phone cut out before I could get to it.

I played the message back, and I knew my friend was out shopping and was having a heart attack without realising what was going on.

When I called her back the phone didn’t answer and I didn’t know where she was to send help.

This event hasn’t happened yet.  But it’s about to.  She’s already feeling unwell.  She has already experienced some nausea and tightness in her chest. And honestly, she’s been heading this way for years, and knows she should be doing something about it, but she always tells herself she’ll get around to it just as soon as (insert anything that is vaguely about doing things for other people or meeting work deadlines first). She’s 38. That’s so young. And all of this journey was avoidable.

So this morning I need to contact my friend.

And in the meantime I have a message for YOU.

Take care of yourself.  Parent yourself.  Do the things you know you need to do to get your health back on track. Eat a healthier diet.  Get support from health care practitioners you trust. Get your weight under control.  Reduce your stress levels.  Get more sleep.  Address the underlying emotional issues that are causing you distress.  And stop putting everyone and everything before yourself.

Life is precious.  You are precious.  So much magic awaits.  But you have to be here, and healthy, to take advantage of that.  We need you and your beautiful gifts in the world,  It’s not to late to turn this around.  Self care, self nurture, new priorities and some support.  That’s all that’s needed.  You can do this.  You need to do this.

Sending much love to you, Nicole xx

Recognise the warning signs of a heart attack

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15 thoughts on “My story, interrupted!

  1. You are right that we have to take care about our own first. I have pain on my shoulder and it has become worse. I don’t know when it has begun. Some time ago I decided to ask help because the mobility of my arm was decreased. Now a physiotherapist helps me to regain control over muscles.

  2. Most perfect post to wake up to this morning. I’ve been ignoring all the warning signs that my health is going downhill a little and I definitely don’t want to go back to that. You just reiterated that message so THANK YOU!

  3. Working on it, this message keeps repeating, so it cannot be ignored.
    Blessings of health and happiness for you and your friend.

  4. It’s most important to give your time to a friend …it’s your job and what you do well …my heart is with her at her difficult time,
    I am not exactly overweight and do lots of exercise that help with tension but i am eating rubbish and have noticed the pounds starting to pile on. I suffer with stress related problems and try to comfort myself with wrong food …I promise to take your advice …thanks Nicole .
    Cherry xxxx

  5. I’ll keep your friend in my heart and prayers…go take care of her.I had a dream the other night and it was of my dogs that had passed and my mother and father. They were all driving in a black car. At first I thought the male was my husband who has had a few health scares but he morphed into my dad. My parents hardly ever come to visit so this was special. I guess they were all in the transitional vehicle called death. Good thoughts to you and all Patty

  6. I have been unwell with a cold and an annoying cough for the past 3 weeks. I know what keeps triggering it….emotional baggage! I have to have a procedure in 9 days so that means I have to get rid of this cough. Last night I listened to your meditation about love and then several other healing meditations last night. I need to nurture and look after me. I’m no. 1 not everyone else. When I start nurturing me and stop worrying & getting upset then my health will improve. I hope you are able to get onto your friend this morning. Sending love xx

  7. Wow Nicole! (Points to self) Are you talking to me? I am grateful that you have picked up that message about your friend because she is way too young for the experience you have seen – and ever so lucky to have you so intuitively tuned to her at this obviously very busy time in her life. Praying for both of you today. xox

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