It’s Okay To Hermit

Progress isn’t achieved by preachers or guardians of morality, but by madmen, hermits, heretics, dreamers, rebels and sceptics.

Stephen Fry

Hey, Lovelies.

I was talking with my Inner Circle yesterday in one of our Open Office Webinars – it’s a session where we all jump online and I answer questions about spirituality, intuition and navigating the world as a highly sensitive person.

One of the things we talked about was the need for people like us to hermit every so often.

To ‘hermit’ you withdraw from the world – for an hour, a day, a week – whatever you need.

It’s a time to minimise input and minimise output so that you can rest, and recover from the draining energies of having to interface with the world around you, or after a particularly intense or stressful time in your life.

As a highly sensitive person you’ll need to hermit now and again. Please don’t ever apologise for your need to get time and space on your own, or think that it is selfish. Honouring your energetic self and your sensitivities is a vital part of being able to look after your mental health, resilience and physical wellbeing.

It’s necessary, and it will help you to show up in the world as a better, more balanced and more sustainable version of yourself.

Love, quiet time, and a peaceful heart, Nicole xx

PS – If you want help to manage and navigate your own energetic sensitivity it’s not too late to join my 30 Day Planner Challenge – it’s completely free, and it might be just what you need. Details here.

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