Another Reason Not To Blog – Dragon Invasion!


Don’t just stand there, Nic. Get closer! Grab him!

– My husband, Ben 

Hey, Lovelies.

I thought that moving from our farm meant no more wildlife adventures, but time and time again here at the Treehouse I have been proven wrong.

I was still upstairs in our bedroom today, finishing a meditation when I heard Ben calling me to come downstairs in that calm voice he always uses when there is a snake, mad cow or some other potential disaster.

This morning our potential disaster was a behemoth lizard creature.

When Ben let the dogs out for their morning ablutions, Dave the VERY LARGE WATER DRAGON (yes we named him Dave – he just looks like a Dave!) decided to stroll through our front door, down through the entrance lobby and into the lounge. Ben and the dogs were still outside. I was trapped inside with a very large and very fast moving lizard.

Dave hangs out around our house, and he has several smaller lizard companions. Over the past 6 months Dave has become bolder in being right up close to us when we are outside, and he suns himself on the deck outside my office, and sometimes even swims in our pool. But he had never been in the house until this morning.

A couple of times I almost had Dave herded through the lounge, back up the steps and out the front door, but then I squealed because Dave decided to run at me, and I thought he might run up me! Rufie Dog heard my squeal and raced inside to save me just as Dave the lizard was about to cross the threshold and go back outside. Dave rushed past me and back inside.

So now Ben and I have chased poor Dave all around the house.

Problem finally solved by cornering our now ornery lizard and throwing a bath towel over him. Then Ben calmly grabbed him and took him back out onto the lawn.

I need a coffee now. Stat! And then for me it’s a day of packing Christmas orders, seeing my respiratory physio, and slowly bringing myself back to health. (It’s slow, but it’s working! I was well enough to chase a lizard, after all.😊 )

If you’re after a Christmas gift for yourself or a loved one please check out my Etsy shop, or Amazon for a Planner. Today I’ll be loading up some wonderful bracelets into Etsy too, so stay tuned for those.

Here’s all the details below. Enjoy checking it out while I enjoy catching my breath after our early-morning adventure!
Love, and the joy of over-friendly wildlife, Nicole xx


Christmas Goodies

The hard copy of The Journeymaker’s Planner 2024 is already available on Amazon Australia and Amazon USA and it is now  available through Etsy too. The digital copy is also available via Etsy. As well as an AWESOME colouring book and mandala course. If you buy through Etsy it is me who wraps and packs your order, and I always include a little love letter and a small surprise, because who doesn’t need love and surprises.

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