The Magic of an Epsom Salts Bath

One of my favourite things is soaking in an Epsom Salts bath after a long day of psychic work. It works to soothe me on all levels – body, mind and spirit.

Because the magnesium from the Epsom Salts is absorbed directly through your skin it allows even people who find it hard taking magnesium orally to be able to top themselves up with this magical mineral.

Magnesium is an important element within our body.  It is used by our nervous system, and also by our muscles.  When we do psychic or metaphysical work we also burn up lots of magnesium. Magnesium is a co-factor in over 300 enzymatic actions in the human body, such as co-factoring with calcium to build and sustain healthy bones. It gives us energy, prevents muscle cramps and pains, calms us and helps us sleep.

How do you know if you might be magnesium deficient?  There’s a list of common symptoms here.

How to make your own Epsom Salts Bath:

Firstly, you’ll need a bathtub!  If you don’t have one then a big bucket to soak your feet in is the next best thing. The ingredients I list are for a bathtub, so reduce them accordingly if you are using a bucket.

Fill your bath with water that is tolerably hot (it needs to be able to flush your skin slightly pink) without burning you.  You need the water hot so that your pores open and because it aids osmosis.

Now add two heaped cups of Epsom Salts to your bath and stir to dissolve. Spend at least ten minutes having a good soak!

Extras – for that Deluxe Bath Experience

You can also add some essential oils to your bath to enhance the experience.  Use a few drops of Lavender at the end of the day if you want to relax – this is a great sleep enhancer.

3 drops of Rose Geranium, 3 drops of Bergamot and one drop of Vetiver will reduce stress and help rebalance hormones.

2 drops Rosemary, 3 drops Basil and 3 drops of Lemon will perk you up, enhance your mental clarity and memory, and boost your immune system.

Epsom Salts baths also detoxify the body, and work wonders on your aura – that energetic bubble our physical bodies reside within.  Epsom Salt baths clear our auras and strengthen them.

I often put a few tumbled crystals in my bath too – favourites are smoky quartz for clearing negativity and low vibrations from my aura, rose quartz for love and nurture, and amethyst for enhancing spiritual connection.  I often throw in a carnelian too, as it is a great physical healer and energy booster.

Enjoy!  ♥ ♥ ♥

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48 thoughts on “The Magic of an Epsom Salts Bath

  1. Thanks so much for this
    I have a few crystals especially for their ability
    I haven’t experienced anything yet but I’m not giving up
    Putting them in my Epsom salt bath now

  2. I’ve been feeling mentally and psychically run down and after reading an article about floating pods (the kind that are all dark, where you go inside, float and let go) I decided “I need to try this!” However I don’t have access to a pod in my area, so I figured the next best thing would be in my bathtub and we have a carton of Epsom Salts right on our counter! My wife uses them often!

    Anyway, I did a quick Google search which led me to your blog. I love love love IT. You have such a fantastic way of writing and teaching and I love your metaphysical, open minded attitude. I’ll be following your guide and taking a relaxing Epsom Salts Bath soon. THANK YOU for writing this! ~Angie

  3. Following the Gratitude Challenge, I decided to get myself back in super shape. But I need to relax and pamper myself after a day’s work and workout, so this is the perfect solution. Tomorrow, I’ll be shopping for all the *secret ingredients* — thanks, Nicole!

    LOVE ALWAYS xoxo

  4. I can’t thank you enough for this post and the link. I’d been craving dates lately and started eating a few a day. Then read the link and was amazed. I have had a difficult time taking a full deep breath for a very long time. But since I’ve been eating the dates (which are high in magnesium), I no longer have that problem. I find your posts very interesting and helpful. Thank you so very much.

  5. Love baths and treat myself once a week to a sea salt bath with lavender oil and a spoonful of coconut oil- great for the skin- just be careful getting out of the bath. Next time I will add a crystal or 2. Is it better to use Epsom salts over sea salt?
    Love & light xxoo

  6. Whenever I finally appear in the loungeroom after my wonderful epson salt baths – my husband always says with a grin…. Hmmmm you’ve been ‘poaching’ yourself again haven’t you??? hehehe

  7. I wish I liked baths, they seem so relaxing. I have a friend who – before she had children and still had lots of time to herself – used to phone me from her bath. I was always astonished becaused we were regularly on the phone for well over an hour and all that time she was just soaking away. Our conversation was put on hold now and then while she topped up with hot water, and she says she didn’t get wrinkly in all that time. I don’t know how long I’ve ever spent in a bath but nothing like that long. What I don’t like about baths is that the bit of me that’s not in the bath is too cold and this is especially true if trying to read a book with my hands out of the water. Maybe I need to revisit baths some time and see if they’re as bad as I remember! I envy people who enjoy them because I feel I must be missing out on something wonderful.

    1. It’s odd, Lorna, because I don’t necessarily enjoy baths, but I LOVE Epsom Salts baths and find them very relaxing. I guess our climate is a little kinder re outside bath air temperature, and I have long ago giving up reading in the tub after too many book drownings… I hope you do give them another go! Baths that is, not book drownings. 😀 xx

  8. Thank you Nicole. You are so clever and always seem to know just what I (and it seems like most of us!!) need. Thank you <3 xx

    1. Feet soaking is still good – and I often put my hands in too, so that they go well past the wrists. Heaven! Good luck with the bathtub manifestation. I hope you have also stuck a good bath picture on your fridge or make-up mirror! Bless xx

  9. Though I’ve never been a fan of baths, (always preferred to shower), this is a nice post, and highlights a point that folks my age, or younger, need to be aware of, i.e., magnesium deficiency. As an ex-nursing professional, I know how important it can be, but had forgotten how easy it actually is to occur, if one’s diet isn’t broad enough. And, as mentioned in the linked article, deficiency of this mineral can have bad effects on virtually all of our body’s systems. Thanks for that; it reminded me to green up my own diet; been getting leg cramps lately at night, which is often due to either potassium, or magnesium deficiencies…. take care out there, & enjoy your baths…. I have no objections to baths (especially if one doesn’t have to do it alone….), and hot tubs are nice at times, but otherwise, you are welcome to them…. 🙂

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