When the Muse Whispers in Your Ear…

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O! for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention.
~ William Shakespeare

Inspiration comes to us in many ways, but there is one way almost all creative people have in common – the Muse comes and whispers in your ear.

The Muse knows you – she knows your talents and gifts – she knows what is written in your heart.

So she chooses you, and with Divine Timing she drops her tiny mouth to your ear and whispers an idea that is perfectly matched to your talents, your purpose, your dreams…

All you have to do is listen.

And you’ll know this is something out of the ordinary.  You’ll know you’ve just been given a gift.  Your heart will beat a little faster, you’ll feel a pull right down in your belly, your mind will snap to attention, and with your heart you’ll answer ‘Yes!’

The Muse will sigh contentedly. Then she’ll wait. She’ll wait for you to show her that her whispering is safe with you. All she wants is for this idea to be born. She’ll pour her own energy into it, hoping to co-create with you.

If you pull her idea deep into your heart, and if you nurture this whispering with thought and with action, she’ll happily whisper some more.

Try this, she’ll say.  This is the next part.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if…

But… if you ignore her… if you take her whispering and put it on the shelf, letting it become dusty and dessicated… if her whispered idea becomes a ‘someday’; or if, even worse, you begin to slowly kill the magic by coming up with all the justifications why it won’t work, and why you can’t do it…

She’ll fly off and whisper her idea in someone else’s ear!

And trust me – that won’t be good for you…

One day you’ll be at the markets and you’ll see the thing she whispered to you first, and you’ll think, ‘Hey! That’s MY product!’

You’ll read the book or watch the movie and think, ‘Hey! That’s MY plotline.’

You’ll walk past the shop, or open the newspaper and think, ‘What the? That was MY idea.’

The Muse is endlessly patient and encouraging as long as we honour her inspiration with a little perspiration – if we work at the ideas we’re given, the whole Universe will contrive to support and prosper us!

Her gift to us will be like magic in our hands.

We ignore the Muse at our peril.

So the next time she whispers in your ear, understand that she chose you for a reason.  She chose you because it’s written in your heart, it will make your soul sing, and you have what it takes to bring this idea to life and make it shine!

And isn’t that all you’ve ever wanted to do?

When Divine Inspiration comes calling, say YES. Take your new idea seriously. Nurture it and help it grow.  It might transform your entire life. ♥ It might transform ours too.

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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37 thoughts on “When the Muse Whispers in Your Ear…

  1. How on earth do you always know just what I need to hear at just the right time Nicole! I am such a procrastinator and I always end up thinking too much and then talking myself out of it and then feeling depressed and uninspired. Thank you for this blog. It has made my day 🙂

  2. It’s so amazing how this works! In my artwork, I’m inspirited ( I meant to write inspired) to do some things that I’m not really comfortable with, or it’s just not my style. It’s when I’m at an art show, I hang the piece under protest, and then have a customer really connect with it, that I truly believe. After years of this, I’ve learned not to question the whispers. We are all a little pencil in the hand of a writing god.

  3. WOW!!!! I love this, and it is so true!! How many times it happened in my life, in the simplest things. It can be even as simple as choosing a gift idea for someone, and then ignore the idea and see another one offering that same thing to the person and making her happy. How many times do I have an answer to a question, and I don’t trust myself and neglect answering and lose an incredible chance to win a big prize. Those are very minor things, but it happens with big real choices too

  4. ohhhh….I would so like to hear that whispering in my ear….I’m open hearted and waiting for an idea or suggestion that might be matched with my talents, purpose and dreams…….I’m ready and I’m waiting….with a hope-filled heart : )

    1. I really don’t know how to open to this sense…I tend to put forth effort and try, but sense that right now, that’s not the way to go….and I can’t seem to access “trying” anyway….I’m sensing that a more intuitive path is opening, but don’t have experience with it ….any suggestions or ideas?…

    2. Come at it from a different angle, rather than from ‘trying’. BE happy. Work with gratitude and appreciation for the things in your life that you enjoy. For example, if you want to be a writer, open to the joy of the wonderful books you have read and how they made you feel. Maybe I’ll blog about this tomorrow for you, and put a little meditation in there. Would that help? Love and Light, Nicole xx

    3. Nicole…that would be special if you might do that…to expand on your ideas and the bonus of a meditation in there too….I would really really appreciate that…thank you…kathy ps…I’m sensing that maybe I’d like to combine teaching, which I love, (I’m retiring from the official job of teaching in June, after 40 years ) with creating pages or something like that..but I don’t know quite what, where, who…etc…but I love teaching and I really really love creating the pages that I share on my blog…and helping people who are having a hard time…helping them out of the struggle, in whatever small ways I can…

  5. Ah this is a fantastic post, it is energising just to read it and think about the possibilities. Thank you Nicole, once again your timing is superb!! Take care love and light Lynxx

    1. Keep dreaming! I want it to come true 🙂

      The same Bakery does this thing in the winter: 30 Days of Hot Chocolate. Each day is a different one. Like a Mexican Chile Spiced one. Or a Chinese one with 5-Powder spice. So addictive!

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