It’s Freak Out Week. So how are YOU feeling?

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Let me ask you a personal question.  Do any of the following sound like you right now (although a few weeks ago you were fine, or certainly more fine than you are now)?

  • exhausted, for no apparent reason
  • achy and unwell in a very non-specific way
  • restless, or feeling like you want to run away
  • scattered
  • teary, for no apparent reason
  • easily triggered into old ‘stuff’
  • anxious, for no apparent reason
  • unable to make decisions
  • suddenly overwhelmed
  • wanting to cry or scream or punch things
  • panicking about decisions you have made
  • irrational
  • arguing with loved ones
  • worrying about things you haven’t worried about for years
  • dealing with issues you thought you’d resolved or worked through
  • bogged down with fear, guilt, or other negative emotions
  • feeling massively hormonal although it’s not your ‘time of month’

It’s not just you. My inbox is crammed this week with emails from people who are experiencing an abnormal increase in the above symptoms, and many of them report that they should feel happy or optimistic based on what’s going on in their lives right now…

For other people life currently feels like hard going, and no cause for optimism whatsoever.

So, if you’re feeling a little strange and out of sorts right now, you’re not alone.  In fact, you’re in very good company.  It’s just that most people are suffering in silence.

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Blame it on the moon. There’s currently some big astrology going down. Blame it on 2012.  Remember 2012?  The year that was all about shifting and healing and clearing out the old to make way for the new? Oh yeah…

I know it’s hard just now.  I know it feels intense. But I want to urge you not to give up, and not to give in.  This energy will pass, this weight will lift off your shoulders, and things will become clear again.  The worst will be over by mid-November.

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So what can you do to cope better, and to get through this energy of clearing and shift?

Pull back a little and give yourself some breathing space.  Stand barefoot on the skin of the earth (this means dirt or grass or sand or rock – not concrete or carpet or a timber floor!) and really ground yourself. Do this daily if you can, or even more than once a day.

Nurture yourself.  Cups of tea, gentle walks, good food and plenty of rest.  Hugs are also excellent.

Don’t get stuck in your head.  None of this needs to be deeply thought on, and there is such a risk of over-analysing it all.  Just sit with it, and be willing to let it go.

Massage, body work, and other nurturing and supportive therapies are helpful.

Spend time with books, music, movies and places that uplift, comfort, inspire and restore you.

Meditate, explore yoga and try chi qung.

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28 thoughts on “It’s Freak Out Week. So how are YOU feeling?

  1. I am feeling all the above in spades LOL. I know what’s going on with the big shift and I practice astrology, but this is a challenging time. November and December will intensify emotions, especially with a cluster of planets in Scorpio, including Saturn. We will get through this.

  2. Have I told you lately how wonderful you are? This is EXACTLY what I’m going through. Mid-November seems a world away. I have to keep telling myself, Goddess knows better than I what I need. Receiving your posts as emails is a blessing and a bright spot amidst all this. Thank you.

  3. Tea, tea and more tea! Excellent suggestions, I think we all feel like this sometimes and it does eventually pass, although it can be hard to believe it will at the time. For me the key is to hold onto any positives whenever I feel them, and make the most of them, big them up as it were, in an attempt to redress the balance. It’s amazing how easy it is to concentrate on negatives and it can be much harder to focus on positives, but the more you practice the more possible it seems.

  4. It’s been such a rocky year. OMG!! One thing after another and I’ve had big patches of experienceing all the above symptoms, often all at once. There have been plenty of times when I just wanted to “go home”! Yet somehow inspite of all the things I’ve read suggesting that I should be feeling completely crap atm. I’m actually doing really well. I’m not decending down the spiral of negative thoughts, instead I’m able to see them for just what they are: thoughts. I have been doing a lot of energy work though. (This year I was opened in the Latihan, which is great for clearing out “stuff”, and have done Reiki 1 and 2 and will be doing 3 soon.) Plus getting stuck into semi naked gardening and doing excersise circuts in my backyard. Also my partner and I have been bringing tantra and karezza into our bedroom life, which has been incredible! (RE that, it’s amazing how things can open up and be extraordinarily beautiful when love making become about the connection not the goal.) Probably the biggest thing though that has come through all of this, is learning to surrender to Spirit/Lifeforce/God/Being. Still learning, learning, learning. Now, though I’m learning through being honest with myself and letting go of stories…and they are all stories. Love and light. xxxxxxxxx

  5. I started to cry when I read this… Yep, feeling all of the above… In spades. Thank for the beautiful reminder to simplify and ease through my week.
    Much joy to you.

  6. Yeah, it’s been eventful for 12 months now….. but the last two days my vibration actually came down. Going to get dirty feet today!!

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