Last Night I Flew Alone


Image by Marco Redaelli

“Love is how you earn your wings.” ~ Karen Goldman


Last night I lifted from my bed and took to the night sky. I flew the way that Auntie showed me. But last night I flew alone.

As the land fell away beneath me the air was soft and cool, and it smelled of coming rain and the sighs of the earth.

On I soared. There you were in your own bed, far below. Down I flew. I watched you, connected heart to heart. I heard your thoughts and felt the throb of your blood pulsing gently beneath your skin. I breathed love into you, and moved on.

House to house, heart to heart, on I flew.

Some of you, whose light burned too dim, I worked on you.

Some of you, whose light shone so bright, gave me reason to rejoice.

One of you had an extra tiny light in your Aura. A baby for you soon.

This work swells my heart so.

We are all frail and strong and beautiful. So ageless and so temporary.

What a privilege it is to work the night skies.

I woke this morning smiling.

I love you. All is well.

20 thoughts on “Last Night I Flew Alone

  1. Ahhh… I’d luv to fly with you one day. I had a lovely peaceful, restful sleep last night, only recently up! (normally much earlier). Dreams also filled my night space, but alas I didn’t capture them. Ohhh, what a time it is….. lotsa luv xxx

  2. Beautiful words of love Nicole and thank you for looking after us all. I’m hoping and praying to be blessed with gorgeous little bundle of joy -your words brought tears to my eyes xxx

  3. Wow! Feeling overwhelmed! Thank you! I think last night, not sure as I had forgotten! I dreamed that I had been taken up sooo very high beyond plane flight let go and was falling, falling, there were others near falling as well! A voice came and said “don’t worry you won’t feel or remember a thing when you hit the ground and you will be fine!” I didn’t feel anything and I regained consciousness and I was walking around with no bones just light and I think not quite touching the ground! That’s all I can remember ? Love and light to you… Always grateful for your posts.. Love Lyn

  4. Thank you Nicole! My heart was just pounding in my chest reading your post! Thank you for your lovely words and thoughts and care for all.

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  7. thankyou, finally starting to feel a little more energy – since Sunday, and a period of 4/5 hours during the night of sleep – hope it lasts!!! – weird dreams the last 2 nights

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