Have You Had A Pattern Of Quitting Or Not Even Starting Lately?

“If you quit on the process, you are quitting on the result.”

Idowu Koyenikan

Hey, Lovelies.

I launched my Goal Magic course yesterday. It’s an eight-week online coaching course that I created to support people who have struggled with creating habits, making decisions, and working to completion on goals and tasks.

Before lunch my inbox was full of messages from people that sounded just like this one:

Hey Nic,
I’m really interested in your course but I’m feeling very anxious about it. I quit or get overwhelmed by everything. I am hopeless at finishing stuff so I am worried if I do the goals course I will end up not finishing that either and feel like even more of a failure. What is wrong with me? Help!

So, I want you and Sue to know that I made this course for you. I didn’t make it for people who are superstars at getting stuff done. They don’t need my course. You need my course.

This is a course to help you overcome the patterns of thinking and the lack of skills and knowledge that left you in this mess.

I am going to start you right at the beginning, and help you to learn the foundations of creating habits. I’m going to help you understand the psychology behind why you don’t get started, or why you stop. I’m going to teach you how to manage overwhelm. I’ll show you every single step and every process that I use to get things planned, started and finished.

Just as importantly I’m also going to give you tips and hacks for when you get stuck or feel like quitting so that you can retrain your brain to move past these old habits that have stopped you from being where you want to be.

This course is important. These skills aren’t only for getting stuff done. These are life skills. They are the skills that will build your self-belief and self-worth. They are skills that will help you manage stress and uncertainty and that will build your self-reliance and faith in your own abilities.

Best of all, right now I have slashed the price of this course to just $99USD for the full 8 weeks of coaching because I wanted to make it affordable and accessible for all of you. As the world buckles under the weight of a global pandemic, economic uncertainty and the difficulty of lockdowns, this course can help you navigate life with a stronger sense of self-belief and clear direction.

So, if you’re ready to create a little goal magic in your life, come join us.

If you’ve had a gift inside you that you’ve been procrastinating about sharing, come do this course.

If you’ve been stuck and haven’t know how to make your dream happen, come do this course.

If you’re so far down the hole you don’t even know what your dream might be, come do this course.

The pre-course work is available right now and so is access to our private facebook group. The course starts on 27 July, 2020. It’s time to finally learn how to get stuff started and then finished. I’m looking forward to supporting you as you learn habits that will change your life.

You can find out more or enroll here


I’ll see you inside the course, much love, Nicole xx

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