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The way I see it, the difference between farmers and suburbanites is the difference in the way we feel about dirt. To them, the earth is something to be respected and preserved, but dirt gets no respect. A farmer likes dirt. Suburbanites like to get rid of it. Dirt is the working layer of earth, and dealing with dirt is as much a part of farm life as dealing with manure. Neither is user-friendly but both are necessary.

E.L. Konigsburg

Hello, Lovelies!

A helpful friend messaged me yesterday, after my latest blog post went live.

‘You might want to crop your toes out of that crystal grid pic,’ she said. ‘They’re pretty dirty.’

Here is the offending pic:

And, for the record, here is a close up of those filthy digits:

Yes, that’s dirt. That’s dirt AFTER two showers and a vigorous scrubbing.

Do I care? No. I’m exhausted. My old farm that used to be our home is a mud pit. The mud stains everything. But it’s good honest dirt that grows stuff well. Farmers get it. Those are farmers toes.

I’d said to my sister that all I needed was a long walk on the beach, so the sand and water could do its abrasive salty thing and make them squeaky clean again. But there hasn’t been time for that yet, and just as my feet start to look cleaner, I go back to the mudpit.

It hasn’t stopped raining since we began our move.

And with Ben out of action, I am still dragging myself between all the places to get stuff done.

More mud will be involved. In fact, this morning, I will be back in the mud again. Because I HAVE TO GET THIS DONE before we run out of time and our access to the farm shed stops. Below is a snippet of just what’s left to move…

So, I’m sorry if any of you find my dirty toes in any way off-putting.

But you know I’m always going to keep it real. I don’t think that my crystal grid was in any way affected by having dirt-stained feet. No carpets were harmed. My new house has been in no way negatively affected.

My priority right now is get things finished, look after myself, and that dream of walks on sunny foot-scrubby kind of beaches will have to wait just a little longer.

I promise, once I am shifted and there is NOTHING left to do in the way of moving houses, I shall upload a picture of ocean-kissed and squeaky-clean tootsies. Until then, it’s mud all the way.

Love, and some honest filth, Nicole xx

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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12 thoughts on “About My Filthy Toes

  1. Just found your site and will bookmark it for future reference. (By accident as it happens, meant to be). Pffffftttttt. to dirty toes. Keeping your immune system on its toes. Love the Grid. Enjoy the move, shifting the energy and making it your own

  2. So funny Nicole…Dirt is actually very clean or very healthy…it’s only our blooming heads that get in the way and tell us it’s awful stuff…mud pies all the way Nicole, jumping in puddles, kicking through leaves and mud between our toes…all the best things..best wishes on the move and all that hard hard work..and sending you Potatoes, rainbows, shamrock and a few pots of gold on this St Patrick’s day….xxx

  3. I spend so much time barefoot in the summer that the bottom of this city girl’s feet turn black. And I don’t care. It is wonderful to make contact with the earth, and I would enjoy stepping in that mudpit with you.

  4. So funny…a great reminder of what you focus on!! I noticed the food items. Love that squeaky feel of mud between the toes, however I do love sand & salt water more. Enjoy it ALL!

  5. I noticed with great joy and relief those farmer toes (thank you THANK YOU). I’m a Vermonter (Rural Northeast US) and grateful land steward. I wish we could all embrace soil and mud stained bodies and what they reflect – synergy with this precious earth.

  6. Keeping it real is so important. Moving is dirty work. It always amazes me what people choose to comment on. I love that you are so real Nicole. You took that photo in the moment, in no way was it staged. Bravo!

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