Why do you keep running from the thing you want?

Image from www.divinebodyandstyles.net
Image from http://www.divinebodyandstyles.net

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”  

~ Henry David Thoreau



It’s a simple enough question. And today I’m asking you. Why? Why do you keep running in the opposite direction to the thing you want?

If I could I would sit you down here, under the tree at my farm, or on the veranda. I would make you a cup of tea. And then I would tell you this:

Point 1 – None of this matters. Our life is here and gone in the blink of an eye. The things that seem so vitally important to us will be rendered into nothingness and dust by the processes of time. So, in the face of that, have courage. Who cares if your idea is crazy? Who cares what others might think of you? One day no-one will remember anyway…

Image by violscraper at flickr
Image by violscraper at flickr

Point 2 – I know I just said it doesn’t matter, but the truth is it matters to you. If it didn’t matter you wouldn’t be all tied up in knots over it. And the whole point of you living YOUR life is to take hold of the things that matter and shape them into a meaningful existence for yourself, one where you can look back and think ‘I did that’. Doing what matters to you makes for a satisfying life. So you need this thing; not for anyone else, not to impress, not to win prizes or have your name in lights – you need this thing to define you, to fulfill you, to forge you into the person you came here to become.

Image from www.theneckercube.blogspot.com.au
Image from http://www.theneckercube.blogspot.com.au

I know it’s scary. But there is something worse than the fear that keeps you running in the opposite direction. The scariest thing is getting to the end of your life without ever having tried, and then running out of time.

Maybe this thing is so important to you (in fact the most meaningful thing in your life – perhaps your very life essence… ) that you fear attempting it. If you hold this thing out in front of you it remains a possibility, but if you try it and fail the dream is gone. And then what will have meaning in your life?

Have you no faith? The Universe never whispers in our ear, our heart never holds a deep desire, unless we have within us the potential to realise that dream.

Don’t talk yourself out of it without ever having tried.


I’ve heard all the excuses.

You fear that you will be successful and then everyone will want something from you and you will lose your freedom, or be under enormous pressure to keep succeeding. If this is you, refer back to Point 1.

You believe that you’re not worthy. You believe that success belongs to others. Or maybe you’re punishing yourself by not striving for this thing.  Perhaps you’re thinking too much about others and not enough about yourself. Refer back to Point 1.

Enough already.  Refer to Point 2.

You know this thing you want is always in the back of your mind, and often in your daily thoughts.  It comes to you in quiet moments, and pops into your consciousness when you least expect it.  Busily you turn away, stuff it down, talk yourself out of it, step around it and come up with another validation for why you’re not doing it, can’t do it, and so on…

All this energy you’re using to run away would be better spent in doing the thing.

All you need to do is start.  No grand gestures, no wild positioning statements, no colossal expectations.

Stop running. Take a breath. Find a place to make a modest beginning, and just start. You don’t even need to look this thing square in the eye. That will come, in time. For now, know that turning to face your dream and engaging with some small part of it is all you ever have to do.

You are here for a reason.  In your heart-of-hearts you know that reason by name. And this world will be the poorer if you never take your place in the sun.

You’re the only one here who can do it. That’s why it’s calling your name.

Stop running.

It’s time to embrace the dream and become who you came here to be.

Image from www.thirteenthirtyfive.com
Image from www.thirteenthirtyfive.com
Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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25 thoughts on “Why do you keep running from the thing you want?

  1. I cannot even begin to express how inspirational this posting is. I’ve had it open in my browser for a week now and have read it several times over. It may become my permanently bookmarked mantra for keeping the faith and staying the course. Thank you for putting it all together so well.

  2. I hear ya, but, well, I’m still sitting on my but…keep telling myself I don’t know where to start BUT know darn well more time spent in meditation would be a start!!

  3. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY beautiful, Nicole! YES – NOW is the time. To step into our power. To be who we are supposed to be. NO EXCUSES. Yes, I’ve heard them all before, too, as a therapist. Your question here is right on — why? Why do we run from the very thing we love, want, are supposed to be??? It reminds me of a question a friend told me her preacher shared one Sunday, “What are you losing by NOT taking the risk?” Thanks, Nicole. Beautiful and spot on, as usual. Blessings, Lisa

  4. Thank you Nicole for being the messenger of such a vital message. I will be bookmarking this and coming back to read it often when I lose motivation or try and talk myself out of my dreams

  5. Wow Nic. This follows a very potent dream I had this morning where I found an amazing spring/well of the purest, clearest water nearby my home – (on a hilltop I’ve had a magical connection with since childhood). It began as one of those classic dreams where you walk out of your house not fully dressed, and often I have spent the rest of the dream trying to find something to cover myself with. In this dream, I didn’t care. I just walked out onto the road and up the hill as I was (in my underwear). On the hilltop I found a place that felt magical and I thought, this is the perfect spot to make a firepit – circle of stones. Then there were stones, and then when I went to shape them I realised to my delight someone had already made a circle. On my approach I found that there was a spring of beautiful clear water bubbling up in the centre and on the other side of the bank of stones I found a large pool with an old-fashioned pump in the centre of it, quite corroded. The water was deep and clear. I was going to climb over the stones but then I saw a path. The dogs were with me. There was a strong sense of sanctuary, sacred space. At this point I remembered I had some clothes on but I didn’t care – I just walked into the water and it felt like falling into air or clouds – not like water at all.But then it started tingling my skin all over, and it felt amazing but also a bit frightening, like it could’ve been acidic or something. And then I felt a current, pulling back towards the source, and I got plenty scared – of being pulled under and drowning. I resisted the current. Then I woke.
    This dream feels very connected to what you say about running from what you want most. And I think we do need to honour that it can be incredibly frightening because when it comes down to it, if we look deeply enough, what we all most deeply want is something that is frightening, something so deeply powerful and peaceful it threatens all we are accustomed and attached to – or it can feel that way.

  6. *big grin* I was reading the bit about no grand gestures and in pops images of muppets flailing with excitement at embracing whatever-it-is-we’re-here-to-do.

    Muppet flailing obviously help whoosh away the fear and helps during the learn to fly component of embracing the new. xo

  7. Today’s message resonated very strongly with me too. My favourite line, that seems to slay my fears, which I will write out and rand stick on my computer so it’s in sight: “The things that seem so vitally important to us will be rendered into nothingness and dust by the processes of time”. Thank you Nicole

  8. Amazing. Thank you…feels like you sent that personally to me…I am exactly all that.. However,have been offered another opportunity so I am going to take it! My biggest fear has been losing my freedom! I guess I don’t have it anyway as I am struggling to find money…never freedom. I will do it! Let you know how I go…love xxx

  9. Nicole,
    This is so powerful, I have just been replying to comments on my blog on a post I wrote on courage and then I open my email and discover your post that touched me and had me asking have I really let go of ” Who cares what others might think of you? One day no-one will remember anyway…”
    I think I have some journaling and meditation to still do on that area. Thank you
    I love that you have shared with Tonilee how you write your blog posts. Amazing how often we are in sync
    Must be time to come soon and sit with you 🙂
    All my love
    Suzie xxoo

  10. Good Morning Nicole… held in the Heart of this great Land of ours… hope you’re feeling better and better. This mornings post also came directly to me…. had only just written myself a note; the last day today for early bird price on Creative Writing Course…. which I’ve been contemplating for ages… but as always is, always a reason why not. Turning 65 this year….time is marching on. And I love the thrill of those stories/messages coming so fast…your hand can’t keep up…such magick! I will re-read this post a few times again…and let’s see if I will move past this fence post…lotsa luv…..marilynxxx

  11. I often read your pieces and wonder who you are talking to then i sometimes think you popped into my thoughts and adress me personally…today is one of those moments…i have gone back to journaling and started your 6 week journal project….i have been very lost and have a long journey to get back home…..its time to move out of the dark….i thank you and the universe…

    1. Hi Tonilee,
      Why wouldn’t this be for you? I often start my blog posts by sitting in meditation and asking, ‘what is most needed today?’ and I feel this morning’s post was very much a response from the Universe, via me as the messenger. I know that the message is going to resonate specifically with some people just because of that. Sending you Light, faith and courage as you move back to a better place,
      Much love to you,

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