We’ve been inundated!

“I’ve always felt there is something sacred in a piece of paper that travels the earth from hand to hand, head to head, heart to heart.” 
~  Robert Michael Pyle


I was going to announce the winner of our July meditation stones competition today. But we’ve been inundated with last-minute entries and emails, and I need to read all of them before we make our decision. Entries are now closed, but there is a new opportunity for you to win with our August competition.

We’ll make our big announcement this time tomorrow, and we’ll also introduce the August stones, which I am working with every day, and which I will also be giving away, along with a customised guided meditation for the winner.

Sorry for the delay, but your responses are precious to me and I want to value every single one!
Much love, Nicole  ❤ xoxo

3 thoughts on “We’ve been inundated!

  1. I’m sure so many people need these precious stones so many of us in desperation . Good luck to all of us who entered to win
    love and luck

  2. It is so heartening to know so many are still seeking new horizons and not being beaten down by life’s trials on a personal and global scale. Knowing the stones will be guided to their perfect home.

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