The Things I’ll Pack

Everything you own must be able to fit inside one suitcase; then your mind might be free.     

Charles Bukowski

Hello, Lovelies.

It’s our last day of Platform Retreat, and I have been up early, packing my bags, and preparing for our final teaching sessions and goodbyes.

After Retreat ends we’ll take several loads of equipment back to our farm, grab some sleep, then get up early to do some cattle work before driving to Brisbane to pack for a six week overseas trip. We leave the next day!

I haven’t given a thought to this vacation. It’s been a tumultuous year, with the loss of Ben’s mum, the drought, the fires, clients in crisis, and then the creation and launch of so many new things in my business (some of which we are still madly finishing up to be ready for you soon!).

So, packing. We’ll be going through a range of temperature zones from below freezing to tropical. We’ll need casual clothes but also something dressy for a few important occasions. And I have business too, so there’s all that stuff.

I thought I’d create a helpful list, to encourage efficiency and thwart forgetfulness, and this is what I came up with:

  • undies
  • books
  • that other book I’ve been meaning to read all year
  • my kindle
  • Planner, crystal, oracle cards, pens and an extra journal
  • favourite essential oils

That’s it. I also thought maybe I’d take along a tin of the loose leaf tea I love, and my magnesium, chinese herbs and my swimming goggles. Oh, swimming costume! I’ll add that too.



By now I expect my suitcase will be full, and no room for clothes, toiletries, shoes.

Oh goodness, I forgot. Laptop. Phone. Chargers. Backup drives. Paperwork.

Maybe I’ll think about it tomorrow…

Do you have any great travel tips for me? I’d love to hear them.
Biggest hugs and love, Nicole xx

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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10 thoughts on “The Things I’ll Pack

  1. A good skin & lip moisturizer for those below freezing temperatures, it can have a tendency to suck the moisture right out of you!. but then you can always pick some up when you get there! Enjoy the holidays you two! Soooo happy for you!

  2. I make a list of everything I packed, especially if going to multiple places, and put it in a plastic sleeve so I can check things off with a white board maker as I repack. That way I’m less likely to leave something behind when heading to the next place.

  3. Hi beautiful, so excited for you! I love my packing cubes to separate clothes for different weather zones and other stuff, makes it really easy to find… Have a great time xox

  4. If you can get some of those vacuum travel bags, get the ones that don’t need a vacuum, you just put your clothes in and roll up to the opening and squeezing all the air out as you roll then close.. saves so much space! Have a great holiday xxx

  5. Making a list is a must, but the next thing I pack after the passport is my credit card. Anything forgotten can usually be bought. Packing cells are also useful and a travel towel and eco wash liquid that can double as a shower gel. Oh and extra sd cards for the camera.
    Have a fabulous holiday and a well deserved time out with Ben. Merry Christmas and enjoy.
    Take a few photos, soak in the views, create new memories.
    Have fun.
    Love. Mxxx😎😎

    1. I live in tassie, i go to the beach once a year. Packing starts with having a simple wardrobe in everyday life. Im a denim and tshirt girl; denim jeans, denim shorts denim skirts and cotton tshirts. I also have basic sweat shirts and a heavy jacket. Shoes 1 pair of heels (black) sneakers 1 black pair 1white pair. A few little black dresses and a few bikinis (black or red). 2 pairs or sunglasses (black, nuetral). minimal makeup but i always take skin care/protection. I love living and packing simple, i dont like have alot I like little quality things.

  6. How EXCITING…6 weeks away! for those cold climates you can’t beat having 1 ‘icebreaker’ top, and a puffer jacket that rolls into a small bag, pair of stocking to wear under ‘everything’…the tropics are easy, sarong, swimmers, ooh foldable cloth hat, small sunscreen. Toiletries buy there, and as much as I loath synthetic underwear, those lightweight thin as thin ones are perfect for travelling. And my #1 for the actual plane trip is a lovely cotton shawl/dupatta I can wrap around my body, over my head, across my mouth/nose when needed and I go into my own bubble/cocoon. Bon Voyage you two Sweethearts…enjoy it ALL…XOXO

  7. Dear Nicole, I start making little piles for some time before I travel, but you haven’t been able to with the busy busyness in your recent life. And your post made me smile as I am starting to pack up the house for an unplanned and unwelcome move. And so, OMG, I packed a kitchen box last night before starting the organising for a weekend in Tassie working with the designer on my strawbale home to be (end 2020), talking with earthmoving people, solar suppliers, window bods, electrician and plumber, AND the builder.

    I feel your pain! Don’t forget, you can buy almost anything you forgot anywhere in the world.

    Have a wonderful, relaxing and exciting trip.


  8. If you forget to pack it clothes / toiletries wise – you can usually buy it there.
    It stops some of the – I forgot it panics.
    Have the best time!!!
    xoxo Susan
    Oh – and as the song says “don’t forget the sunscreen” 🙂

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