The Dream Turtle And His Message

A good message will always find a messenger.

~ Amelia Barr

Hey, Lovelies.

I am used to being the messenger – the one who brings insights and information to others via my readings, my writing or my teaching.

Yesterday, though, I was blessed to be the recipient of a message.

One of my Inner Circle members had a dream she shared with me, which made little sense to her, but that was in fact deeply meaningful and comforting to me after a period of recent loss.

That’s the thing about messages. Sometimes, when we’re the messenger, the thing we dream or bring through in our thoughts or readings, won’t make much sense to us. So, she shared the dream not realising it was a message.

My friend had a dream about a turtle who belonged to me, but who was prone to roaming. I left detailed instructions in case any of them ever found him. This turtle was found by my friend and the turtle had an unusual name. That name was in fact the name of a Buddhist monk who has now passed from this world, and who was once a teacher and mentor of mine.

Both his name and that he appeared as a turtle in the dream held deep meaning for me.

He once shared a story about a turtle, which had a profound impact on me.

It’s one of Buddha’s stories about the preciousness of life. He told me to imagine that all of the galaxies of the universe were actually a giant ocean, with one empty bucket floating on the surface. There was an old blind turtle who lived in that ocean, and every hundred years he would come to the surface of the ocean to draw breath, and then he would return to the bottom of the ocean again. The likelihood of the turtle hitting his head on the bucket was as rare and miraculous as a human birth.
The teaching of this story is that life is precious, and we must use our life and this opportunity wisely, to become the best possible version of ourselves.
I was so grateful to receive that message via my friend.
It brought me great comfort and encouragement.
I hope, if ever you have the opportunity to be the messenger, that you are brave enough to share the message you were given. If the message is not meant for you then of course it might not make sense – but it might mean the world to someone else.
Hugs, and joy at the miracle of our existence and the power of love, Nicole xx
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