Invisible Acts of Love and the Importance of Uplifting Others…

Image by Michael Leunig

‘Tis the everyday things that really count,

And the everyday people we know;

And everyday kindnesses go very far,

Toward making a heaven below.

Life can be a difficult ride, and each of us at times will know pain, trouble, loneliness and struggle.  That’s why it is so important for us to practice love and kindness.

But when we are going through our own difficulties, when we are tired or feeling taken for granted, we might wonder what’s the point? What’s the point of being kind? What’s the point of continuing to be caring, helpful, polite?

Have you noticed that emotional states are contagious? Hang around an angry person long enough and some of that will rub off on you.  The same goes for depression. Uncaring acts beget more. Selfishness breeds isolation, disrespect, contempt and ugliness.

Just as negative emotions have a negative impact, choosing to stay focused on love, gratitude, positive values and caring will have a positive impact in our lives.

Our emotional state and our thoughts travel out from us like ripples on a pond. They radiate energy that affects everything and everyone around us. Eventually some of that energy will be reflected back to us, perhaps weaker, perhaps greatly magnified…

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What sort of world do you choose for yourself?

Loving others, living from your heart, choosing kindness, and performing acts of service and devotion that may well go unacknowledged or unappreciated are paths that can truly lead us to a better future, influencing and supporting the positive unfolding of history in ways we may not ever know or understand in our lifetime.

No matter what your emotional starting ground, when you uplift others, you also uplift yourself. When you share your heart, it doesn’t decrease your love – it expands your love, and your capacity to give and receive love.

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Our Universe is built upon unseen acts of courage, goodness, faith, optimism, service and great love.

Whether you subscribe to a particular religion or not, whether you believe in God, karma, Universal Law or death and taxes – know that by your own actions, your choices, your values, sacrifices and personal character you contribute to the future unfolding of our planet.

Invisible acts of love, and uplifting others might not provide us with an immediate reward – but through these acts we are gifted something far more precious – they give us the power to positively shape destiny, and to better shape ourselves in the process.

When in doubt about how to act, be guided by the wisdom of the Dalai Lama:

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
Dalai Lama

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45 thoughts on “Invisible Acts of Love and the Importance of Uplifting Others…

  1. Love Dalai Lama quote. It is my favorite too (besides his other quotes). 🙂 Great message. It’s true about angry people or constant drama people. Hang around and you get some of it.
    Every new mum should see this video. It’s so grat. Perhaps they will not understand the message rightaway (but when cute baby turns 5 years ;D) they can revisit it and get so much uplifitng. Love it.

  2. “Selfishness breeds isolation, disrespect, contempt and ugliness.” Indeed it does. I struggle with that so often, as my mother is incredibly selfish and it breeds isolation, disrespect, contempt and ugliness from me towards her. It is something that will take a long time for me to deal with. I do worry that it’s something I will never quite let go, at least not until she sees what she’s doing, and I fear she won’t. I have to try and love her for who she is, but it’s so hard and I really struggle with it. It is sad that I’m at the point where I don’t like OR love her. She is who she is and I need to accept that, but at the moment I can’t. I hope one day I can.

    Small acts of kindness go a long way, and I have found my life enriched by doing small things for others. <3

    1. Keep doing those small acts of kindness, Jo. They’ll keep you sane. As for your Mum, let go of expectation for her to be the mum you need her to be, or want her to be. There will always be others in our life who can fulfil those roles for us. When you let go of those needs you’ll be far less reactive to the space she’s in, and you’ll have an easing in the relationship. Of course, sometimes we have to accept too, that if a relationship is truly toxic, and isn’t changing, that we may be better off without it in our lives. Thinking of you, and sending Love and Light ♥ xx

  3. So True.. what a nice reminder… the truth of this is immediately evident .. when we manage being in the moment and holding our own space of love and light. it diffuses those lower vibrations quickly and ripples out to whatever is going on.. makes me and the people around me feel so much better.. Have had great lesson’s on this.. bought to the surface of my conscious awareness lately.. how blessed are we to live life with such an awareness.. hugs to you❤
    (it is so nice to be starting to spend more time living life from the heart)

    1. had’nt watched the clips b4 I posted my comment.. how inspiring!! by the end of watching both I had tears & angel bumps..oh & the music.. just beautiful.. thankyou🙏😊

  4. I had an amazing thing happen the other day . I was at the local supermarket when a lady came up to me and she said ” I have wanted to thank you for quite a few years” . She said ” you probably don’t remember but a few years ago I was having a really hard time and you stopped and offered to hold my trolley while I loaded my groceries into the car. I had 2 very small children in sitting in the trolley” . I don’t remember the incident but I had obviously made a big difference to her day that day. It made me feel so good to be thanked and even more special that it was years after the event. It just goes to show that those small acts of kindness do make a difference !!

  5. The cathedral building analogy is a nice one, and I like the Dalai Lama quote. His message is so simple and neat, to show kindness to everyone and everything, and yet it’s something I struggle with on a daily basis due to impatience, frustration and selfishness. I’m glad to be reminded of this, thank you.

    1. That youtube clip about the cathedral builders made me think of my own Mum, and how many times she did things for us that made our lives better and supported us, and yet that we took for granted. In my imagination I saw Mums and Dads and grandparents and nurses and teachers, soldiers and carers and so many other people – all quietly doing their unacknowledged bit to make the world a better place in some small way. Truly it was a heart-expanding realisation for me. ♥

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