What’s your Power Word for 2013?


“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1

The New Year – most people try to jam it full of resolutions.  All the things you are going to do.  All the things you are no longer going to do.

It’s become quite vogue-ish to create lists of resolutions for the key areas of your life. A list for finances, family, health, spirituality, matters of the heart, interests and hobbies, professional and personal development.

I don’t know about you, but for me that’s a little exhausting.

And another thing…

How am I ever going to remember all of those resolutions in my ‘key’ areas?

Image from www.ginyoton.com
Image from http://www.ginyoton.com

This year, I’ve ditched the resolutions. Instead I’m going with a far simpler system. I’ve narrowed my resolutions down to one word. 

Every time I think of that word I am reminded of my intentions for 2013. I can hold that word up and use it to evaluate almost all of my actions, so that I can determine if I am moving towards or away from the energy of this word, this quality I want more of in my life.

My personal Power Word in 2013 is HEALTH. Now let’s work out what your word is.


journal-writing-11Finding your Power Word for 2013 is simply a matter of exploring what’s important to you. Is there a recurrent theme in your life you’d like to put more attention to, an area you’d like to shine in, or a dream that never gets air time?

Use the following Questions to help you arrive at your own Power Word or Power Phrase ( a Power Phrase has more than one word!)

  1. What’s the one key area of your life, that if you put purpose, passion and action to, would move you to a better place by the year’s end? Only choose one area. If you actually make all the change and improvement you need before the year is finished you can give yourself a well-deserved break, or choose another word!
  2. If you had this change in your life, what would your life look like?
  3. Write a list of positive words and phrases that embody for you the quality, activities, knowledge and actions of this key area. Is there one simple word or phrase that sums up this energy for you?


Once you have your Power Word, commit it to memory. Write it in your diary. Place it on post-it-notes around your house, make it your screen saver – in short immerse yourself in this word, and the meaning of this word for you.

Let this one word remind you about what’s important to you this year.  Let this one word help you transform your life!

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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24 thoughts on “What’s your Power Word for 2013?

  1. Hi Nicole,
    Well I finally saw through the lie that “I am not good enough”, I thought that was a great realization for me as all the shame and guilt just melted away. I did not have to do or be anything at all. I felt so free. Then came the next realization. I am surrounded and immersed in love-everything around me was created in Love.Then I realized every single infinitely intelligent cell that makes up my body was created in Love. That I AM Love. And I am Loved. So my power word is going to be “LOVE”. I intend that all thought and actions for 2013 be motivated by LOVE. It will make quite a nice change for me don’t you think? Much Love and blessings to you Nicole and a miraculous and magic 2013! XXXX

  2. this year I chose to try and limit myself to three words but even that was difficult… one was health, another was courage, another thoughtfulness, then I thought how they weren’t very exciting and the word ‘adventure’ popped into my head! But reading your post two words came to me, firstly ‘organisation’ which as an arty person I desperately need in all aspects of my life; then a word that if I remember it will help me to fit in my gardening, illustrating, painting, making, organising, planning, dreaming, home making – ‘ balance’. When I scrolled up I see it’s one of your highlighted words! spooky. Happy New Year 🙂

  3. Health is a really important one, where are any of us without that? I hope it plays a major part in your life this year, for all the right reasons. It’s interesting to read all the words people have chosen, such variety. I was surprised by the flow of words that came out when I started writing, thank you for the suggestion. Halfway down my list one word clicked for me: progress. I’m away to find some post-its… 🙂

  4. Is there a single word for ‘personal power’? Coz that’s mine. In all areas of my life to be more aware of, retain (not give away!), enjoy, embrace my beautiful personal power.
    Thanks as always Nicole! xxx

  5. Beautiful process to find the word Nicole. I tend to go through this closer to the solstice (being a near winter solstice girl, it’s my personal half year). I like the use of power word as a term (I go with theme) for the year.

    Mine is consistency. It crosses all facets of my life.

    Wishing you a wonderful year where your power word shines through brightly.

    1. I very much feel you on the word consistency; truly it covers every department. Thank you Nicky (and Nicole) for the New Year’s inspiration (^_^) .

  6. I have a horrible time keeping resolutions precisely because I can’t remember what I resolved to do! A Power Word is a fantastic way to get around this. I would never have come up with the idea on my. It’s genius!

    Thanks, Nicole 🙂

  7. Great question. And I came up with my one word for 2013 (and beyond?)> There were three others though that sprang into my consciousness though – firstly was ‘love’ but that should go without saying, another was ‘patience’ and another was ‘intolerance’ as it seems people are far too tolerant and that’s why people do bad things. We should all have love, be patient but intolerant of wrong doings – and not be apathetic or ignorant or full of fear – disguised as tolerance. But the word for me is ‘Breathe’.

  8. I am so glad that I found your blog this morning – and since it is January 1st I think it was serendipity that I did! I love your attitude, your gratitude, and your oh so positive outlook on life. You make the coming year something to look forward to. I look forward to following you and reading your upcoming posts. Happy New Year to you!

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