Five Crystals You Need In Your Toolkit Right Now

“Tools?” scoffed Kalisti, “Tools are for people who have nothing better to do than think things through and make sensible plans.” 
~ Laini Taylor

Hi, Lovelies!

The energies right now are a little turbulent, and you may feel ungrounded, exhausted, unsteady, or anxious for no good reason.

As much as the energies are unsettling, they are also wonderful for all kinds of psychic work, and for connecting to your intuition, and inner wise-self.

You may find yourself in one energy or the other, or madly swinging between the two. Don’t worry, I have some helpful crystal suggestions for every situation. The following crystals will be helpful tools for you. You can wear them, hold them, pop them under your pillow or in a pocket, or place them beside you while you work.

Much love to you, Nicole xx


Labradorite is a stone for strengthening your intuition and healing abilities, especially the ability to channel energy through your hands. It wakes up latent psychic abilities, and taps you into past life memories clearly and easily. Labradorite also helps you to bring through answers, and guidance for self and others. A terrific stone for personal growth and reflection. It’s also soothing to hold or wear and helps reduce feelings of fear, dread and anxiety.


Celestite is a beautiful blue crystal that is soothing to hold, and that powerfully connects you to the Angelic realms. It’s enough just to hold it, for its calming energies. But if you feel drawn to Angels there is more you can do. When you first choose a celestite, hold it in your hands and say out loud: Unnamed Angel – I call on you to help me manage and overcome my anxiety (or whatever your issue is). Please hold me safe and lift me up. Thank you. Trust that an Angel will come, specifically for you and your anxiety. Talk to your Angel often. Out loud. Softly is fine. Name specific things that are troubling you, where you require help. Know that they will hear you, and help you. Please thank them as well. Just having the stone in your pocket will be a comfort. You could also choose one to wear. 

Red Jasper 

Red Jasper is a handy stone for physical strength and stamina, for supporting tired adrenals, and for anchoring us securely in our bodies so that all our chakras are aligned. It is a reassuring and grounding stone that also alleviates all the base chakra stuff – worries around personal security, money, family issues, and safety needs. It’s good stone for anxious children, or people who need to face the world when they’d rather be snuggled under the doona back at home.

Lapis Lazuli

This is THE stone for connecting into past lives, past life remembrance, and the Akashic Records. Also good for astral travel, and lucid dreaming. Not a beginners stone, but those who are attracted to lapis are never beginners anyway, even if they feel that way to start. Brings rapid remembering of your healing and psychic abilities. Helps change-makers to bring about that change. Enhances the Throat-Heart-Crown Chakra connections and promotes clear speaking. Reduces stress and anxiety, helping you to accept that you are different, and that you have a calling. A stone for those who want to dedicate their lives to some form of spiritual or higher service, including heart-centred entrepreneurs, leaders and business people.


Amethyst will restore a sense of sacred balance, shifting you from your head to your heart centre. It is a profoundly giving and nurturing stone that helps anchor you in compassion and kindness. If you’re feeling cranky and impatient, or more judgmental than usual (especially of yourself!) then Amethyst will help with that. It also aids in peaceful sleep, meaningful dreams, and spiritual connection. It will allow you to begin trusting your intuition, and it will strengthen that ability within you. This is a great stone for children (and adults!) with bright minds, and imaginations that can get carried away with worrying about the future. It is also a stone for calling in Angels and Ancestors. A beautiful stone to place in the bedding of old or ill pets, as it helps with peaceful passing.

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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  1. Darn it! Many years ago when money seemed too tight there was an exquisite lapis lazuli necklace in a posh jewellers window. I adored it and it was on display for months, but I resisted as it seemed too luxurious and decadent to spend a few hundred dollars on. Who knows maybe it was shouting quietly to me every time I passed by…:-(

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