Helping Children Choose a Crystal For Emotional Support During Grief and Loss

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Hey Lovelies,

A dear friend called me yesterday. She co-parents with her ex and right now her child is living with her. Her ex-partner, the child’s father died in a car accident on the weekend, and my friend wanted to know what she might do to help her child cope with the shock and grief of the loss, and to help give her a sense of support and connection as they prepared to travel interstate to attend the funeral.

This is a simple ritual that is beautiful to do with children.

To perform the ritual you will need a small crystal or stone that the child can wear around their neck. If possible, let the child choose their own. But it’s okay if this is not possible and you choose the stone for them. Make sure that the crystal is ready to wear, on a cord or chain. (Ensure that it will be comfortable for the child to wear the crystal, including in the shower, because they may want to wear it without taking it off for many days.)

How to do the ritual

  1. Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Have your child hold the crystal with the stone sitting on their palm of the bottom hand and the top hand cupped over the top.
  3. Then place your hands over their hands. This is reassuring and supportive, and will also help you to guide them with the energy work you are about to do.
  4. Ask your child to think of a colour that makes them feel safe. Have them tell you what the colour is and then have them imagine that colour going into the stone, filling the inside of the stone with that colour. You can visualise that colour for them too and see it going into the stone within their cupped hands.
  5. Now it’s your turn. Think of a colour that feels protective and shielding for your child. Tell them what the colour is that you have chosen and tell them you will wrap that colour around their own, creating a beautiful ball of light with their colour on the inside and yours on the outside.
  6. Then ask aloud that your child’s Angels come to stand beside your child and walk with them and surround them with love right now, never leaving their side.
  7. You can also ask if your child wants to call their loved one’s Angels to stand beside them and be with them too. (So my friend’s child would ask that her father’s Angels surrounded her and stay with her while she needs them.)
  8. Say a small prayer of thanks out loud, and gently squeeze your child’s hands with your own to show them that the ritual is finished.
  9. Place the crystal around their neck, and have your child imagine that the energy of the colour in the necklace completely surrounds them like a bubble of light, with their colour on the inside and yours on the outside. Reassure them of the love and good energy that surrounds them, and how it will give them support, strength and courage during the day, and when they go to sleep at night.

Thinking of you, and sending so much love, Nicole xx

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4 thoughts on “Helping Children Choose a Crystal For Emotional Support During Grief and Loss

  1. This is lovely. The only thing I’d also suggest is buying multiple stones so the child don’t get anxious about losing the stone. They know there are back ups if needed. Beautiful ritual

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