Your Feedback On Yesterday’s Grief Ritual For Children

Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.

Kahlil Gibran

Hey, Lovelies!

Did you read my post yesterday about a simple crystal ritual to help children with grief and loss?

If you missed it you can catch up here.

I received many emails about that post, and I want to share extracts from two with you here. Each of these are used with permission. These readers used the ritual for their own loved ones, who are adults. I wanted you all to know that this is a perfectly fine way to use the ritual.

Love, gratitude and blessings, Nicole xx

Dear Nicole,

My name is Dhriti and I am an Indian living in Canada with my husband. During this terrible time of COVID back in Delhi my husband Arun has lost both of his parents, his remaining grandparents and his eldest brother. He was unable to go home to help them or to be there for the funerals. This is too much for any man to bare, and he has been crying every day and depressed and unable to work and I have felt so hopeless because I do not know how to bring him comfort but when I read your blog about helping a small child I wondered if I could do this for my husband? Nicole I did this ritual for him with a small medallion I already owned which is a stone with the lotus flower carved in it which has much meaning in our Hindu faith. Arun is wearing the medallion now. He tells me he will not take it off. He says he will be able to go back to work tomorrow with this energy around him to help him. I hope this is okay for me to have done this for him? It makes me feel better to know that my love is shielding him so he can feel it and that the guardian angels of his family and his own are with him now. Please accept my sincere thanks for making this ritual ceremony available to us all. With deepest regards, Dhriti

Dear Nicole,

I wanted to write and thank you for your grief ritual for children. I am a long-time reader. I came for your coconut ice recipe and stayed for the peace, connection and sense of community your writing gives me. Did I also say that I am 74? My eldest child Kerry is 53 – your age, I think. She lost her husband of twenty five years on Friday, to cancer. My daughter has been working part-time, nursing Dave at home for the past year, and supporting three children who are all studying at high school or uni. She’s run ragged but this is what we do when we love and care for others. Kerry and Dave were sweethearts since school, and she is devastated by his loss and I am devastated for her and I have felt so helpless to do anything to support her better or ease her pain. So this morning I bought her a small crystal on a cord as soon as the shops opened and I went straight to her home and I did this ritual with her. She cried in my arms, and I held her like the child she will always be for me, and it helped Nicole. It really helped.

Thank you seems inadequate, but thank you Nicole from the bottom of this old mother’s heart. Because we will always be mothers, and our love doesn’t stop just because our children are grown. Bless you, love Dell xxx

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5 thoughts on “Your Feedback On Yesterday’s Grief Ritual For Children

  1. I’m not crying – You’re crying! Nicole – what peace and joy you bring to us all. It’s so lovely to hear these stories from people who understand and are guided so wisely and kindly by you. Love your work. You’re amazing. Sending love to everyone xoxoox

  2. Dearest Nicole,

    Got teary eyed reading these life excerpts of others who have faith in your kindness. Always a miracle you’ll be to us ,always.

    Lots of love,prayers and hugs

  3. Thank you to both of these women who have shared their stories. I am so deeply touched. I’m sending so much love and big hugs to both of you. And you, too, Nicole.❤

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