A Free September Challenge For You


Unleash your creative energy and let it flow. Relish the possibilities.

— Nita Leland

Hey, Lovelies!

So, here we are in September. It’s a month about finding your flow, a month of connecting into the Blessings and support of the Universe, and for connecting more deeply with yourself, your gifts, your hopes and dreams.

This month will help set us up for the stupendously creative energies of 2024. (More on that later! Right now, it’s enough to know that 2024 will support you to work on a big project that’s important to you. A project you may be terrified to start, or that you have previously been blocked from moving forward on, or where your self-worth  issues have gotten in the way.)

I really want you to find that flow, or at least the first glimmers of what that flow could be, because that will make all the difference for the coming year.


I decided to create a free Challenge here on the blog.

Every Tuesday in September (which may be Monday in your part of the world) I will post some simple activities that will help you get better aligned with the flow already inside you, and with the flow of the Universe. These will include meditations, and tasks with journaling and tarot or oracle cards, as well as a few more ‘witchy’ things.

Are you in?
Let me know in the comments below. And if you’re brave, tell me where you’re stuck, and I’ll see if I can tailor this Challenge to help you more specifically.

Here are the links to each week’s post. (They will be updated as the post goes live.)

Week One – Find Your Flow

Week Two – Find Your Flow

Week Three – Find Your Flow

Week Four – Find Your Flow

Hugs, love and great excitement, Nicole xx


Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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72 thoughts on “A Free September Challenge For You

  1. Thank you for this beautiful offering Nicole! So many things spring to mind (pun not intended!), but on the foundational level, I have been healing from long-covid exhaustion for the last 17 months which I think is very much bound up in my workaholic nature that I am slowly unpicking. Sending hugs and love to you xx

    1. Oh Michaela, that’s tough. Go gently, and be patient and kind with yourself. I know this post-viral space so well. Don’t be like I was and try to push through. Rest, rest and rest!

  2. I would love to join this challenge. I really need to complete the work on my house. It’s been hit or miss this year and there is still quite a bit to go. I’m ready to literally move on. But things need to be fixed, completed or cleared. It’s time.

  3. Yes- keen! It’s a basic foundational one—I am struggling feeling very blocked with doing my book-keeping.
    Thank you Nicole, appreciate all that you do ♥️

  4. I’m in too Nicole. I’ve made a huge decision, which has required me to take a big step up in my career, Now I need to trust in myself and my ability to do the job. I’m also ready to move on to my own place where I can take time doing the things I’m passionate about. At the moment I’m caring for my mum who is recovering from surgery.

  5. Thank you for yet another wonderful offering Nicole. I’m in too. I feel the call to something I’m avoiding/not knowing how to begin. I think it might involve putting words on paper! Big love to you x💕

    1. Here’s a hug! (((HUG))) Let’s work through this together. I promise all of that magic is still inside you. You just need to find your way back to it xx

    1. Okay! Thanks for that clarity, Fiona. It will really help me shape this challenge. Sending hugs and love to you xx

  6. Thank you Nicole, it’s a yes from me. I’m unclear on how my intuition reveals itself to me. I know this is not helped by an overbusy mind. I practice daily meditation along with other ‘me’ time activities but my mindfulness is very much a mind “overfull” experience.

    1. Ah, Patsy-Ann. I think we all suffer from that from time to time. Sending love, and thinking of you as I craft this little offering xx

  7. My big blockage is my belief system: I am not (good, brave, beautiful, lovable, wealthy, …) enough. I don’t think your little challenge can change this but ,hey, I’ll give it a try.

  8. I’m in, Thankyou Nicole💖
    I want to start my own holistic business, feeling a little stuck/scared.. (money) I still have bills yo pay and all that .. it would be my only income .

  9. Hello Nicole, I would love to join this challenge. My beautiful studio has been abandoned…I walk over, unlock the door…walk around, feel nothing, walk out and lock the door. I have great ideas, start and quit. Not, really not where I want to be.

    1. Sounds like you and the studio need a little loving playfulness. This is something we can work on. Big hugs xx

    2. Thank you Nicole, yes I do need a little (lot) of loving playfulness…I look forward to a beautiful loving challenge on that front. Blessings 💕

  10. Yes please! I’d love to join in and find my confidence to start my new venture – ideas are formulating however I just need to take those first steps. Thank you Nicole.

  11. Hi Nicole! Thank you so much for for this opportunity, I know these things come at a cost to you. I would very much appreciate any boost as I work my way through brain fog and exhaustion from burn out/cancer etc. So looking forward to next year but need to make sure I have done the prep work this year. Thanks again xx Kylie

    1. Be gentle with yourself, Kylie. It has been a big journey for you, and kindness and gentleness are your best bets now for getting back into flow. Sending love xx

  12. Thanks, Nicole, for this gift! Overall, I’m actually ok, but I don’t feel very grounded and haven’t been for a while. It’s like I’m waiting for something, and I don’t know what it is. I’m a master at numbing myself – especially through watching way too much screen; it has been my go-to for many years, but it seemed to worsen when my husband got sick and died 3½ years ago. It feels like an escape from….what? Reality? Facing myself?I have a vision of myself being this contented, active person, and to be fair, I’m actually very sociable, have lots of friends and activities, but when at home I fall into a kind of stupor, and do the bare minimum. I keep pulling myself up, and give myself a talking to (!), but I fall into the guilty pleasures again and again, instead of riding and loving my creativity! I would love to rekindle the flow!

    1. Hanne! (((HUGS))) Let’s find a way to gently re-engage you with your home environment and creativity again. It’s normal to be feeling this way so don’t be hard on yourself. Grief has its own journey and you are doing the best that you can xx

    1. Ah, those old things? You know how much I believe in you. Maybe you need to approach this big scary thing by gently sidling up to it rather than tackling it head on… Sending love xx

  13. Yes, I am in too Nicole. Not sure what it is that I am seeking..a deepening connection to myself without it actually being a project, if you know what I mean ??

    1. I certainly do know what you mean. Thanks for this reminder, Simone. It will help me craft a better path. Love you xx

  14. Hi Nicole, count me in. Would love to get back into flow, stop procrastinating, getting clarity on what I really want to create. Or do I even know what I want? But once I start feeling the flow again, I am hoping to feel which way to go. 🙂

  15. Thanks! This sounds like a Great idea! I need help with finding my balance, listening to my body in various ways, trusting myself & it’s intuition so I don’t function always in my head.
    Thanks for listening!Joie

    1. Hey Joie – being in your head is such a big one. Thanks for your feedback, and for joining us on this challenge. Nx

  16. Hi Nicole, Yes I am in.
    Hoping to Find a way to reconnect to my optimism, my joy, my faith and maybe finding a way to reconnect to my passion of creating artwork.
    Thank you for doing this challenge.
    Much love.

    1. Hey Anne! All of this stuff is in my wheelhouse. Thanks for your input. I’ve got confidence that you can find flow even in the face of all of these things. Much love xx

  17. Hi Nicole, I’m in too. I just have a feeling that there’s more out there for me but I just can’t seem to move forward in any direction (work, creativity, health). I’m just stuck. Looking forward to this challenge. Thanks

    1. Hold onto that feeling that there’s more for you, Laurie. I’m looking forward to this challenge too. (((HUGS))) xx

    1. Hey Susie, that’s tough when you need to adapt to new limitations (temporary or permanent) but this is a specialty of mine. I’ll make sure to include some things that deal with this specifically. Sending love xx

    1. Christine, I’m sending so much love to you and you navigate this impossibly sad and difficult time. I’d be honoured to help you navigate this next part of your journey. You’re never alone, and there is so much love in the world for you. Biggest hugs xx

  18. Hi Nicole yes would love to join the challenge. I feel stuck in many ways – gaining independence, finding an income/work that can fit around my health issues and finding my path towards a better meaningful life

    1. Hey Genevieve, it can be hard, this health stuff. Believe me, I know. But it can be done. I look forward to helping you find a path back to flow. Big love and gentle hugs xx

  19. I am definitely in for this. I’d say my biggest blocks are still around creativity and how to let go of doubt, fear and unworthiness. How to move into my purpose, my writing and creating. To grab that beginner’s mindset and allow the flow. You know the same old shit. Anyway. Thanks for this!!

  20. Hi Nicole! I’m totally in for the challenge, thanks so much for creating it. Where I’m not exactly stuck but a bit blurry is on finding a clear(er) way to navigate through the next chapter of my life. You see, in April, I discovered I have a heart condition, and then…in May…after being hospitalized with severe arrythmia, I went into cardiac arrest not once, not twice, but three times. The second time, they found me blue and without a pulse, and I had time to travel to the “other side” a little bit, an experience I found absolutely beautiful. I’m still amazed at how peaceful it felt to leave this plane, how soothing a voyage it felt like. But thankfully, I came back every time…with a chance to continue with a different perspective. What concerns me is how I feel attracted to the “other side” even though I want to live, and how at times I have the sense I’m living with one foot on earth and the other foot “out there.” I’m sure your challenge will stir me along and help me see the Light on Earth and not only in the tunnel! LOL Sending love and gratitude for all you do for us, beautiful soul xox

    1. P.S.: Forgot to mention that I had a clogged artery, which they fixed with a stent, and that they implanted a defibbrilator. My granddaughter now says I’m a robot! 🙂

    2. And what a wondrous robot you are, Mudd! Glad you are still with us. It’s an incredible thing, isn’t it, to feel and touch and experience the other side of this life. But there’s no hurry. It will all be waiting for you when it’s finally your time. Here’s to helping you reconnect to the Light on this Earth. Much love and great big hugs, Nicole xx

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