Dealing with Psychic Anxiety

Over the years I have come to recognise a certain set of feelings, to which I have given the name ‘Psychic Anxiety’. It’s a very unpleasant sensation that can last from an hour to a couple of days, and it is one of the least fantastic aspects of being spiritually and energetically sensitive.

Oh, don’t get me wrong.  It’s not unbearable, and in fact I have worse feelings related to psychic work at times, especially if it involves violent crimes and dead people.

The biggest problem with psychic anxiety is this unshakable feeling of dread and unease, that sensation of icy chills and ‘something crawling over your grave’ as my Nana calls it.

People who are psychic, or sensitive, generally feel the highs and lows of life more acutely. I like this diagram below, because for me it represents the differences between me and someone who is less sensitive.

Image from

Most people live in the middle of the red and green lines, and can go to the high or low of those fields, but may seldom do so. They also usually have a greater physical resilience, a robustness to them.

Energetically sensitive people are represented by the blue line.  We feel and react to energies both above and below those regular red and green bands, although we may also live somewhere in the middle of our band of felt frequencies most of the time. Sensitive people are just that – sensitive – and without the robustness of some other folk. We may act with great robustness for a while, while we are needed or need to get things done, but that sort of energetic output is always at a price.  And sometimes that price is high.

The blessing of sensitivity is that we can feel, see, connect with and know some wonderful and amazing things. It is easy for us to tap into creative flow, to feel love and gratitude, to notice things around us and with the emotions of people around us, and to get high on life…

The difficulty is that sometimes it connects us into those low energies, and this is a painful experience on a soul level, tough emotionally and sometimes physically hard as well.

Usually if I get a psychic message or connection out of the blue (in other words I’m not consciously inviting or controlling it) it feels like this – a big bang on an otherwise normal day:

Uniform sine wave excitation graphic from

I get a sudden flood of images, sounds, sensations, feelings, knowledge – all flooding me with a great intensity.  It’s momentary, it passes; although the information will remain, the emotions and energetic kick dissipate quickly.

Psychic anxiety is different.  It’s like an unseen hand rachets up the control knob.  I can’t turn the emotions and energetic kick down or off, but I am also given no information. All I have is the feeling, sometimes so strong that it wipes me out in the same way a severe migraine might. Like an old TV with no image on the screen, cranking out a discordant sound that makes you want to cover your ears or run away screaming.

I know that certain things affect me.  When there are polar shifts I end up flat and exhausted, a little depressed, and often with big hormonal swings.  When there are solar flares I feel restless, unable to sleep, irritable and wound up tight.

But this, this is different.  And I’m grateful it doesn’t happen too often. It’s always tied into great disaster, injustice, cruelty, suffering, death. It’s either building up to happen, or happening as I feel it.

In the days to come the news may let me know what it was all about.  That’s how it was for September 11, the Bali bombing, the tsanamis in 2004 and again last year in Japan.

Sometimes I find out years later – a massacre in Kosovo, in Iraq, in Rwanda…

Sometimes I never find out at all.

So I ride it out.  I keep myself away from crowds.  I swim in the ocean.  I sit under trees, walk in the rain, spend time in the gracious and calming company of my cows.

When I feel stronger I meditate.  I pray.  I light candles. I flood the world with love.  It’s all that I can do. A tiny flicker of light in what can seem like a sea of darkness. But I do it anyway and hope that somehow it helps.

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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59 thoughts on “Dealing with Psychic Anxiety

  1. So there IS such a thing as psychic anxiety!!!! I’ve been out of the blue crippled by anxiety to the point i had to go to my doc, out of the blue I felt uneasy, short of breath, overwhelmed over everything. I was at the edge of my rope. Got a prescription for anxiety for the first time in 33 years of my life. The very next day, yesterday I encountered a horrible situation in which I received a psychic alert 🚨…. I have only had these types of psychic messages a handful of times in my life. I had to alert the authorities and I’m shaken to the core. But I now know that it was my destiny to be there yesterday to alert authorities on behalf of a little girl who I believe is in danger. THANK YOU for this article, because I now know that all of this crippling anxiety was leading to this moment yesterday.

  2. This post really helped me… just for the fact that I don’t feel so alone. I often get those exact feelings… and sometimes it does go away when some horrific distaster happenes, but sometimes it comes and goes and I don’t know why or what happened…. I really do wish I knew how to tap into it and understand what the purpose of these feelings are. I must be getting them for a reason… but why can’t I pinpoint what the feeling is about?! Im experiencing one of those feelings right now… and I just wish I could figure out why… much love to you…

  3. I am a healthy 45year old male.. background. .

    I am experiencing the anxiety and feel a fear for no apparent reason. One moment I will cry and 5 minutes later I’m stable and happy. I also regularly wake up from a good sleep for no reason known to me. Around 1 am. You mention that I need to ask to be connected. What exactly do I ask for and who do I ask?

  4. Never ever in my life have i heard it explained in such a way, as if it were said by me from my own experience. Thank you. I just wish i knew why it happens, that is to say, when it happens i am so urgently uncomfortabe like i have to call everyone close to me and tell them to be careful. But i know i cant stop it, whatever it is. Why?

    1. Exactly the same with me. The feeling can be so strong, I can’t make it stop, not anything I do.
      Lately, my new grandson is the focus. With my daughterscbackground and all the worry she caused us all. I keep telling myself, that’s all it is, worry, anxiety.
      But when these Psychic Anxiety spells occur…I call all my grown children or rather text…just to tell them I love them dearly and if anything is going on to please feel ok with talking to me.
      But these dreaded disastrous feelings about my grandson won’t leave…nighttime is worse..when I’m supposed to be writing( I’m a published writer and trying to get published again) It hits from nowhere but everyone says it’s a creative writer brain AND my deep interest in True Crime…that’s not it..I’m 90% sure. All I want to do is protect him…by any means necessary. But I’m helpless as his mom, responsible with her job, a house she owns and a car, I’m annoying her and he’s at daycare not with me, thanks to Sepsis and my bout in the hospital.
      Weekends are worse…she visits her bf, I don’t know or his family or friends. I just don’t trust her judgment as her past proved..
      Too long to go into, but your post hit a nerve…I so Do Not want to be right about danger to my grandson and I can’t do anything.

  5. Whenever there’s something wrong with anyone I love I get this bad anxiety and can only figure out part of what it may be. It’s the worst feeling not knowing exactly, I wish I knew how to figure it out….instead of waiting for the bad news.

  6. Thank you, Nicole, so very much for this post. This past weekend I was overwhelmed with anxiety exactly how you explained it, “It’s like an unseen hand rachets up the control knob. I can’t turn the emotions and energetic kick down or off, but I am also given no information.” I had this strong sense of doom, panic, and hopelessness. But I had nothing to explain it. So I was called to do research on psychic abilities and anxiety and I found this post. I just knew that was what was going on. Well, moments ago I found out about the shooting that occurred at Purdue today. I immediately thought of your post and my jaw dropped open.

    I am relatively new to consciously living as an empath and seeing my blessings for what they are and not that I’m losing my mind. I don’t always get clear information so your post was extremely helpful. I will be sending love and healing to all those affected by this incident and also love and light to you. Thank you again!

  7. Thank you for writing about what I have been feeling for awhile…I am learning about myself everyday. Glad to know there are others out there that are like me.

  8. Thank you for such a simple to read voice!
    I’ve struggled with many things (seeing things, hearing things, feeling things) as far back as I can remember. I’ve always accepted it and just lived with it.
    Three years my grandfather died (he lived in another state) the next day my bp and heartrate jumped, higher then it had ever been. I was put on bp pills when it wouldn’t lower itself, but we had no reason why, all medical tests were clear. I started to understand that I might have anxiety, which I’d never had my entire life and I didn’t even know what could cause it. At my grandfathers funeral someone tapped on my shoulder, turned around to find an empty pew, still it took me over two years to learn that anxiety might be related to spirits.
    I’ve read the bible, I’ve accepted that things seen can be evil posing as good. I’ve caught myself saying out loud that I will not allow evil in my life.
    Last week someone my husband works with hung himself, they suspected his wife may have been involved in foul play. My husband started to feel uneasy and afraid at home, so I spoke out loud saying if someone was there to leave him alone and come thru me. Two days later I “thought” I saw someone hanging in my room, I told them that they were not allowed to frighten me. Then I heard them say things like not an accident, and felt that he had hung himself. I told my husband the next day and he said that the boys father had came into work and told him that same day they knew he had hung himself and his wife was not involved. I told my husband he appearted to be wearing a blue plaid shirt but I wasn’t certain and my husband said he wore a blue flannel shirt every day at work. I had never met the man, I didn’t even know his name. The confirmation of what I knew to be true I have to admit freaked me out. I’ve had SEVERE anxiety almost since then, today the migraine came so heavy I had to go to bed. Immediatly I saw my grandmothers face telling me to accept things and to be in control (again I was really tired from all the anxiety and not sleeping), as soon as her face disappeared from my mind (thats another thing I see mostly in my head, is that normal?) I opened my eyes and my migraine was gone. I felt fine.
    Today was the Boston bombs. I’m now fearful this is related. I really just want guidence, what am I supposed to do with this? I don’t know anyone in my family who has any abilities. And, I’m a christian….is this right???

    1. There are so many instances in the Bible of people having ‘visions’ or of Angels appearing before them. There’s nothing evil about this ability, or about you. You’re just sensitive and able to tap into things that others can’t.

      You say you are a Christian? Then pray, and ask that the right people and resources come into your life to help you to deal with this. You’re not alone. So many people have these sorts of things happen to them.

      My best advice is that when you are in a situation like this, just send love, and ask for Angels to Guide these people to the Light. Pray for grace and love to heal the hurts and help people through. It counts, and it helps.

      Please don’t live in fear. Do all you can to stay grounded in Love. And know that there is a wonderful supportive community of people here just like you. Bless xx

  9. P.S: Great comments about considering sensitivity as a gift. I have honestly just recently acknowledged my sensitivity, (which has been quite the transition) and do find myself carried into a negative mindset at times. It is extremely enlightening to hear all of your views on your abilities. We certainly should attempt to keep a positive outlook at all times.

  10. Currently dealing with some psychic anxiety at the moment…nice to read up and know that I’m not alone. It’s never a particularly fun experience. Haha. All the best to you. Lovely post.

  11. Thank you Nicole for sharing your experience. Even to this day my family (parents included and I am 50 years old!) are telling me to NOT be so sensitive. I’m sure it is purely because they don’t understand and feel uncomfortable with the information which comes to me.

    It took me 40 years to recognise this sensitivity was my GIFT – to be revered and celebrated, and I deal with the intensity of influx of information by opening my heart and giving gratitude for everything which floods in. Sometimes I don’t know what to do with all the information, emotion, visions and messages – so my motto is – ‘When in doubt – don’t do anything”, and I observe and file that which is needed for later, and listen to my inner voice which tells me when to speak or act on it.

    1. Great advice, Julie. I do something similar.

      My great prayer and hope is that sensitive people everywhere come to realise their sensitivity as a gift, rather than a curse.

      Much love to you, dear friend ♥ xx

  12. well, this explains it better than I can even think about it — some times it’s like being a fingernail on the other end of an emry board – oh, the roughness of the unexplainable feelings! In the past, I didn’t acknowledge it (the foresight part), but now I do. I broadcast loud and clear – even tweet about it. Distraction is my only tool (meditatiion, also) but I know writing down the dread or acting on it – eventually sends it on its way. Forwarding this to Lars – maybe it will help him understand the difficult-to-explain. Thank you very much. SK

    1. Lars read it all – yay for that! Meditating yes, but I wish I had a cow nearby. I have a Bedlington terrier and he’s as calm as a cow, I would think. Thank you for sharing your in-sights. SK

  13. Thank you for this post. You described so many experiences that I have too. I’m not good at identifying the causes of the emotional/mental/psychic changes that roll over me. It was reassuring to see those changes in print.

  14. Hi Nicole, great article. I know this to be true for me and over the past few years have gained awareness of these feelings, thoughts far quicker than ever before and have learn’t to ride them out as well. I had this happen on Monday it felt as though the world decided to sit on me an locked me up, then found out that 2 earthquakes had struck. It took 3 days for me to start feeling like me again. You write beautifully and explain it so simply.

    Gratitude for you. xxx

    Love Jacq x

    1. {{{HUGS}}} Go gently when you feel those energies. They always pass. And pour Love and Light back into the world. That’s one of the reasons we feel what we feel – so we can counteract it with opposite energies and thinking. Much love to you xoxo

    2. Thank you, yes lots of love and light contribute and make a huge difference to this world.

      Love to you xx

  15. Well described though, I found a confusion you got.
    Everybody has the Emotion and a kind of vague perception and a feeling.
    But when somebody, who is able to control it and able to convert it to a verbal advice or
    feed-back to the treatment, we call the person Psychic.
    If the person can not control neither figured-out its meaning = it is just a Neurosis.
    All the emotion is Hormone induced, hence it affect a person much longer period than a
    coming-and-go temporally thought.
    This is why, Buddhism’s main aim is to gain a technique to control emotion.

  16. Gosh I wish I could give you a big hug and look after you till you feel better. I’m glad you have your beloved cows and beautiful farm. We recently bought chickens for our suburban backyard, and I swear they have energetically calmed us all down a notch or two. I hope this attack passes soon. I will add you to my prayers and send you healing light. Take care Nicole. Love and blessings to you. XXX

    1. Thank you, Silvana. I’ve had a peaceful night and feeling restored this morning. Chickens are wonderful animals, and I’m so happy to hear that you’ve invited some to come stay. Love and Blessings to you too xx ♥ xx

  17. We don’t know what it’s like not to be ourselves. A few years ago someone overheard me say that my intuition is always right and responded that theirs was always wrong. Whilst I’m sure that isn’t actually true, what struck me was the realisation that I didn’t know what it was like not to be “me”. The idea that some things might not be as “obvious” to others as they might be to me had never occurred to me.

    Thanks Nicole for sharing this story because sometimes I feel anxiety that does not seem like my own and have to wait for it to pass. Nothing like the extent you describe though.

    Hugs Nicole, it’s us sending you love and light today in copious amounts xoxo

    1. Thanks Rhonda! It goes both ways. We often can’t understand when others aren’t as tuned in to emotions or energies. Others can’t understand why we tire so easily, or why we react to certain foods or environments or chemicals.
      Love, Light and Compassion all round.
      ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  18. Nicole, THAT I certainly have and never could understand it!!!! I really need to know more. I need to understand better, to know id I am a psychic or not, how to deal with it in order to be able to help. Thank you so much <3

    1. I’m writing a book about it right now, Nikky, and I’m also developing an on-line course. And I’ll keep posting information on my blog. Meditation, being relaxed, looking after yourself, honouring your sensitivity – all of that helps. All of it is important. Sending much Love and Light to you xx

  19. You know Nicole, ever since I’ve met you I’ve thought of you as having a life I can’t understand, I can’t imagine being pyschic and having to deal with all the emotional noise in your mind and I don’t know what it’s like to be able to just ‘know’ things about people, events, etc. However, this post made sense to me (particularly your diagrams) because what you describe is what other people have occasionally said about me. I never thought I was an especially sensitive soul, but years ago a close friend of mine drew a diagram of himself like the green or red line and me like the blue line in one of your diagrams. He was trying to explain why it was that I got so elated about things, and also so down, when he seemed to take everything in his stride. My mum has also said similar things to me, but if I hadn’t had this pointed out I think I’d have assumed everyone felt things the way I did. I’m amazed at how slow I’ve been to appreciate this, but it explains a lot about how I compare the way I handle things with the way other people do. I don’t need to feel so down on myself when I don’t react like they do, because I’m just made differently. My sister thinks it’s to do with hair colour. She reckons redheads feel things more accutely, and both she and I have red hair. Certainly my skin is more sensitive than some people’s and that’s true for many redheads but I’m not sure if it goes any further than that with the hair colour thing!

    1. Well, I have a few of those ginger strands too, but I’m sure it’s not just about the hair colour! I’m so happy that my post has helped you to realise that about yourself and to know you’re not alone, and that this isn’t a bad thing, this sensitivity. Love to you ♥

  20. Wow Nicole, that was amazing insight into your life and experiences. Thank you for sharing! I love reading you blogs everyday. In the last 2 weeks I’ve dealt with the solar flares, or I think I’ve reacted to the solar flares and I haven’t experienced anything else like it before until a friend pointed it out. It’s great to realize we aren’t alone.

  21. thanks Nicole, a lovely explanation for something that also seems to take me over at times. As in the past few weeks…just riding one now!! It is good to know that I am not so odd. I am starting to understand that this is not necessarily my personal stuff but larger than that. Thanks again for the understanding. Sending love and hugs penelope xx

  22. You explain it so well!I had a reading with you 4 yrs ago and you said i was hyposensitive and to read the book”The highly sensitive person” how to thrive when the world overwhelms you by Elaine Aron.That was a good read and i became more aware of things around me.I still struggle but if i’m aware then i do something for me.Like a relaxing walk along the Noosa River or coffee and a good read in a not too busy cafe.Another thing i like to do is total relax at home,do nothing!A luxury i can now afford when not working.Thank’s Christine.x

  23. Holding the energy and the light for others provides support … as well as providing a ripple effect joining other ripple effects to make for a stronger higher vibration.

    When I feel stronger I meditate. I pray. I light candles. I flood the world with love. It’s all that I can do. A tiny flicker of light in what can seem like a sea of darkness. But I do it anyway and hope that somehow it helps.

  24. cows are the best! THANK GOD FOR COWS!!! hope you’ve recovered your equilibrium, during those times i just keep telling myself, this too will pass! impermance, both a gift and curse! sx

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