Down at the Farm…

A Garden of Love grows in a Grandmother’s Heart ~ Author unknown

I’m feeling circumspect today.  My beloved Nana is in hospital after falling and breaking her hip. She’s 97, nearly 98, and it’s been hard to be brought up close to the truth of her age, her mortality, and that her time with us is drawing ever closer to an ending. I forget sometimes, that she won’t be with us forever.

My beautiful Nana

I’m grateful to be at my farm right now.  For me it’s a special place that never ceases to nurture me, to replenish me, and to remind me of the natural rhythm and wisdom of the cycles of life.

Being at the farm reconnects me. There is an abundance here that gives richness and texture to my life. I love the peacefulness, and the privacy. I can walk amidst nature, and watch birds and animals to my heart’s content. I can pick a flower or two to adorn my house, and I can always rely on finding fruit, vegetables or herbs to pluck and enjoy.  I have friends at every boundary, and I never need be alone, except by choice.

My Nana has very much shaped the farmer, and the person, I’ve become.  When I was a little girl she was the first person to teach me about seed saving.  And she showed me that vegetables and flowers could grow right along side each other. She taught me that a garden didn’t need to be grand, and that a very humble space could feed you.

After years of being embarrassed that Nana went everywhere with plastic bags in her handbag in case she found a plant worthy of taking a small cutting from, I now find myself doing the same. The geraniums in my garden grew from pieces snapped off from her own plants. Nana could tell me where most of her plants came from – never from a nursery, always from the gardens of friends, or propagated from the greater gardens of Brisbane. Her garden was a tapestry of love.

Today, in honour of my Nana, I’m sharing some of my garden tapestry with you. There are wild spaces, farm spaces, and little pockets of crafted space. I hope they work their magic for you too.

Oranges, sweet and juicy.

Fresh green grass and koala homes.

Sweet little tomatoes, still flourishing as the weather has cooled.

Possums, busy eating our roses.

Purple daisy, sparking with early morning rain drops.

A kitchen full of cheer.

A bountiful harvest of spuds.

The magical platypus creek.

New calf with mum, and a little friend looking on.

Thanks for visiting.  Friends are welcome here anytime. Come sit a while on my verandah and enjoy a cup of tea, a chai or a good coffee with me. We can swap garden cuttings and recipes, and I promise to feed you well. Nana would approve of that! ♥ xx

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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25 thoughts on “Down at the Farm…

  1. What a wonderfully tender post and tribute to your Nana … thank you for sharing with us! Enjoy your time … and many prayers of healing energy and Divine Love heading Nana’s way!!

  2. I’m actually speechless with so much to say..Much love to your sweet Nan, big hugs to you. We will all be there to hold your hand. Love heaps kel xx

  3. How wonderful to have your Nana with you for so much of your life. I do hope she rallies and gets out of hospital soon. I often wish I’d known my grandparents as an adult but they all died when I was young. I can see that you treasure her and have learned a lot from her, and that is a great blessing. Your photographs are beautiful, and I particularly like the purple daisy covered in raindrops – lovely!

  4. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Nicole.

    Wishing your Nana a speedy recovery. While none of us are here for long, let’s hope she’s around for a *bit* longer yet! 🙂

    Love to you.

  5. I would love to visit one day Nicole and bring out my plastic bag to take a cutting of a geranium. I will bake and bring a GF almond and orange syrup cake… we can talk about our beloved Nannas and keep their memory and Love alive. 🙂

    1. Do you have a photo of your Nanna?…that she would be happy for you to share with us all?? Will you please share with her my love and comfort. …and to you too Nicole. 🙂 {{{{{{{{{{XXXXXXXX}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  6. Lovely nurturing story…your nan sounds like a wise crone teacher, reminds me a lot of my grandma now 90. Treasures golden treasures, it is our obligation to share and preserve the wisdom of these goddesses and continue their nature keeping work, rekindling this basic womanhood in our own daughters and younger womenfolk in our circles, it would be a tragedy for these traits of real earthy woman earth mothers to be forgotten. Get better soon and great admiration to your nan from 3 country girls visiting our grandma and great grandma at her veggie patch in amamoor today. Time for pumpkin scones and orange pekoe under the poinsettia xxx

  7. Here’s hoping your Nana recovers from her fall. But, she’ll always be with you because you’ll never forget her. And, I just may have to start putting a plastic bag in my purse because you and your Nana are right – the best plants come from people and places not stores.

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous post. I love your Nana & I love you. She has taught you very special things and you are continuing to do the same.

    Your garden is divine, your farm is a safe beautiful place that I’m very much looking forward to visiting and sharing that coffee with you on the verandah and sharing stories about your beautiful Nan.

    Sending you much love soul sista during this tough time. Know you are loved <3

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