Strengthening Intuition Week 5 – Sensing Energy in People

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There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it. ~Elizabeth A. Behnke

Health is a large word.  It embraces not the body only, but the mind and spirit as well;… and not today’s pain or pleasure alone, but the whole being and outlook of a man.  ~James H. West

Today we’re going to explore two useful methods for sensing energy in people.  Once again, these methods will build on the skills you are already developing in working with your hands.

Materials Required:

  • You, and your activated hand chakras
  • A willing human volunteer
  • A place where you can work, undisturbed, for five to ten minutes.

*Note – if you cannot find a willing human volunteer, this method also works on animals, so recruit a helpful cat, dog, hamster, horse etc…

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Method One – Sensing General Energies

This process is very similar to the one for sensing energy in places.  You may like to review that information first here.

The thoughts that come often unsought, and, as it were, drop into the mind, are commonly the most valuable of any we have.  ~John Locke, 16 May 1699

  1. Begin with a quiet prayer, or the setting of your intent, that everything you do be for the Highest Good of All.
  2. Have your willing volunteer stand, sit, or lie – whatever is most comfortable for both of you.  (I prefer people to lie down – on a massage table, bed, couch, or even the floor – so that they can relax completely as I work.)  If you choose to have people sit, make sure that you can move around them.
  3. Activate your hand chakras (Review that process here)
  4. Place your hands over the person’s heart and take a moment to tune it.  You don’t need to touch the person – just hold your hands about ten centimetres (3 inches) above the heart itself.
  5. As you tune in, relax, and open your mind to any colours, words, images, emotions or sensations that come to you from this person.
  6. Then slowly move your hands over the person’s body, without actually touching them.  What do you feel?  Look for places that feel hotter or colder.  Look for places that feel heavier or lighter.  Look for places that don’t feel ‘right’ in some way. Open your mind to any further information about what you are sensing with your hands.
  7. Go back to the places that stood out for you energetically.  Summon golden or white light through your hand chakras and transmit that energy into those places on your friend or pet.  Just direct that beautiful energy from your hands and keep giving that energy until the place on the body begins to feel more balanced and positively changed.  *Note – it is quite normal for people to remark that your hands feel hot as you are working with them or giving them energetic healing.
  8. It’s okay to ask for feedback or to ask questions about what you are sensing as you go – this is a useful practice as it helps build your knowledge and confidence.

Method Two – Working with The Chakras

There is a little useful general information on Chakras here as well as a nice healing exercise.  Chakras are energetic centres within the body.  They are quite strong and easy for beginners to feel.

Chakras are a wonderful place for sending healing to the body.

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Begin with a quiet prayer, or the setting of your intent, that everything you do be for the Highest Good of All.

Using one of the following Chakra charts to guide you, feel for each Chakra, starting with the Crown Chakra at the top of the head, and ending with the Base Chakra.  Keep your hands about ten to fifteen centimetres (3 to 5 inches) above the body.

Feel for the amount of energy that is present in each Chakra, paying attention to any that are very strong, or very weak.  If any feel very weak, or cold, add some energy to them by directing that beautiful golden or white light from your hands into the Chakra itself to help them come back into balance.

When you are done, just bring your hands back together for a moment and give thanks.

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If you are working with animals it is fine to rest your hands directly on the animal’s skin.  Most animals enjoy the connection and the energy they feel.

Animal Chakras will generally follow the same basic patterns as this chart for dogs, so you can use this as a guide for horses, cows, llamas, guinea pigs etc.

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I thoroughly recommend a walk to clear your own energies after you have done energy work and healing on others.  You might like to try a Healing Walk.  Click on the link below to get details.

Much love to you, Nicole  ♥ xx

Drinking in Colour – How to Do a Healing Walk

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And don’t forget that today is your last day for being in the running to win a crystal, chosen just for you – details here.

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10 thoughts on “Strengthening Intuition Week 5 – Sensing Energy in People

  1. Thank you so much for your website and your information, spent all day reading about energy healing/hand chakras and other awesome material. Very helpful and greatly written: not too long, not too short, just right. Thank you.

  2. Nicole, this is fantastic. I can’t believe what I am finding here this morning. So appreciate your sharing. This got my attention because when I used to massage people, even when I wasn’t touching them, but just holding my hand near them, I could definitely feel areas which were different. The main sensation that caught my attention was a feeling like continuous static electricity at a certain point, much like what you’d feel if you held your hand against the edge of the stream of water from a fast-running tap. Also, sometimes when I was only using one hand (on a point) a person would ask “What are you doing with your other hand? Is that warm wax you’re rubbing into me?” And I wasn’t touching them,. Your post is really freaking me out, but in a good way. I want to find out more so I can understand specifically what is happening, rather than treating it with randomness.

  3. A few weeks ago one of your posts had your readers select a photograph whose energy reached out to them. After selecting the photo we were to read what you had written. I selected the trees at sunset and your message spoke of great changes and that “you have weathered the worst of it”. At the time of reading you message I had been going through a terrible struggle for three years and it had negatively impacted my health to the point, I am facing surgery. Withing a week of that post there was a settlement of the issues. I felt as if a huge rock had been lifted. Your post gave me such hope – hope to hang on. Thank you so much for the work you do

  4. This is a great blog Nicole. I love the simplicity anf yet it is powerful – showing that everyone is a “healer” and by running energy on someone elseor yourself if a wonderful gift and allows the body,mind and spirit to come back into balance. For me its all about keeping everything simple and easy do to. thank you Nicole xx

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