Win a Healing Necklace, Made Especially For You!

This is the final week of my blog supporter love-up, and I’ve saved the best ’til last.

So far the beautiful Anita has won the book by Simone De Haas.

This week Tammy of onelittlestranger wins a crystal just for her, chosen and channelled by me. Congratulations, Tammy! I shall be delving through my magical cupboard to find just the right stone for you. ❤

I am so very grateful for all of the support and connection that you have shown me and my blog thus far.  I had no idea when I wrote my very first (rather lame) post that things would snowball the way they have. But my intention from the beginning with Cauldrons and Cupcakes has been to uplift, to support, to inspire and encourage – and to share my life so that I demystify the supposed ‘strangeness’ of having metaphysical abilities.

The spiritual journey is also a healing journey, and so my last offering to you in this big month of celebration is this – a custom-made healing necklace, hand crafted by me, and incorporating crystals and stones that are attuned to your own vibration so that you can experience positive shift, healing and growth in some significant physical, emotional or spiritual area of your life.

Here are some examples of necklaces I’ve made thus far:

❤ Fee’s necklace:

❤ Sophie’s Strand

❤ The Three Sisters’ Stones

When I make your necklace I meditate upon you first, to ask what you most need.  I choose the beads and crystals, and as I string the necklace I say a prayer and affirmation over each bead, no matter how tiny.  Finally, when the beads are strung, I hold the necklace in my hands and say a prayer of Blessing and do a further meditation for you, then I place the necklace in my crystal grid for twenty four hours to charge it up for you. There is love in every single bead, and they are truly powerful pieces.

All you need to do to be in the draw is to leave a comment below.  It doesn’t matter where in the world you live – if you are meant to win, you shall, and I shall happily send your necklace on to you.  Wishing you luck, and peace in your heart. ❤ Nicole xx

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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118 thoughts on “Win a Healing Necklace, Made Especially For You!

  1. OMGoodness I love your blogs! I don’t quite remember how I stumbled onto your site…but I’m glad I did! There is so much of what you write, I”ve been yearning to learn! Thank you! And if you offer anymore necklaces, I’d like to be in the running…I could use some extra juju! I have had alot of trauma in my life but, I need to move forward and not let any of those incidences define me anymore! I want to let go and grow! Thank you again! Marie from Seattle

  2. I’d love to win a healing necklace for me, made by you. I love your work – and your reading has held out so much truth and hope for me, although best of all is living the unfolding. Xx

  3. Thanks Nicole, for all the energy you put into making other people’s day a bit brighter. Your necklaces are beautiful, as is your heart.

  4. It could help me with my procrastination 😀 or do you know of something else that works magic with it? 🙂
    Thank you Nicole for inspiring me everyday xxx

  5. I enjoy reading your blog every morning a part of my routine. Cauldrons & cupcakes and a cuppa – that’s my morning sorted. Would love to be entered in the draw for such a special item.

  6. What an amazing gift to give Nicole. You are truly blessed with an amazing heart and soul and I enjoy reading your blog and posts. I would love to be considered for a beautiful healing necklace as I really need as much healing help I can get at the moment as I am very drained. Love and light xoxo

  7. So glad I stumbled upon your site, strongly believe now that there are no coincidences, you are always exactly where you are meant to be…thank you for the inspiration

  8. Beautiful necklaces. Just signed up for your blog going on all of the above comments. Sounds exciting and want to be a part of it.

  9. You are the juiciness of generosity
    Empowered in all that you are
    Honest in all that you do
    Womanly wild
    Girlishly playful
    Exquisitely vulnerable
    Laughter, love and light flows from your presence
    Divine in every moment
    Nudging gently awakening all around
    Essence of beauty that you are
    Exploding softly into my life………

  10. Hi Nicole

    No wonder you have a “big fat heart” (and I understand it’s getting better everyday) because you have a beautiful big generous heart. I’m not actually commenting to win, I’m just saying 😀


  11. I love the necklaces and the energy they will generate. How do I buy one? How exciting to be in the running to win one, love, light & peace Helen xx

  12. As I loose myself in the motions of everyday life, I take a brief moment each day to catch a whiff of the magic of the world through your words. I am reminded of the possibilites, the choices, the power of ourselves within this world. We all want the clarity, the understanding, the knowing and the ability to lift our spirit higher than the physical world. You help to make it all seem possible and like everyone above I thank you for you. I wish for you enormous happiness as you continue on your journey. With my heartfelt gratitude and love. Doone

  13. Thank you Nicole. You are a true inspiration for so many. I love to read your blog at the end of each day. It is my little positivity ritual. I would love to have a necklace with stones chosen by you and imbued with your energy. I hope you are keeping well.

  14. I’ve never seen anything more beautiful and positive! Colors of rainbow given to us from Mother Earth’s heart. I would love to wear one of such wonderful necklaces just to be closer to our Mother and listen to her heart beating next to mine. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, Nicole!! Lots of love,light and blessings.

  15. healing… healing… healing… Your words heal on a daily basis – thank you. Love the necklaces. It would be amazing to see what you design when meditating on what I need to heal.

  16. I always oogle (if that is even a word) at your handpicked necklaces, would love to have one to call my own 🙂
    Lots of love and rainbows!

  17. For once, I don’t feel in need of healing. However, my dear friend was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy last Friday. Next will be chemo. She could use some emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. With gratitude.

  18. The necklaces are gorgeous!

    We have similar intentions through our work, for I, too “share my life so that I demystify the supposed ‘strangeness’ of having metaphysical abilities.”. Thank you for all that you share and reflect!

  19. What beautiful necklaces, with all the beauty behind and within them also. Thank you Nicole for your generous spirit; and to Anita, Tammy, the next winner & all of us who receive such insight and love from these delicious posts… enjoy! xo

  20. Hi Nicole, it would be a privilege to be selected to receive a healing necklace. Thank you for your everything and many blessing to you <3

  21. Beautiful Beads, Love and Intention Nicole! Hugs and <3 your way! Know that your spirit, soul and words are gift enough in itself! Love the learning, writing, and magic you inspire in me! Many thanks and blessings! Xo

  22. Hi Nicole, they look divine. I had a dream about you last night – unfortunately not about crystal necklaces!!! You were visiting me and I was quite uncomfortable that I only had Tetley teabags to offer you. At the same time there were young children digging some kind of trench down the side of my house – discomfort all round really. It was nice to meet you though!!

  23. Nicole, those necklaces are beautiful. The energy and intent you infuse them with, they must be electric to wear. Your willingness to make one for a giveaway for the blog celebrations further shows the generosity of your spirit. As a firm believer in right time, right place, right reason I’m sure the chosen one will benefit greatly from your generous gift.

  24. You my dear are theeee most generous person with your spiritual, emotional and earthly time I have been in contact with for a long time. Timmy being an exception of course. Thank you for your blog to this time it has truly helped me over some very bumpy bumps. Sending you a big gratitude bubble from Mullum Nx

  25. Many thanks Nicole for another chance to win one if your magical creations. I read your blog as soon as I’ve done my gratitude journal (gazillion thanks). Today was so strange it took three attempts to put a reply on your post~ a sign? So grateful for all your wisdom beautiful lady. Bless<3<3<3

  26. Congrats to the winners!I’m so excited for you!Love,love,love the necklaces do hope i win one they are so beautiful!!!!!Do you sell them at the markets or on line?Or are they so special only for your workshops,gifts,etc. I too check your blogs everyday for inspiration and enlightenment on my spiritual path.So grateful for your blogs,bless you.xxxx

  27. Your writing and personal energy has long inspired me Nicole: ever since I first found out about you at a Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brisbane SO many years ago, and purchased my piece of Peacock Ore as chosen by you! You certainly do live your truth and indeed, have again pushed the ‘barrow’ lately by even showing the ‘real’ you on your Facebook page. I would just LOVE one of your necklaces, knowing the heartfelt energy it would bring to my life! Much love to you & what you do. x

  28. Hi Nicole

    I started following your blogs in January this year (and was lucky enough to have a reading with you in July). I just had a thought – you’d often reply to many of the comments posted on your blog…and soon with your ever increasing allegiance of fans – you’ll have to filter the ones you actually comment on otherwise you’ll soon be a slave to this blog! (Lol. Because I had a cartoon image of you slaving away at your lap top just responding to comments) 🙂

    Seriously, I love tuning in to see what stories you have to share with us each day. It’s a great start to my day. Thank you. xo

  29. Congrats the winners so far. And thank you Nicole for your beautiful and generous heart. You are truly an inspiration. You’re beautiful necklaces are calling me to try my hand at doing the same, although I would always love to receive one of your magical necklaces. As always, I know that the right person will be the recipient of your lovely gift. Have a lovely day. X

  30. .Congratulations to Tammy. I would love to have a beautiful necklace made by you. thanks for all of your writings each day so inspiring

  31. Lurrrrve your blog sooooo’ much, Nicole – Alwayz inspires and stretches me to be better at what I do by giving me the faith to believe in myself and showing me I have something to offer the world 🙂 Your necklaces you make are divine and such beautiful creative gifts of love. Big hugs soul sista ♥

  32. Nicole, they are beautiful as the the healing one I have from you, Your blog gives me and so many others such joy as well as education- you are a gift to the world blessings
    namaste Suzie xxoo

  33. There is nothing nicer or more special that a handmade gift that has been made with love and prayers. The necklace would radiate immense pleasure and feeling of oneness ~ cheers!

  34. I am currently taking a course in energy medicine and I can’t say how fascinating your blog is. It always has been to me, but it’s reaching a new profound significance for me! Sorry I haven’t been commenting much lately, but I’m still reading and loving it. Keep up the good work, you’re amazing 🙂

  35. I have been reading your blog for a few months now, it is just lovely. I feel like your words are written just for me….I dreamt about the orchard man by the way, very strange dream. Much love xxx

  36. I need all the healing I can get right now so a necklace filled with love and blessings would be perfect. Thank you for your generous spirit.

  37. Got to be in it to win it.!! Wow usually I can’t stand red but that necklace is awesome. Yay for you Tammy lucky lady.. Have the bestest day Nicole. Love to you~Fairy Whispers~ •*•*•*•*•*• Kel <3 xxx

  38. Thank you Nicoile you have made such a huge difference to my life during a very difficult time. You have given me hope and a measure of peace. I look forward to reading your blog each day. I find myself drawn to Fee’s necklace.

  39. Oh I love your beading, esp sophie’s strand, might get inspired to make one for myself. Got a story from yesterday, will pm you. No entry for me, just inspiration and drool. I’ve been so blessed so I hope it goes to someone who really needs it! Uggs sx

  40. Nicole — I have been traveling nearly a month … and I have discovered “smart phones” are not always so “smart”! 😀 Lovely to be able to read your post in “full color and life” … you are always a breath of fresh air!

  41. Dear Nicole, Am so enjoying the beautiful and eclectic mix of your blog. Very reflective of you and being deeply enjoyed and appreciated. Love Nikki 🙂

  42. Love you…Love the blog…Love ALL that you do to inspire and uplift each and every one of us.

    I have just made a batch of sultana scones to share as I go along my day…thanks for this tip as well!
    How many sleeps till your OS trip? You are very loved but you know that hey! Enjoy your day..X

  43. Your necklaces are beautiful but your blogs are truly inspiring. Such a joy to wake and turn on the computer and read your wonderful wise words. Love to you Nicole and a big heartfelt thank you.

  44. Oh WOW WOW WOW WOW!!! I’m so happy, what a bloody brilliant way to start the day!!!!!!!!! This is a very big deal for me nicole and I could write pages of my journey and gratitude for finding you, though I shall keep it short and simple and send you my love, blessings and light, Thank you for being a big part of my journey home. Thank you Nicole, Thank you!!! arohanui Tammy

  45. What lovely necklaces and such amazing thought behind them. A healing necklace would be really great for me at the moment. Your blogs are amazing and its a lovely start to my day! Thanks for waking up so early to write them. xx

  46. So beautiful. I’d love one of those. Your blog is the first thing I read now, sets the energy for the day! Thank you. We are all blessed to call you friend.

  47. Nicole, you inspire me to pursue my own gifts and talents, to help others. I have been working at it, on and off, for the past 13 years and still have not yet been able to fully comitt to this endeavour. But I know that when its time it will be, and in the mean time, I have folks like you to help boost me along the way. Thank you. xx

  48. Have I read this right? Your last morning blog??? I have become reliant on these morning inspirational words 🙂 I know each & every one of us are on a journey but some times we need to place ourselves higher on the priority list, & this is one (of a few, my list has shortened over the last couple of years) area I struggle in. Please please please advise me on how I can access messages, guidance, hope, calm, grounding & much more from you
    Many thanks & much appreciation x Ros

  49. 7 days a week, I wake in anticipation of the words of your blog, – It has come to be a most favourite way for me to start my day. Like all your readers, I too would be incredibly excited to receive a special necklace! Thanks Nicole and Happy Tuesday all:-D

  50. Dearest Nicole, thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself via your blogs. Although we have not yet met in person I feel a real connection with you and have learnt so much from your selfless and generous sharings. Your gratitude challenge was amazing and really enjoyable. Thank you from my heart to yours. Gael <3

  51. Don’t worry about the necklace! You’re warm and genuine and help ROCK the world. You are not just a passenger on it. I can feel you all the way from South Dakota in the USA! Keep it up! There aren’t enough people in the world like you.

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