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“Prayer is not an old woman’s idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi


I meditate twice a day; once in the morning when I first wake up – at around 4am, and once in the evening before I go to bed. This has been my practice now for over thirty years. Still, I feel I am only just stepping into a place of truly understanding meditation. And there is so much more yet to learn and experience.

Anyway, I digress.

What I’d like to do on my blog this morning is make an offer. I usually meditate on a mala for at least part of my meditation session. A mala is a string of prayer beads.

Whenever I run a long retreat or course I make a mala with the intent of working for that group, with a bead for each person. Then twice a day I meditate on and pray for the students in my group. I do this for one month leading up to the course, and sometimes more. At the end of the course I gift them their bead.

My offer this morning is this: I’m about to make myself a new mala of 108 beads, that I will use for thirty days. I’m making this mala specifically to aid in emotional healing, and that will be my theme in my twice-daily meditations. It’s a mala for forgiveness and self-love, for ending guilt, regret, fear and shame and embracing love and flow and abundance.

Each day I’ll hold every bead, one at a time, between my fingers and pray my mantras and then a specific prayer for each bead – each person. I’ll wear the mala every day, all day, so that I carry you with me.

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Would you like one of those beads to be for you, or someone who you know?

That way I can hold you in my daily meditations, and you’ll know that someone loves you, and is thinking of you, holding an intent for healing, and sending energy and love to you.

There are 107 beads available, because I have already purposed one to my friend Liz.

At the end of the thirty days, I’ll send you the bead for the cost of the postage. Or if you’d prefer, I can make the bead into a necklace or your own meditation mala for you, although there would be additional cost for that to cover the materials and postage.

If you’d like me to include you, or someone you know, please contact me by leaving a message below, or over at my facebook page. I’ll then contact you within the next few days to let you know more.

I will be making the mala on Wednesday March 4th, and starting my prayer and meditation cycle on March 5th, concluding the cycle on Friday, April 3rd which is also Good Friday of the Easter Weekend.

Much love to you. Please know that I’m thinking of you, and that you’re never alone,

Nicole xx

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Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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105 thoughts on “Mala of Love

  1. Hello Nicole….if it’s not too late Pls include me in your mala as a bead of prayer….your blog has answered so many questions for me….your work is true blessing !

  2. Sorry been away from the computer for a few days hope I can still be included . I would like a bead for a very dear friend’s daughter who is going through a trauma in her life at the moment . I do hope I’m not too late .

  3. Hey Nic … I wonder if maybe sometime you’d care to do a post on your process for this … how you prepare, how you select the beads, set your intentions, cement your practice with it etc. I am really inspired to do something like this myself, and include all my loved ones, friends and people I care about and am working with, I can feel how it would allow me to let go and let god a bit more in my love and care for them … which could only be helpful to both them and me! 🙂

  4. I would love to be included and have a bead. Maybe a Mala as a gift for me for my birthday. On the 11th..I can feel when I am writing this I would love a Mala.. I just had a light headed feeling while writing this? Much love…Lyn x

  5. Whenever it’s possible…I would like you to include one for my son who suffers with Bi-polar Disorder…A wonderful…caring son…but, this monster of a desease overtakes him at times… His name is “Doug”…
    Your caring offer is magnificent!

  6. If there is still a spot left I would love to for my friend Kathleen Lane to be included. She does so much for so many people… would be great to have you say prayers for her! Thank you, Nicole!

  7. Good Morning Nicole from Urungan,

    If I’m not too late I would love to be included. I missed yesterday as Rudy are en-route bring Tiata to Brisbane for sale.

    But before we do a couple of days sailing the sandy straits.

    Hope you are feeling amazing.


    Sent with love, sunshine and happiness.

    Lynette Higgs
    0487 302 876


  8. Hi, Nicole.
    A beautiful and generous offer. I would love to be included, although fear I’m too late. It would help with my healing.

  9. Hello Nicole

    Such a beautiful offer. If you have any beads left I should be honoured to have one for my Mum who will be 90 in March. She has dementia and, before her mind deteriorated to the stage of not knowing herself or me, she dearly wanted to join my Dad who died almost 8 years ago. I know in her heart of hearts that she has had enough but she still keeps going because that is what she does.

    I love her deeply and hope that she has found some sort of peace in her situation but I know that she is a woman who has lived with inner turmoil all her life.

    With love to you. C xx

  10. Hi Nicole, I’m just reading your post at 8pm Friday Aus-time. If you have a bead left, I would be honoured to be included. I know the power of your mandala meditation from Retreat, so thank you in advance. I will keep you in my prayers too. <3 xox

  11. Good morning Nicole, as I looked at your blog today and the number of comments, I thought: Gee, that must be another “pearl” of Nicole today.. It is indeed. If you have some place left, I’d love to have a bead and one for my younger cousin who lost her husband last summer. If there are not enough, then just for Elise, and if all the beads are gone, then I’ll do as if I have
    one anyway and feel very happy for the other people 🙂 Cécile

  12. You are such a loving person, nicole and I am grateful to have found you. Please may I have a bead, I would love it made into my very own necklace at the end. Happy to pay the costs involved for this. Much love xxx

  13. I would love and appreciate for me to be included in your blessings and meditations with your mala beads. If it’s not too late of course and there are still some left. With love, and gratitude, Paula.

  14. Hello Nicole, I haven’t counted but it looks like the 107 beads may have all gone!
    However, if there are any beads still available, one for my husband John and one for me would be absolutely treasured.

    Thank you for all that you do and are.
    Karen from the U.S.

  15. Hi Nicole, I am most certian 108 beads have been well and truly taken but on the slim chance they have not I would love for a friend that is in the pits right now. I will share her name with you on pm on Facebook. What a beautiful offering! Go well beautiful soul

  16. Hi Nicole. I would like two bead if possible. One for myself. I have huge changes coming up in the next few weeks and am tired of being alone although I know that I am truly never alone. The second bead I would like for you. Even in your own times of need you are the most caring, loyal, giving, loving person I have ever known. Bless you xx

  17. Oh Thank you so very much and I would love to have you think of my husband Drake who is ill with lung cancer and copd also. I do believe that a mala made by you would be very special and I would be honored to have one so just let me know the details. Many blessings for you Aloha

  18. this is such a beautiful idea, Nic! i have waaaay too many people to list! ha! but it is an inspiration to do this myself, especially with the people i work with, who need so much love, more than i can individually provide – this might be a way for me to help them in a less (or more?!) direct way! i love it! <3 and i LOVE YOU! <3

  19. I am sure you have tons of requests to be included! What could possibly be more special than a bead with your love. I would live one if I’m not too late.

  20. I would dearly appeciate a bead infused with a month of love Nicole! I have an appointment with you at the end of March and some divine assistance until then would literally be a God-send.
    What a beautiful gesture. Thankyou.

  21. Hi Nicole. If you have any beads left, I would be extremely grateful and honoured to be included. Thank you so much for your generosity!
    Much love,

  22. Good Evening, I love this idea, and if there is still room left on the Mala, I would be honored if a bead could be for me. I think I could use the prayers and thoughts. Thank you so much. Adrienne

  23. Good morning Nicole I would love a bead if possible please. I am single, no kids and always feel I will live and die alone apart from my animals. This is ok most of the time but……. Elle


  24. Dear Nicole,
    Thank you for such a loving and supportive offer. May I please have one for my friend Lin, if they are still available? Thank you for your care and kindness to all.

  25. Hello Nicole, if there is still a bead available, I wonder if you would be able to include prayers for our family please.

    Thank you and with much love,


  26. I would love one of these beads for my mother as I know she would love this idea and the thought that I had done this for her from you…x

  27. I would like a bead for myself to aid me in my private journey but I would also like one for my friend Jodie whose husband passed 8 days ago and one each for her boys Joel and Reef who have lost their Dad.
    If this is too many to ask for please drop mine but I would dearly love to include the other three.
    Thanking you!

  28. So much yumminess in this offer and acceptance. Thank you for this tangible reminder of connection. My best friend Peggy, my husband Sean and I would be honored to be part of this gift and practice.

  29. Dear Nicole, I would so love to have a bead for me and one for the man I love Mark. I would then like to have them both in a necklace for me please, thank you so very much xxxxxx

  30. Hey Nic, I’d love to be included to help me work through this metamorphosis I’m experiencing….thank you love…
    And would you do one for you too? X

  31. Namaste & Nameh Nicole. If the opportunity to be included remains I would be love to held in that space and beyond. Regardless, bless you for expressing your divine heart with such an offering. You continually gift us soooooo much just by sharing your beingness so openly. Thankyou for the many ways you enrich life.

  32. I would be honored if you would include me in your mala, I am going through a period of healing at the moment and would love some extra support

  33. Nicole, you are amazing and such a blessing to the world. What a beautiful idea. I would love one assigned for me and if you still have a space one for Des whose needs healing for his skin. You inspire me daily namaste Suzie xxoo

  34. Thank you Nicole. I would love to receive the bead as part of a meditation mala. I’ve recently been diagnosed with lyme disease. Thank you so much. Marianne

  35. Morning Nicole, After the hammering I have had over the last 3 months following our retreat I would love to be included and receive one your beads and your blessings. Could you also include blessings to quickly heal my fractured foot as well? Christina.

  36. Good morning Nicole,
    What a most beautiful gift you have offered us all. If there is a bead for me I would live one little spot. Thank you so much 😊 Anita xoxo

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