Five Simple Ways To Tune In To Your Intuitive Wisdom

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

~  Albert Einstein

The energies right now support developing clear future vision and believing in yourself and your dreams. 

Sounds great, huh?

But there’s one problem with that. Most people tell me they are too tired, too busy, too overwhelmed, too stretched thin to have the time to sit and think, let alone to connect into their intuition. They have no time to meditate, no time to journal or to sit quietly with their oracle cards or their runes. No time for planning. No time for sacred work.

Oh, lovelies! I hear you. My life looks crazy right now too. But there’s one difference. I manage to fit time into my life for my spiritual practice. It’s as much a habit for me as cleaning my teeth, it’s as much a routine for me as a favourite TV show might be to someone else.

So, let me show you five quick ways to tune in to the wisdom within you and around you, so that you can honour your journey and travel life’s road more mindfully, and, most importantly, take advantage of these great energies right now.

Five Ways To Tune In To Your Intuitive Wisdom

  1. Morning Alignment. Before you get out of bed, stretch and take a few deliberate slow breaths. Close your eyes and breathe white light into your body and then into your aura. Intuitively choose a colour to seal your aura, like a shell around an egg. Trust that this colour will have the perfect vibration that you’ll need for the day ahead. (This takes two minutes!)
  2. Sacred Shower. Shut the bathroom door and grab five minutes on your own for your shower. Stand under the water, close your eyes, and take a minute just to feel the water on your skin. Visualise it carrying away all of the negative energy and old energetic clutter you’ve processed and shifted during the night or accumulated from your day. See that energy flowing away down the drain. Affirm to yourself, ‘All is well. Something wonderful will happen to me today.’ If you’re really struggling and that affirmation is too much of a stretch then say, ‘I’ve got this. I’m stronger than this and I’m okay. I call upon all of my Guides, Angels and Ancestors to carry me through and clear my way today.’ (This takes five minutes if you are luxuriating in the flow of the water. I’ve managed this process in 60 seconds, but take as long as you need.)
  3. Using your internal compass. When a situation arises, get quiet and sit with the energy of the situation for a moment. How does your body feel? Do you feel excited, calm, in flow, anxious, tense, not quite right? When you think about this thing do you want to move towards it, or does it give you a feeling of relief? If yes, then your gut is telling you it’s good for you. Feel indifferent or neutral? Then it doesn’t make a difference one way or another, or it’s not right timing. Feel sick, anxious, distressed, angry, worried, not quite right, or like you want to move (or run) away? Your gut is saying no. A small no or a yelled NO is still a no. (This only needs time to get calm and then time to feel into things – you can do it in 3 minutes, and if it’s a BIG strong reaction you’ll only need about ten seconds!)
  4. Weekly Card (or a daily one if you’re in a space where you really need that guidance). Shuffle your deck and ask, ‘What do I need to know right now?’ Choose one card. Take a moment and really look at the card. What stands out for you? What message does that have for you? Go with that, with your personal meaning for that thing. If you use a book that goes with the cards, only take the words or phrase that resonates for you. Jot some notes if you need to. (Five minutes is great for this – so it will fit in well on your coffee break.)
  5. Simple meditation. (If you’re really pushed for time or privacy a bathroom can serve well to give you those few minutes of peace you need, but if you can try for somewhere a little more ambient.) Close your eyes, and take a few, deep centering breaths. With every breath consciously relax the tension in your body. You might also like to affirm, ‘I am safe. All is well.’ When you feel peaceful then let go of the affirmation and simply breathe, following your breath in and out of your body. Feel yourself come back to a place of strength and calm. Feel your inner resilience. Feel your connection into your intuition. If you want to stay in meditation a little longer, ask, ‘Show me what I most need to know,’ and then trust whatever comes. (You can do this simple meditation in three minutes. Yes, a three-minute meditation counts!)

Simple, small steps like these can change your life. There’s no need for grand gestures and huge complex spiritual systems and routines that you’ll struggle to stick to. These methods have been tried and tested by me, and by my students for over thirty years. They work. They’ll work for you.

If you can find some extra time after performing one of these connection activities sit with your cards or journal and use that time to think about your life, your spiritual path, your calling, or whatever else is topical for you right now. You’ll be connected and in flow, and you’ll find it easier for having spent those first few minutes in preparation.

Much love, Nicole xx

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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