Instructions For Creating Your Own 2022 New Year Ritual

The human soul can always use a new tradition. Sometimes we require them.

Pat Conroy

Hey, Lovelies.

Today I’m sharing a simple meditation and ritual you can do on New Year’s Eve or at any time over the next few days, to tie in with the New Moon in Capricorn on January 2. So, do this at a time of your choosing, between December 31, 2021 and January 5, 2022.

You’ll need a quartz-based crystal – think clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, smoky quartz, aventurine – and one other stone of your choice – any kind at all. It doesn’t matter how big they are, and they can even be pendants or jewelry.

I also encourage you to have a journal handy.

Intention of this Meditation Ritual

This ritual is designed to help you connect with your natural abilities, best direction forward, healing and flow for the year ahead. It’s a ritual to open you to Blessings, and to help you manifest a mindful and intentional year that works well for you, and is for the Highest Good of All. You don’t have to be word-perfect for this exercise. Just speak from your heart and trust the words that come.

Instructions for the Meditation

Read through these instructions first, and then do this meditation at a time and place that feels right for you. If it’s easier for you, record the meditation on your phone by reading the instructions out loud and play it back for yourself as you do the ritual.

Have your crystals ready. Place the quartz-based crystal where you can easily pick it up. Place the other crystal at your feet.

Start with Right Intent

– Bring your hands into Prayer Pose, and close your eyes. Send up a silent prayer to the Ancestors, Elders, Custodians of the land, Earth spirits and your own Guides and Angels. Call on Universal Energy or whatever energies feel right for you. Tell them that you are here to do the work, and that you respectfully call upon them to help you in doing this work for the Highest Good of All. Acknowledge that you are here to connect with your natural abilities, best direction forward, healing and flow for the year ahead (or whatever you are seeking – trust that you will find the right words). Say that you are ready to accept all Blessings and help to manifest a mindful and intentional year that works well for you. Thank all of the energies you have called to you for their help.

– Be aware of any feelings or messages you get. Be patient, and expect insights.

– When you are finished, open your eyes. Pick up your quartz-based crystal. Hold the crystal in both hands. Send White Light into it from the Universe and then say your name out loud like this – ‘My name is xxx xxxx. I acknowledge my connection to All Things. I do this work for the Highest Good of All’

– Now lift your quartz-based stone to your heart, and hold it in place with both hands, one on top of the other, like this (see pic). You can do this seated, standing or lying down. Close your eyes.

Integrating Your Blessings and Energies

– Using your Base Chakra and Feet Chakras, ground your body into the Earth, visualising red energy linking your body to the centre of the Earth. Then use your Crown Chakra and draw Universal Energy as White Light into your Crown Chakra and through your entire body and aura.

– Say ‘I open myself to all healing, integration and activation for my Highest Good. I align myself to the opportunities and Blessings of the year ahead. I honour my timeline past, present and future. Make it so.’

– Visualise or feel red light from the centre of the Earth moving up into the crystal at your feet and then into your body and pouring into your heart. You may also experience white, green or pink light coming up from the Grid of the Earth.

– Visualise or feel white light from the Universe moving down into the crystal at your heart and then into your body. You may also experience other colours and energies coming from the Universe, your Guides, Angels and Ancestors.

– Be aware of what colours come to you and know that they are an important part of clearing, healing and recalibrating your body’s energy field. Stay in this healing space as long as feels comfortable for you. It is also okay to fall asleep in this energy.

After the meditation, journal anything that came up for you, and expect more ideas, clarity and direction to come to the surface of your conscious mind over the days ahead.

Use the quartz-based crystal to hold or wear when you are planning and working towards your best self, to connect you with your Guides/Angels/Universal Energy and to give you strength, courage and clarity. Keep the other stone beside or under your bed, for physical healing and integration of positive energies.

Want To Be Included In My New Year’s Eve Meditation and Ritual?

If you’d like to be specifically included in my manifesting ritual and meditation for 2022, pop back to my previous post and follow the directions to get your messages to me. I’ll work on holding space for you to manifest a wish for yourself and a wish for the world.

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I’ll be holding space for you in my prayers, meditations and rituals over the coming days. Please know that you are loved, and that I intend for you a year of Blessings and Flow, and of you finding your way forward in positive ways, with love and support.

Big hugs, sparklers, celebratory vibes and so much love, Nicole xx

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3 thoughts on “Instructions For Creating Your Own 2022 New Year Ritual

  1. Nicole, Please include me in your New Year meditation as this year is so full of growth and light for all who open their hearts and minds. Loving light surround your beautiful heart!

  2. Before even reading this loved that you said feel free to share with your woo woo friends….that’s so funny Nicole..every single good wish for 2022..and thank you for this…

  3. I’ve been looking for something to do marking the new year! I was sure you would send something out and so very grateful that you did!! Thank you with all my heart ❤️

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