Seven Pictures to Re-Energise You and your Chakras

Chakras are energetic gateways or portals. Each has its own colour, and governs different areas and emotions within the body. I have meditated on each of the following images, and programmed each picture to energise, open, balance and heal your chakras.

How to use today’s blog:

  1. Slowly scroll down the page, gazing at each picture in turn.
  2. Notice which picture (or pictures) is more vibrant and attractive to you.
  3. Go back to that image (images) and spend a little longer.  Draw that colour deep into your body.  See if any words, impressions, emotions or images come up for you. You might even want to use that as the beginning of a journalling activity. These colours will feed and energise your chakras and are great indicators of what chakras are already flowing and working well or in the process of opening and healing.
  4. Also pay attention to any pictures that seem very flat and energetically unappealing. Note what chakra that picture relates to.  Once again see if any words, impressions, emotions or images come up for you. This flat energy will correspond to chakras that are blocked, stagnant or stuck.  Send them some white light and a little extra love.
  5. Run your eyes over the images again.  See if there is any change.  Eventually you’ll find that all of the pictures have an equal brightness as you come back into balance.

Base Chakra: Foundation, survival, security, safety, energy, money, grounding, physicality

Image of erupting volcano from

Sacral Chakra: Creativity, well-being, sexuality, emotional expression, abundance, pleasure

Orange Flower by kamussen at

Solar Plexus Chakra: Self esteem, individuality, self-worth, self confidence, personal authority, I am

Yellow Marigolds image from

Heart Chakra: Love for self and others, inner peace, joy, giving and receiving

This gorgeous image from

Throat Chakra: Speaking your truth, asking for what you need, all forms of communication

This image from

Third Eye Chakra: Imagination, intuition, vision, wisdom, innovation, decision making, spiritual connection 

Image from

Crown Chakra: Divine Connection, spirituality, bliss, purity, consciousness, unity, BEing

Image from

I’d love to know how this activity felt for you – so please feel free to share any of your experiences by leaving a comment below.  Much love to you, and all of my intentions, blessings and well-wishes for you to feel energised, balanced and harmonised.

♥ Namaste ♥

Flower of Life - from
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98 thoughts on “Seven Pictures to Re-Energise You and your Chakras

  1. This was the first time I have come across this type of exercise and wow did I find it helpful. I have been working with trying to understand my chakras and which ones are out of balance and this really helped me pin point those areas of blocked energy. I don’t know if it was the pictures themselves, the colors, both combined or the fact that I could feel your positive energy behind it but something spoke to me on a level not felt or heard before. Thank you very much. This was the first time I came across your information/site/blog and I look forward to exploring more of your work. Like I said before, I could really feel your positive energy in a way that I haven’t felt before so I can’t wait to see where this leads me to. What new information I find or learn about myself. Thank you again and have a fantastic day.
    – Mary

  2. 1: musical fountain, lobster-like alien.
    2: well protected center and energies evenly spread out, orange turned deeper each second.
    3: white fungus in a Chinese cold dessert. (Cheng Teng)
    4: sadness, tears, close yet far apart.
    5: pink on blue, very light feeling, wearing it on me.
    6: a child’s face, fear, light causes fear to scurry away,brings a new breath of hope.
    7: fairy beings playing hiding and waiting to be discovered, hidden diamonds and purple flowers and a purple pendant just for me.

  3. I’m very pleased but a little surprised by a couple things. Their all doing well, but I found the 3rd eye to be not as vibrant as I thought it would be. I see energy with color, clearly see my guides & more. So I believe that may indicate I’m able to strengthen it more. I was also surprised my throat chakra is more vibrant than I expected it to be. Yay! Thank you for this opportunity to get a take on their wellbeing from a new perspective.

  4. spooky! thanks!
    i never really “got” chakra until i tried this excercise.
    so that was educational as well.
    (my throat feels very tight today because i’ve had a communication breakdown due to feeling a false accusation /injustice) tadaaa ..the blues and greens were flat.

  5. A very nice rejuvenating experience. Thank you.
    I used to do this everyday but then one forgets. But you brought it back.
    Thank you.

  6. My root chakra is my weakest, I’ve been eagerly working on it, and I’m so disappointed with how hard it was for me to look at that picture…it hurt my eyes! I wasn’t completely comfortable with the sacral picture either, and that makes sense as well. From the heart up, I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures and felt very at home. I’ve always turned away from hot colors, and embraced the cool ones…dramatically… I’ve been a color snob all my life…I particularly refrain from red and orange, I’m trying to incorporate them into my life, do I just force them on myself?

  7. Hi i am Kala from India. I did the exercise not expecting much. To my surprise the exercise was spot on in identifying the blocked chakra within me. did the light shining and redid the exercise and again i went in thinking how will the picture perception change. But yes it did. So it really works. Great job. and i am also learning to keep the logical and doubting part of me aside. Love and sunshine. Kala

  8. Really loved this blog from u..
    Base Chakra- After having a closer look at the volcano the only words that came to my mind are powerful, unending energy, unstoppable..
    A feel of dominance 🙂
    Heart Chakra- The green frog made me fall in love,togetherness, affection,always luking for love
    Throat Chakra- The only thought that came to my mind after luking at the bed of flowers is to rest for a while and spread my fragrance in the world 🙂
    Soon I will find out other chakras too 🙂

    Thnx Nicole 🙂

  9. I am completely new to this in many ways, lately I’ve been on what I can only describe as a journey for knowledge and spirituality. although I don’t quite understand how to complete this exercise I tried it anyway. lately I’ve felt like my body’s battery is draining rather low if I can call it that.
    anyway here’s what came to me while looking at these pictures

    Base Chakra: stood out to me most, Power, Energy, instinct.

    Sacral Chakra: Love, life, Harmony

    Solar Plexus Chakra: 🙁 no words came to mind, didn’t quite stand out to me

    Heart Chakra: love, serenity, Happiness

    Throat Chakra: Wellbeing, synchronicity, balance

    Third Eye Chakra: energy, beauty, inner self, ( felt a warm feeling in my head while looking at it)

    Crown Chakra: eternal, chaotic, knowledge

    no idea what was supposed to come to mind, I don’t feel any different now than before I did this.
    I don’t meditate, prey or do yoga or anything, although I feel I need to do something other than eat and sleep to energize my inner self . my quest for knowledge has left my mind feeling rather scrambled and in disarray, I need focus and energy

  10. So, help me understand. The first thing I felt was fear and with each pic it move up higher to the next chakra. I am stressing badly. I’m very new to this. What does thos mean??

  11. Base- uncertainty, fear (this picture was the most disturbing to me)
    *Sacral- awe, vibrancy
    *Solar plexus- childhood, innocence
    heart- peace, uniformity
    *Throat- serenity, bliss (my favorite picture that I was drawn to the most)
    *Third eye- infinity, the universe
    Crown- unfocused, fuzzy
    the ones starred are the pictures I resonated with the most.

  12. Hello nicole, please help me to interpret this. I have been feeling uneasy before i came across this site and after trying this exercise i felt much better.
    Base Chakra; Inner fear and happy feeling too as I could feel the fire force
    Sacral Chakra; relaxing, bright, lively
    Plexus chakra; nice, lemon and brightly coloured
    Heart chakra: peace, I could even feel the coolness of the leaves and imagining myself touching the frogs and I could feel their textures.
    Throat Chakra: relaxing, cool, peace of mind and souk.
    Third eye chakra: deep and strong, the picture shows a depth with no li its
    Crown Chakra: confused ( nothing came in my mind)

  13. Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for this post. Very helpful. I have one question that pops up for me, ‘What’s the difference between a person’s aura and the chakras?’ Do you have a blog post that discusses this?

  14. I so needed this? thank god I remembered about it.. had a huge few weeks… training in Bris and came home & straight into work early morn 7 morning + fam and house duty’ whole meditation prac out the window. today I reached burn out after day of rest and questioning why I feel like I am on arollercoaster of highs & lows..(no self nurture)I did this & every pic looked dull & flat .. I visualised each one saw in minds eye swirling vortex’s breathing in each colur they each became clear & using the words as affirmations.. I feel a lot calmer& clearer thanku
    and the pic’s looked bright.. xx❤🌈😊
    how quick & simple🌟

  15. Wonderful! I’m going to make this my regular morning meditation for a few days 🙂 in need of refreshment. Thanks C&C xxx

  16. Thank you for this, Nicole. It’s quite remarkable. First, I must tell you, the images as well as the colors influenced my responses. Keeping that in mind, these are my responses:
    Base – red, a breast with veins later became a mountain, both exploding. Words are life giving, energy, excitement
    Sacral – orange, this used to be my favorite color, or I thought it was. I had an instructor who loved orange so all her students loved orange too; I ordered an orange Oldsmobile that year; it turned out to be a lemon. I love oranges and eat one every day. Words: happy, beginnings, opening, crowded
    solar plexus yellow, my favorite color now Words: sun, warmth, bright, joy beauty
    heart green,Words: smooth, restful, balance, safe: My FAVORITE, the one I felt most comfortable with
    throat blue Words: cool, close, claustrophobia, crowded
    3rd eye Words: dk blue cool, celebration, dancing, singing, loose, free MY OTHER FAVORITE
    crown purple, Words: sponge, old, glisten

    1. Sunbird, I love your responses. The word that stood out for me in all of this was glisten. Such wonderful energy, that word. I feel like you gave me a little gift with that one. Thank you. xx

  17. Yesterday I looked through the pictures and loved the vibrancy of all bar one, the red volcanic picture. Today I was out and about and bought 2 orange pieces, a lovely crochet embroidered flannel, like my Nana used to make. And a circular orange satin cushion from an op shop. Now orange is not usually a colour I am drawn too. I also saw a lovely orangey/red doona cover I was drawn too. I have certainly been feeling more creativity with the journalling and abundance with your exercise of spending energetically. Thank you so much for the time you take to share and teach.

  18. Thank you Nicole. It’s the first time I read about different Chakra, and what does each one mean.
    What I will say maybe doesn’t make sense, but if i was to say one word, just one word about each one to give the feeling i had i would say
    Base Chakra; Fear
    Sacral Chakra; hesitation/guilt
    Plexus chakra; tranquility
    Heart chakra: love and compassion
    Throat Chakra: peace (I couldn’t move my eyes away)
    Third eye chakra: power
    Crown Chakra: happiness

    1. And what I say in response is:
      Base Chakra; Fear – Know that you are Safe, Know that you are Loved
      Sacral Chakra; hesitation/guilt – Dance away your cares, Love your body!
      Plexus chakra; tranquility – Breathe in your own beauty and awareness
      Heart chakra: love and compassion – Radiate Love.
      Throat Chakra: peace (I couldn’t move my eyes away) – The secret is self expression – keep writing!
      Third eye chakra: power – You see with great awareness
      Crown Chakra: happiness – God is all around you
      Much love to you, Nikky. Thanks for sharing with us xx

  19. Thanks for such a great exercise – I love working with the chakras. This was especially timely for me as I have been struggling with confidence issues and self-love as of late, so I made sure to concentrate on the solar plexus and heart chakras, sending a little extra white light in that direction – and now I feel whole once more 🙂

    1. That makes me feel so happy, to hear about the shift in you. Chakras are a great way of working with confidence and self esteem – when we power them up, they really do know what to do! Much love to you ♥ xx

  20. Hi Nicole. I just had another question – I noticed an interesting feeling when I came to the picture for the 3rd eye chakra. I actually felt uneasy looking at the picture – I felt a sense of wanting to “push it away”. Instead of just feeling flat or disinterested. Do you have any thoughts on that?

    1. Yep, of course I do! 🙂 Say yes! Bless that picture, go back and send it some light, send some light to your third eye, and let go of fear. You are entirely safe, and being sensitive is your birthright. Embrace it. Nothing bad shall come of it in this lifetime. Bless xx

  21. Wow Nicole, that was fascinating! The first thing I noticed was that I really felt no energy from the orange flower. I then looked at the description, and it really hit home. I have felt very flat lately, and have not been finding pleasure in anything. Thank you for another wonderful post ♥

  22. Hi Nicole, I love this exercise! When I got to the sacral picture I didn’t like the feeling so I kept visualizing white light go into my sacral chakra and immediately felt it soften. With the heart chakra picture I felt I needed the picture to be more vibrant the same with the crown chakra picture for me it needed deeper purple 🙂 thank you for posting xxx – Maria

  23. Wonderful pictures, all really lovely colours and textures. An interesting exercise. After scrolling through them all I wasn’t sure which was the most vibrant and attractive (although the third eye might just have bagged top spot) but after a few minutes, recalling them all again, the only one that seemed a little flat was the crown chakra. Purple was always my favourite colour growing up, I even had a purple carpet in my bedroom by request, but back in those days religion was a big part of my life so perhaps that’s the connection. Having looked again after sending it a little white light and love, it stands out more vividly now. How did it work for you? Did you get any surprises?

    1. I did actually, Lorna. The heart picture with the two dear froggies made me smile and smile. The orange flower just danced off the screen at me, as if it really were unfurling in front of my eyes, and the throat chakra looked a little dull, pretty as it was.Today they are all sparkling and bright again. Thanks for asking! Much love to you xoxo

  24. Upon closer inspection….
    Base/Root – Peace, Acheivement, Gratitude, Satisfaction (really humming!)
    Sacral – Needs more time to bloom!
    Solar Plexus – wellbeing, depth, work in progress
    Heart – Little sad (lot of physical pain around there at the mo so hard to read)
    Throat – Metamorphosis, Patterns and distribution
    Third Eye – Crossroads, choices, key to something new
    Crown – Perception, changing persona, christ consciousness, eternal bliss (whoa!)

    Thanks Nic. A beautiful, practical post that I will use together with the healing meditation and journalling……starting to realise why I needed to get on facebook! Much love. Kx

    1. Kylie, these are terrific responses, and they’ll give you plenty to work on and explore in your journalling. I recommend choosing a picture form these seven each day, focussing on it for a minute or two, and then starting to write, and just see what comes up. {{{HUGS}}} ♥ xx

  25. Wonderful experience and thought provoking!! Would love your comments on the words I got while looking at the images.
    Base – Flow
    Sacral – Congested
    Solar – confidence
    Heart – Movement
    Throat – Choke
    3rd Eye – Bliss
    Crown – Ecstatic

    1. Hi Chandra, here’s my responses:
      Base – Flow – Keep Dancing!
      Sacral – Congested – Time for self expression, using music and art to get back into open flow
      Solar – confidence – Smile and share
      Heart – Movement – Hugs and happiness
      Throat – Choke – scream, cry, let it all out, then sing in the shower!
      3rd Eye – Bliss – Radiate Love
      Crown – Ecstatic – Radiate Joy, Be open to receiving, and then share what you know
      Much love to you,

  26. This is amazing! To be honest, I didn’t think any of the pictures would effect me. I have to tell you that I especially loved the Sacral Chakra picture. I do a lot of work with my Solar Plexus so I’m surprised I didn’t have more pull to that one! Goes to show, huh?

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post………love & light

    1. Yay that it worked for you, Misty! I think it would be a great idea to do some dancing (even if that’s around your lounge room in your pjs) and maybe eat some orange coloured foods too! Much love to you xx

  27. This is cool. I’d forgotten all about this. I’m gonna bookmark, ’cause I need it.
    Many years ago I ate a lot of bananas, they’re yellow. I had a yellow issue. The bananas helped a lot.
    I notice going through your images, the blue flowers… gosh they’re dull. Almost strangulating dull. I’m thinking what to eat… blue berries. What else? Maybe I should try drinking the sky again… it’s been awhile.
    I’m gonna check this again tomorrow morning.
    Thank you so much cupcake. This is brilliant.

    1. Strangulatingly dull? Oh oh… My recommendation? Drink lots of water, drink the sky, put your hands to your throat and channel white or blue light from them into your throat chakra, and SING! {{{HUGS}}} xoxo

  28. Much gratitude Nicole 🙂
    For me, the self esteem, yellow picture, actually was like sand paper against bare skin to look at. That provoked much thought and definite recognition. Thank you for awakening that spiritual awareness.

  29. Wow I love this exercise. The two that jumped out at me were Sacral which spoke of = Vitality & Aliveness, Solar = Shine. Throat = Speak your truth and Crown = Alive! – these two soothed me. The next 3 were duller: Heart words were “Something Missing”, 3rd eye – Trust because it’s happening, and Base – work on building Solid Foundations. So helpful to have techniques to get to know ourselves so better. Thank you lovely Nicole. XXX

  30. Hi Nicole,
    Awesome exercise! The image of the Crown Chakra looked a lot brighter (open) after I meditated on it…
    Thankyou, Richie

  31. Just beautiful! loved it. You’re an awesome teacher, Nicole. I was pulled to keep going back to the throat chakra…go figure! Thanks for the tune up. 🙂

  32. You are so awesome. Loved this idea. Still the same for me, as usual, need to focus on abundance and speaking my truth. No surprise my thyroid was affected after not speaking my truth at university. Really going to focus on pleasure and carefree, abundance, happy-go-lucky, and speaking up for what makes me happy…. Love your blog. Inspires me to go back to my job as spiritual counselor…but not until I reclaim fun for my spirit. Thanks so much ~ Sam 🙂

  33. This was a beautiful exercise to do Nicole – for me the pictures came through in 3D literally jumping off the page. Awesome. Going to keep working with this and sharing this blog. Again thank you Nicole. Have a beautiful rainy, nurturing day to all.

  34. Really enjoyed participating in this. I sat and closed my eyes for a few moments after looking at each picture and asked for a word or a comment.
    Base Chakra – I received one word – power!
    Sacral Chakra – Words: Warmth, oddly also the word honey ???
    Solar Plexus Chakra – A phrase – ‘the essence of you’
    Heart Chakra – Words: Radiating love, expanding
    Throat Chakra – Word: Vibrancy (experienced goosebumps too)
    Third Eye Chakra – Words: Deep breaths, exploration, expansion
    Crown Chakra – Words: Heaven, heavensgate, fulfilment
    I felt I needed to spend more time on the Sacral Chakra, could sit looking at this for hours.

    I know I am going to keep coming back to this posting. It will be interesting to see if the words and feelings change!

  35. I have to say, I wasn’t expecting to really have any sensations at all as I looked over the photos – and yet – I did. The first photo completely threw me; the next two I found appealing and beautiful, but… and then the frogs/green. I actually FELT my eyes widen and soften. Amazing!

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