He’s Home!

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“When problems beat upon you like a raging storm, search for the eye. You might not be able to avoid misfortunes, but you can find the calmest spot within them.”
~ Richelle E. Goodrich


Our beautiful Bert is home!

His cruciate surgery was long, complicated and difficult. But it went well, and everyone is pleased with how it all turned out.

I’ve been very busy these past few days meditating and praying for our dear Bert, and for family members in hospital. It’s been a bit stressful around here!

2015-08-18 20.18.40


Thank you all for your love and good healing energy. Bert is resting well, on a grid of bloodstone, carnelian and mangano calcite. The stones are under the bedding, in a spiral. They are anti-inflammatory, promote circulation, tissue, nerve and bone healing, and give pain relief.

Bert has Young Living Valor essential oil on his heart, Peace and Calming Oil down his spine, and Frankincense at the base of his spine and on his crown. Within five minutes of application of the oils he was calm, and had relaxed enough to go to sleep. You can see the difference the oils made by looking at the first photo, taken before using the oils, and the middle and bottom photo, where the oils have been applied and I have given him five minutes of healing energy. (Want to give your own pets some healing energy? Go here to learn how.)

He’s resting easy now.

The hard part shall be keeping him quiet and confined for six weeks, followed by four months of exceedingly limited activity.

I’ll keep you posted on his progress.

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14 thoughts on “He’s Home!

  1. How could we not fall in love with such a face. Sending Bert strength and healing thoughts so he feels better soon. …and Nicole, remember to breathe and take care of yourself with all that is going on about you just now. Sent with love Barbara🌻

  2. Such a very long time for Bert to be prudent, conservative and wise in play. Wishing for Bert a sense of calm and contentment and a stout heart for you, Nicole. So much is going on right now. Take moments of rest for you, too.

  3. That face is a picture . I can not imagine what you have gone though while he’s been away . Amazing oils …interested for Osc who shakes at the thought of doing anything out of his comfort zone …bless.

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