Helping The Great Mother

Image by Marie Ryder Pengarte
Image by Marie Ryder Pengarte
“Those who contemplate the beauty of the Earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.” ~  Rachel Carson
“In a moment the ashes are made, but a forest is a long time growing.” ~ Seneca


One of the most vivid dreams in my night of owl dreaming was one in which I flew over the quiet, dark earth with Auntie and my Grandmothers.

There is something about a ‘psychic dream’ or a ‘spiritual dream’ (however you want to call it, I know you’ll know what I mean) which makes it quite different to an ordinary run-of-the-mill ‘subconscious making sense or nonsense of the day’s happenings’ kind of a dream.

Dreams in which you receive a spiritual message or have a metaphysical experience have a heightened quality to them. They are more vivid, more textured, more real. It’s as if you have shrugged off your sleeping form and stepped into another dimension. Which, of course, you probably have.

This is how it was in this particular dream. Auntie, my old and wise Aboriginal mentor, flew on one side of me. Beside her were Little Auntie and Granny. Two of my ancient grandmothers in their strange heavy coats, fur-lined boots and braided long grey plaits, flanked me on the other. We rose up into the sky above my home, and I watched my slumbering form lying in the bed next to my husband, Bert the dog curled up behind my legs, and Harry at Ben’s feet. Harry tilted an ear towards me as though he had heard something, wriggled and then settled down again.

Where were the owls?

We were the owls, of course.

Off we went into the dark sky. The city lights fell behind us, the night was bright and clear, and soon we were over inland Australia. None of us spoke, but I could hear the voices of the other women in my head. They each spoke their own tongues, but still, somehow, I understood them.

‘No good, no good dat water,’ said Auntie as we flew over a wide brown river, and then a parched landscape. There was water deep beneath the ground here. I could feel its flow.

“Lost its sweetness,’ said one of my ancient grandmothers, adding her voice of concern to Auntie’s. She pressed her hand into mine and then I tasted it. An acrid chemical burn in the back of my throat. I knew it was the taste of the water below us.

‘No good,’ Auntie said again, shaking her head.

Gaia Shield by Duncan Eagleson
Gaia Shield by Duncan Eagleson

We swooped down, amid bats and fat cicadas and nightsky traffic. The air was thick and hot, and it smelled of dust and nectar.

‘Dem plants flower too soon. Too hot. All dem flowers dry up. Fall off. Wrong time for dem,’ Granny said.

On we went, over the heart of the country and onwards until we were over the ocean. Still the old women whispered to me, pointing out wonders and things of interest, but more weightily, voicing their concerns. All the animals and plants that had already died out, all of the ones now threatened and endangered. Places polluted and sullied. Air dirty. Water dirty.

‘Dis land our Mother,’ said Auntie sadly.

‘Our Great Mother,’ said my ancient grandmother.

‘She need help,’ Little Auntie said.

All of the women nodded gravely.

I knew they were looking at me. ‘What can I do?’ I asked.

‘Tell dem,’ Auntie said. “Tell dem dat Great Mother need dem. Needs help. Needs love. She a true good mother, but now her children need to show her some kindness. Okay?’

I woke from that dream with tears streaming down my cheeks.



Meditation for Sharing Energy with the Great Mother

Auntie once taught me a technique for increasing energy within the body. Let me show you how to use it to share energy with the Great Mother.

Image from babosaart
Image from babosaart

Stand outside with your feet on the bare earth if at all possible. If not, that’s okay, but do try. Now focus on either the sun, the moon or the stars. You must be able to physically see whatever you connect into. If you are ill, and bed-bound, it is fine for it to be the view outside your window.

Focus on the sun, or moon, or stars. Make a connection in your mind between you and it. Make a connection in your heart between you and the sun, or the moon, or the stars. Feel the energy of the sun, moon or stars. Feel your energy.

When you have that energetic bond, ask for help. Ask the sun, moon or stars to add to your energy. Ask to be strengthened.

Now imagine the light of the sun, moon or stars flowing to you. Flow that light into your body. Into your veins. Feel the energy and power of sun, moon or stars fill you up. Feel the connection between you. Feel the vast watchfulness, the age, the wisdom of this energy. Feel how strong that life-force is as it enters you. Feel how it cleanses and energises every cell in your body. Feel how it purifies you.

Image from
Image from

When the energy has built an intensity inside you, become a conduit. Let that energy of the sun or moon or stars run from your feet (or your hands or your heart) out into the earth, into the Great Mother. Feel it energising her, cleansing and purifying her, strengthening and healing her. As it heals and strengthens you, it is also healing and strengthening the Great Mother.

When you are done, give thanks. Give thanks to the sun, the moon or the stars. Give thanks to the Great Mother. Disconnect from those energies. Feel the difference in your own body, and give thanks for that too.

After the rain 1

Of course, there is always more that we can do. Be a voice for the Great Mother. Make choices that are sustainable and healing for our planet – our home. Flow love and gratitude to the natural world that sustains us and provides for us. Support the people and technologies that make our world a cleaner, greener, kinder place.

We are all connected. We are all one. What we do to the Great Mother is also done to ourselves. It is time for love and kindness, for wisdom and awareness. It is time for change.

Thank you.

Much love to you and a really big hug, Nicole xx

Image from
Image from
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9 thoughts on “Helping The Great Mother

  1. Well said Nicole… I for one will do my utmost to help save out beautiful planet . It might only be a thought , a gesture , but every spark lead to a flame .
    Thank you for your insight lovely Nicole

  2. I went outside tonight and focused on a star in the sky. I asked for it’s help to heal our Great Mother. AT first my hands became hot and the next minute I was filled with energy, tingling all over. I gave all the energy in me to our patient and long suffering Mother. I’ve never done this before, but will do so every day. She sustains us even though greedy humans plunder and pollute her every day. In the end I think she heard our prayers. Thank you Nicole for sharing your dream, and letting us know how to help her .

  3. Ah! I have been doing a similar thing each morning for some weeks now. I feel quite strongly that the body is a gateway for the universal energy to come through into the earth.

  4. Hello, Nicole. I have just read your post about your dream and helping the Great Mother. It was sent to me by a friend because of the synchronicity it shared with an experience I had recently. I was out walking and was feeling very much in communion with Mother Earth. It was a very beautiful day and yet as I tuned in to her I had a real sense of the tipping of the balance, of her being out of kilter and needing help. I began thinking about how I could help. I wondered about giving up our car or finding ways of using it less. Then I decided to ask The Great Mother directly. I said, ‘What can I do?’ Her response was, ‘Pray for me.’ As she spoke, the feeling I had was that this was far more important than what I did with my car. It felt as though she was saying, I need you to love me first, to support me, to really care for me. It felt urgent and desperate. I felt as though if enough of us support her in this way, with our spirit, she can heal. * (see below)
    The next day, I met with another friend who told me about a particular site on our little island (in the Hebrides, Scotland) where two pairs of energy lines cross and, as a result, it is a very powerful place. For some reason, she said, it is also a place where individuals can receive soul information. As she spoke, I suddenly saw what I needed to do. I realised that if I went there, the power of the site would amplify my prayers, my healing.
    The next day we went there, along with the friend who sent me your post. I immediately began communication with Mother Earth who confirmed that, yes, I could use this site, and others like it, to amplify the prayers, love and healing which I would direct towards her. She also told me that I would be given words there (I am a poet), that I would be given prayers and poems which would help to heal her, that my poems would help to spread the message about her needs. The parallels with your dream also amplify the power of my experience! I love the feeling that you and other people are receiving the same message, that this healing is happening across the globe.
    * (I have given this great thought and I also believe that she gave me this message because, I could give up the car, for example, but still not be really changing my spiritual relationship with her. Whereas if the spirit leads the process, the actions which follow are much more likely to be in keeping with her needs – as in, kinder to Mother Nature.)
    Thank you so much for sharing your dream. I am sure our spirits will be connecting through our love for our Great Mother.

  5. thanks for reminder – it is such a painful awareness and to watch if you feel helpless – this energetic work does make a big difference – you can also go further afield, ask for energy from the other planets, especially jupiter, and other stars, planets and other beings within this galaxy and other galaxies

    Great timing on the eve of the G20 summit in Brisbane – a group of us are doing 30 minute meditations at 8pm (brisbane time) each night until sunday 16 november – bringing in healing, love and connection for wisdom to guide the meeting and heal the earth

    much love

  6. Wow, I love this meditation Nicole. Thankyou. We receive a great gift, but knowing that we are also then passing that gift along to Mother Earth is a great feeling. xox

  7. It shall be a great honor to be able to assist in this (awful) matter Nicole! There is a big field across from my workplace I shall leave an hour early as I always do in order to get parking, but from here on in instead of sitting in my car waiting to start work I shall stand or sit in the field and do this meditation for “the Great Mother”. It is the least that I can do as she does so much for us! Thanks Nicole!

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