Direction or Destination?

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“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” ~ William G.T. Shedd


Right now is a terrific time for planning.

2015 is almost upon us, and as the Captain of our own ship we get to choose where we will sail next year.

Some of you might already have a specific destination in mind.

Terrific. Beautiful. Wonderful. When you have a destination decided you can pull out your maps and chart the best course to take you there.

But what if you can’t decide on a destination?

Often, if we choose a direction, the destination will reveal itself. And that destination may be one we would have never thought of for ourselves. Yet fate will lend us a wind that drives our boat towards a new harbour, or we’ll meet a sailor in another port who urges us on to a place he’s recently visited that he’s sure will suit us, or an event will catch our eye, or a smile will capture our heart.

Direction can be enough. A broad idea of where we’re going.

We’ll head north.

We’ll go back to school.

We’ll work to get our debt down.

We’ll concentrate on improving our health.

Once we have a general direction we can choose a few specific small goals based upon that direction.

We’ll develop momentum. Our sails will fill and we’ll be on our way. Direction decided, ultimate destination as yet unknown. A grand adventure!

Sailing Adventure by Beth Marcil

Sailing Adventure by Beth Marcil

But what if your boat isn’t seaworthy?

Two choices here. You can stay in harbour and work to get that boat back in shape for your next voyage. Which might be later in the year, or even the year after that. You might also choose to sail on a river or a lake closer to home, and just cruise for the scenery, or the memories. If something goes wrong you’ll be close to shore and to help.

The other thing you can do is go sailing in your imagination, your meditations, your dreams. Just because the boat is broken, or trapped somehow, doesn’t mean you can’t captain your mind and use that for your next adventure.

I dare you to dream a little for 2015. Think about destinations and directions. Choose a course, get your ship ready, and then set sail…

14 thoughts on “Direction or Destination?

  1. Thank you. Today was a rough day as all my family went off to enjoy the thrill of experiencing their first professional football game. I was physically unable to get off the couch despite my intense desire to join them. I am tired of having Lyme and tired of being unable to have adventures. This post reminds me there are many adventures I can still have – through meditation, through imagination and through dreams.

  2. I like this post Nicole – I am still a bit out at sea, as to what I want to focus
    on next year. With any luck it will become a bit clearer with a few of the universes sign posts.

    Cheers Susan

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  5. This message brought me a sense of relief. I become anxious considering “goals”; choosing a direction seems more manageable, less overwhelming. Thank you for the different perspective.

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