Tibetan Singing Bowl – Healing Meditation

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“Do you know that our soul is composed of harmony.” 
~ Leonardo da Vinci, Notebooks (1451-1519)

I meditate twice daily. And as a constant meditator I have come to use many different forms of this practice, so that I can choose a method best suited to my mood, energy and purpose each time.

One of my favoured methods employs my Tibetan Singing Bowl. Mine’s a humble bowl – not much to look at – in fact it’s quite dinged up, worn and cracked. I’ve been using it for almost twenty years. Over time the sound that emanates from it has become rich and full.

Today I’ve recorded a simple healing meditation for you. It’s a very simple procedure. All you need to do is get comfortable, somewhere you won’t be disturbed for about ten minutes.  Then focus on the sound of the bowl. Draw the sound into your body and see where it goes.  Be mindful of how the sound feels for you.  Let your awareness open to the messages and healing that the sound of the bowl will bring.

The tones of the bowl help to shift blockages and lower energies from your body and auric field. It’s a little like being in a sound shower, where the vibration cleanses you all over, and through and through.

To listen, just click the play button below:

You can use this meditation whenever you want to bring healing and clearing to your body, mind and emotions. You’ll find that your experiences will change each time you use this meditation. And all you ever have to do is just get quiet and follow the sound…

Much love to you, Nicole ♥ xx


Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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27 thoughts on “Tibetan Singing Bowl – Healing Meditation

  1. Thank you…I have never done a meditation before, I had the sound enter my right ear and settle in the back of my neck…not painful just a deep vibrating feeling….as you moved on I saw yellow swirls, almost like the Flower of Life, the light was faintly pulsating it seemed…
    moving on, it felt like it was going out or coming in (wasn’t sure), the top of my head, a burning sensation, when you said a word the last time I heard help? and then it felt like my heart (the bottom of it) was constricting….
    this was an interesting meditation, I love the sound of the bowl, I have one that is very special to me…but I have never thought of it as a meditation tool, I use it when I am thinking how to move my mind some way…
    Okay…rambled on enough…:) Thank you I appreciate your gift….
    Take Care…You Matter…

  2. Dear Nicole,
    Hello. Thank you kindly for making your lovely meditation available in such a way that I can access it from my computer at work. It has made a real difference in my ife. I listen to if frequently.
    All the best,

  3. first of all i got tingles starting through my head and then through my body and out through my feet then i see a purple colour then after that my hands felt weightless. thanks for sharing first time ive tryed anything like this 🙂

  4. Hi Nicole.
    This morning I tried two of your meditations, the one for healing followed by the Tibetan bowl. Both gave very different feeling. The gold light in the former I seemed to feel inthe areas before you mentioned them. Satisfying and comforting. The Tibetan bowl provoked a completely different reaction. Although very relaxed it made me jump and almost set me on edge with every strike. Not frightening, just unsettling. I saw a pulsating colour ranging from a very pale pink with much darker shade, scarlet mixed with white and just a hint of blue. That is about the only way I can think of to describe the colour. I felt the sensation coming through the top of my head. It was only with the last section of ringing that the edgy feeling settled. This is probably a reaction to my own emotions, Getting the results of my tests with my specialist.
    I wanted to thank you for your blog, musings, anecdotes and photos. They are giving me a lot of support.

  5. Much love and gratitude to you Nicole. I woke up feeling fatigued this morning and lisening to your meditation really helped me realease some dense energy from my body. I could feel the sound vibrate through my whole body and saw beautiful pink energy and received the word love. Thank you

  6. Hi Nicole – thank you so much for sharing this! I had an interesting experience – the sound immediately centered in my head, behind my brow. I felt like it was telling me that my mind/emotions/thoughts needed healing. Although strangely I found the sound and energy a little jarring and unsettling, rather than soothing. I look forward to trying this again tomorrow to see what experiences I have then. Much love, Meg ♥

  7. Thanks Nicole 🙂 The word ‘deep’ and the colour purple came to me with the bowl’s sounds … and the sound settled at first across my shoulders then in the bridge of my nose! But oh how relaxing it all was … I stayed put long after the bowls were finished … xxx

  8. Peculiar…the ringing progressively gripped my heart and chest, a sense of panic setting in, but then I drifted off, became calm. A particular phrase entered my mind, a topic embedded under my skin at present, then the meditation ended and I ‘awoke’ feeling so calm and refreshed! I will try this again soon, thank you Nicole. xx

  9. Wow.. Thx nic. This is one of my favorite sounds in the world. At first the vibration concentrated only on my head, moving through my aura which was both red, blue and like a sliver. In the last few moments, I was seeing mountains which then turned into the steps like you see when you walk up to the temple through the door and I was surrounded by monks except for at my feet where like a priest monk or something was praying at my feet. Wierd .. Yes.. Wonderful of course. Thankyou awesome. xx

  10. Thank you Nicole it was a beautiful meditation and a great blessing to me to start what us going to be a very busy day for me. Love and big hugs Julia

  11. Thanks for such a nice gift in your blog post! It was wonderful! The sound wrapped around my head like ear muffs…I kept seeing paths and bridges…one very vivid bridge was a small arch like you would see in a Japanese garden…I tried, but i couldn’t see where the paths were leading….
    Very calming!

  12. Wow Nicole, this was amazing. I was sitting in a chair listening to this and even before you said to pay attention to sensation, on the very first tone, I had little shivers or tingles start at the top of my head and go through my entire body. Almost as strong as a mild electric tingle… Didn’t see colors, more like sparkly lights… Wow… I’m still saying Wow! By the end it had “calmed” down but still a little tingley….
    Love your DaVinci quote…
    The bowl’s tone is beautiful, full and melodic, very warming.
    Thanks and Hugs,

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