Crystals for Highly Sensitive People

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“Treating myself like a precious object makes me strong.” ~ Julia Cameron

I love working with crystals, and my gorgeous fairy companion Sokli is completely nuts for them. Because we’ve had such positive and strong reactions whenever we have blogged about being sensitive, we thought we might give you some suggestions for crystals to help you on your journey as sensitive souls.  These are stones I use often, and we hope you find them helpful too.

If you haven’t worked with crystals before and would like some ideas about how to do that, you can visit these posts for more information:

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But if all you do is wear a crystal or stick one in your pocket that’s enough too.  Enjoy some crystal magic, and embrace your beautiful sensitive nature!

Love and Light,

Nicole and Sokli ♥ xoxo

PS – If you would like us (me and Sokli) to channel and make you a healing necklace using a combination of stones chosen especially for you, please let me know, via a comment below or send me a message through facebook. – Update: It’s fine to leave your name below, even though the list is getting a little longer.  This is a beautiful task for me to do while I am recuperating, and it gives me so much pleasure.  It may just take us a little longer to complete them all. Oh, and you can find me on facebook at Nicole Cody


Here’s our crystal suggestions…

Mookaite – Australian Jasper Mookaite is a gently shielding stone that helps us to think clearly and to break patterns of self criticism and negative thinking.  It aids us in looking for positive solutions to life’s dilemmas, and to embrace change. On a physical level it helps us to strengthen our immune and endocrine systems, and is especially useful for providing grounded, stable energy. Very nurturing and soothing for when you’re feeling depleted physically, emotionally, spiritually or all three!


Black Tourmaline – This is my emergency go-to stone whenever I am scattered, ungrounded, shifting big ‘stuff’, or have had a big physical or psychic shock. I absolutely love Black Tourmaline, especially the rough form. It is so powerful but it feels gentle for sensitive souls like us.  Keeps you in your body, clears your head, rebalances your brain and helps the body eliminate physical and energetic toxins and impurities.  Cleanses the aura and opens and activates your Earth Star chakra which grounds you and anchors you into the Earth. Great to use four pieces in a grid, one at each corner of your bed, to promote sleep and to open you to heightened spiritual connection. Hold one in your hand and you’ll immediately feel the stabilising effects. An amazing stone.

black tourm

Larimar – also know as the Blue Stone of Atlantis.  Larimar is a gentle but strong stone for enhancing spiritual and psychic connection.  It helps to reduce anxiety around who we are, and to bring a sense of peace and self-acceptance into our lives.  Larimar facilitates self expression, creativity, healing and clear communication. It’s especially good for starseed souls and those who feel like they just don’t belong to humanity somehow. It also has strong connections into the oceans of the world, the Pleiadean star system, dolphins and whales, and aligns our energy fields with those of the earth.


Pearls – Sokli assures me that ‘Pearls count, Nicole!’  She also tells me that ‘Men can wear pearls too!’ They are often overlooked as a crystal, and technically they are not a rock, but pearls have such a beautiful energy for sensitive souls. They are a great tool for protecting from and relieving emotional and psychic shock.  Pearls are nurturing for the emotions, they balance the heart chakra, reduce physical and all other forms of pain, and they gently help us to stay in our truth.  They also work on digestive and hormonal issues, reducing inflammation and bringing balance.  Pearls have been used to enhance fertility and to bring us back into natural sleep cycles.


Fire Agate – A delicious form of Carnelian, this stone is perfect for those who suffer from adrenal fatigue, mental or physical exhaustion, chronic fatigue, ill health and sensitivities to foods or chemicals. It bolsters our energy, detoxifies the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, and helps to boost and rebalance our hormones and digestion. It also dispels self-doubt and negativity, strengthening self-esteem, confidence and creativity.  We love this crystal!

fire ag

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  It’s great to have you here! ♥♥♥

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60 thoughts on “Crystals for Highly Sensitive People

  1. Hi Nicole
    I stumbled across your website today. Are you still making necklaces? (My initial reading from you goes back about 6 years………). Di

  2. Dear Nicole& Sokli,

    Greetings to you. May I request your wise guidance please. My Names Josephine Wairimu Njenga …date of birth 23 June 1978. Am an Indigo Adult, question..which gemstones would suit career path is Therapist.

    I sincerely thankyou from my heart and await your response with much Love.

    Love & Peace.

  3. Hi Nicole and Sokli. I am so grateful for your post on crystals to help highly sensitive people. I finally figured out that’s what I must be! It at least begins to account for all these flustery and anxious feelings that swim through me so often, sometimes for no reason I can account for. I would dearly love it if you and Sokli could make a necklace for me 🙂 How can I pay for it? Many, many thanks! Melissa

  4. Nicole, this is rather an old post that I stumbled on today, I don’t know if the offer for you and Sokli you make necklaces still stands. I’ll give you an abbreviated history to assist you in intuitively choosing the crystals. I easy serially abused by my father till the age of 14 but have done much work on that issue and come to realize I would not be how I am today except for my past and for the most part I kind of like myself. Over the past four years I have had 5 bowel surgeries and now have lost to 85 lbs. I am on TPN to stop the weight loss and perhaps gain some weight. I have what they term short bowel syndrome. My husband has developed Alzheimers and we are going to have to put him in a skilled nursing facility, I have dated him since I was 16 and we have been married for 45 years and finally , our son returned from Iraq suffering from PTSD and my daughter is in the midst of a divorce after 18 years of marriage, I’m sure you can ascertain my conditions physically, spiritually and emotionally

    I do one of your guided Meditations everyday and they are SUCH a blessing.

    If you are still making the necklaces I surely covet one. What would be the cost? I will email this to you, too in case you no longer get comments from posts this old.

  5. Thank you for this article. I am a bubbly extrovert but have always had social anxiety symptoms and felt so awkward around people. I know now I’m just extremely sensitive to energies. When I was young I used to see spirits in my bedroom too. I’m glad to know it all isn’t just my imagination lol. I seem to also be sensitive to crystals and I’m very excited to learn more about them. Thanks again for your awesome article:)

  6. Hello! I would really like a neclace to wear with the proper crystals. I am new to acknowledging myself as an empath, and I feel exhausted and filled up with stuff, for lack of a better word. Feel free to email me for more information. Also, I need some advice on cleansing my home and work space.


  7. I’m interested in a specialized crystal necklace. Can you give me info on cost and any photos of previous ones you have made?

  8. I would love a healing necklace! I’m definitely highly sensitive, maybe also an Indigo adult. But it sounds like you are recovering from something, and have lots of requests for necklaces, so take care of yourself first! I can wait. 🙂

  9. I do hope by now you are far better but I hope that I am not too late to receive crystals from you. That would be a blessing. <3

  10. Hi Sweetheart…away in the big smoke at a trade show

    Would love Larimar & Tormaline…with a touch of mookite & pearl…but then again you & sokli know exactly what I need…xxxx

  11. How many hands fly up when a gift of magic is offered? Oh yes please — whether in form or not is perfect! Just knowing that you sit in your magical haven halfway around the world loving and creating brings joy to me. I feel like you are such a treasured friend sharing your heart, words, sights, recipes and everything else. Much gratitude to you and your guides for you and your gifts.

  12. Oh yes please.. I would love a necklace from you both.. So can’t wait to meet Sokli one day.. She gets me so excited, and to hear you talking plural again makes my heart jump beats. <3 mwah x

  13. thank you Nicole and Sokli! this particular line almost made me jump off my seat: “Larimar facilitates self expression, creativity, healing and clear communication. It’s especially good for starseed souls and those who feel like they just don’t belong to humanity somehow”. have you blogged about people who feel like they dont belong to humanity somehow? i would love to know more about this as I feel like that quite strongly sometimes and its a feeling that has cropped up several times over the years. it is like i should be somewhere else and what on earth am I doing HERE lol 🙂
    sending you much love, i hope you are feeling stronger every day and thank you for your wonderful, precious, blogs xoxox

  14. Nicole and Sokli, I adore crystals and crystal energy. I am really drawn to cryst als more than ever this year. I am trying to absorb as much learnings and insights as possible. A blessed channeled healing crystal necklace sounds like such a wonderful treasure to have if I may be added to the huge list you have. I am supporting my daughter through a very challenging year of healing for her this year. Mnay blessings to your own healing and loads of love to Sokli as always. Jocelyn xxo

  15. Oh I miss Sokli! Love that fairy! This is quite a list, and I would LOVE a Nicole and Sokli inspired crystal necklace! I would cherish such an amazing gift. If you have time, and it is meant to be :). In the meantime I need to get some pearls! How gorgeous!
    We are living on 5 acres and as I walk around I often think about fairies and if any live here 🙂
    Lots of love and rainbows!!

  16. Dear Nicole. You are so special. I feel I know you. If your health allows I would love to know what crystals to use to make myself a healing necklace. Is that how it works.
    I totally understand how you will be overwhelmed by all the requests and understand if it doesn’t happen.
    keep well. keep safe. Love

  17. Nicole, I know you have a very long list but I would LOVE a channelled necklace by you and Sokli. As a dedicated crystal wearer I would treasure it deeply. Natalie.

  18. I really don’t know anything about crystals yet, so I’m glad you posted some reading material. Do people get an affinity for a particular crystal similar to the way flower essences are tested? I felt physically drawn to the picture of the Australian Jasper and the Larimar. Is that just because they are great pictures with lovely colors? I’m wondering where I can go play with some crystals around here to get a better idea.

  19. Beautiful crystals & pearls. I love the pictures (& what they represent). Have sent you a message over on fb. Take care of yourself and continue resting (I’d be amused if your nurses decided to take some drastic action…like sit on you while in the bed to keep you there).

  20. Oh Nicole, I think you and Sokli have opened a floodgate!! I would love a necklace but totally understand if it doen’t come to pass because of all the requests you’ll get! Such a lovely offer xx

  21. Nicole, apart from feeling selfish asking for a necklace, please help me with one! So very tired and hiding how afraid I am. I’m not sur I can go in like this. So please Nicole and sweet Sokli, may I have a necklace from you
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤7 hearts. My number 😔

  22. Am almost reluctant to ask for a necklace when I can see so many requests, considering you have not been well. If you are ‘up for it’, I would cherish a channelled necklace. Question: is it preferable to have a necklace or are bracelet/s okay? Wondered if the positioning on the body was an issue. Many thanks

  23. Hi Nicole. Sending lots of love on your healing journey xxx I’d dearly love a healing necklace from you and Sokli to help with sleep!

  24. I love crystals and would absolutely love a necklace from you and Sokli! Hope you are feeling better and Sokli isn’t screeching in your ear too much!

    1. That’s a lot of necklaces to make Nicole! You sure you guys are up for it? If you are I’d love one. Start my first yoga/healing teaching class soon so need all the help from the fairies I can get!! 💜💜💜

    2. Gorgeous Nicole – you sure you guys are up for making all those necklaces? If you are I would just live one. About to commence teaching my first yoga/healing class this month! Need all the help I can get from you and the fairies! 💜💜💜

  25. Could anyone recommend a good online site to buy crystals. I’ve always hesitated buying crystals off the net as I have always felt the need to touch before buying. Living remote I don’t have many options – except for those we can pick up off the ground!

    Nicole and Sokli, I would be very grateful for a crystal necklace too. Thank you soo much.

  26. Hi Nicole, yes please!!! I get crystal envy each time I look at your crystal photos. You must have an amazing collection, I have also printed off your gorgeous picture of Sokli to show my sensitive niece who was a big believer and started giving up hope. Much love x

  27. Hello Nicole! My beautiful friend Jessie comes to see you, and one day I hope to as well! She recently told me about your blog which I am loving reading!! If you’re able to I would love a crystal necklace – I am also on a journey of healing physically, spiritually and mentally and would love a wonderful tool like this to take with me everywhere I go. Larimar…would have to be one of my favourite…I Love this crystal!! 🙂 Love and light to you xx

  28. Hi Nicole, I’m not sure anyone wouldn’t want a necklace from you & sokli. You have already given me so much, you give everyone so much, you are such a special soul xx

  29. omg, yes I would love a crystal necklace.This would be sensational. I love crystals even as a small child. I have small ones around my desk at work and in a bowl at home, and a crystal hanging in my car,Just holding one in my hand seems right!!!

  30. I thought you’d never ask! LOL! Nicole I would soooo love a channelled necklace from you and beautiful Sokli. That is so lovely of you to offer and I too hope that this means you are feeling much better. Wishing you a speedy recovery back to good health. xxx

  31. Hi Nicole and Sokli, always wishing I had more of a spiritual connection and followed my guides more in life, your blogs have given me the inspiration to do all this, I would love for you to make me a crystal necklace, xoxo Amanda

  32. Dear Nicole and Sokli, I would dearly love you to make me a healing necklace. I am feeling the need for some uplifting energy. I am so glad that you are feeling better (you must be if you are able to do this this) and delighted that you have survived the storm somewhat intact.
    Thank you so much for your love and wisdom xxx

  33. I love your blog! I read it everyday and I really missed it when you were unwell and was worried about you… Glad your feeling better.. I would like a necklace if its not too much trouble, I love crystals..and fairies much love to you and Sokli xxx thanks for sharing

  34. Hi Nicole and Solki, Your guidance and appreciation of the crystal realm is awesome,Am throughly enjoying my Lapidary and would love a healing necklace to work with. 🙂 Much Love and Healing Gil <3

  35. Thank you nichole and Solki for help with crystals. I am not well at the moment and need some energy returning to me. I will get up and go for some crystals later. I eft my one slid love rock behind wherei las stayed and it has gone, but panicked at first but more coming.i would love to get a necklace soon. Also how do I go about Avignon a reading. Love and many blessings for you gift of your bog, Lyn xx

  36. Hi Nicole, I too would love a crystal necklace.i have just found out that I have Lupus and have also just read the Louise Hay meaning ! I tend to always take care of everyone except myself and know that I am being given a gentle nudge that it is time to take care of ME ! I would also like to organise to have a reading with you, my birthday is coming up and I see that as a perfect present 🙂

  37. Hi Nicole and Sokli, I would love it if you could make a healing necklace for me. Glad you are feeling better Nicole. Much love to you. Xxx. Can you make them for children as well?

  38. Oooohhh… yes please!? I would adore a necklace to wear! I have only just bought my first ever crystals after reading your sensitive souls blog at the start of the year. I felt I was in desperate need of ‘something’. I was not able to get all of the ones you suggested and I certainly can’t wear the ones that I have. To be able to wear them and feel loved and protected and blessed by you and your sweet Sokli would be wonderful! xo

  39. Hi Nicole sending lots of love to you on your healing journey xxx. I feel inspired to dig out my crystals again and read through your old posts for more information. A healing necklace from you and Sokli to help me sleep would be soooo amazing x

  40. I would very much love & appreciate a necklace with the wisdom of you both imbued in it…think I’ll stop by the crystal warehouse and pick up a chunk of black tourmaline today before work. I have been going to bed each night this week with a piece of clear quartz and a piece of labordite in each hand…Thank U…and to Solki as well for this posting as well!

  41. I would very much like a healing necklace. I have some crystals and i carry some all the time. I am also going to look at your working with crystals site. I have looked at many of your pages and worked wuth your journal writings they have been a blessing. Thankyou

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