Tree Oracle Reading for Embracing Change

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“It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men’s hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air that emanation from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit.”  ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Trees have long been known as Sacred Guardians of the Earth. Old trees are like wise old souls, full of an energy of calm and clarity. Today’s Tree Oracle images have been chosen specifically to help advise and guide you as you navigate through these current energies of change.

The energies of 2012 and all that went before are finally fading. Fresh possibilities are opening up for each of us. Opportunities for us to branch out in new directions.

Let each image speak to you in its own way.  One of them will have wisdom just for you!

Instructions for using today’s post

Scroll down through the following Tree images and then let yourself come back to the one you are most drawn to.

When you have chosen your Tree, scroll further down for your message. Take what resonates for you, and apply it in your life over the coming weeks.

Trust that you will be shown what you most need to know right now.

Love and Light,

Nicole ♥ xx

Let The Trees Guide You…

1. Mystic River Tree

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2. Night and Day Tree

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3. Radiant Maple Tree

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4. Grove of Power 

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5. Sacred Companions Tree

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6. Nightscape Tree

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7.  Socotra Dragon Blood Tree

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Image from wikimedia

8. Star of Hope Tree

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♥ The Message and Gift of each Tree ♥

Each Tree image has a message for you. I have also selected a crystal to best support the message and energies of your chosen Tree.  You could wear or hold this crystal, pop it in your pocket, under your pillow or beside your bed. (If you’d like to know more about working with crystals click here.) The Action Step is a tangible step you can take to begin anchoring these energies of positive change in your life.

1.  Mystic River Tree:

♥ Message – It’s time to let your Inner Wisdom Shine. Why are you making this so hard for yourself? Relax and take a deep breath. You don’t have to reinvent yourself, or even the path you need to take. Teaching, communicating, guiding, healing, sharing. That’s your thing. The Mystic River Tree shows you that the world is like a mirror: reflecting back to you others whom you can use as role models; messages, ideas and techniques you can use on your journey; and reminding you to share your own gifts and talents with the world. You overwhelm yourself with the bigness of the task, when all beginnings have always started in humble ways, and small sharings. From little things, big things grow.

♥ Crystal – Clear Quartz  

♥ Action Step – Break your ideas down into small do-able tasks and find a role model (in your own field or even just someone that you’re drawn to) so that you can learn from what they are doing. Pick one simple thing and make a start!

2.  Night and Day Tree:

♥ Message – You’re being called to move in a brand new direction. Don’t throw in your day job just yet though. For now, have gratitude for the security the known brings. It’s okay to stay in the job, the home, the relationship… No one but you need know of your plans for future change if it doesn’t feel right to share your hopes and dreams just yet. It is possible, for a time, to devote energy to two things – completion of the old, and beginnings of the new. These gentle beginnings will be so much less stressful if you allow the Universe to support you as you continue on your current path, while you create the foundations for a path that will one day take you in a whole new direction.

♥ Crystal – Citrine

Action Step – Attend to your security. Whether it’s emotional, financial, health, family, spiritual or a combination of all of those things – ensure that the bills are paid, that the pressure comes off, and that this sense of security can then allow you to take baby steps towards your ultimate transformation. Now is not the time for risks. Make sure those immediate foundations are strong.

3.  Radiant Maple Tree:

♥ Message – Embracing the possibility of earning an income from your gifts and talents. You know what? You’re the real deal. Your ideas are sound. You’re coming from a place of integrity, what you have to share is wanted in the world. But… you have no confidence, no belief in your abilities, and you aren’t backing yourself when it counts. The Universe has just issued an invitation to you. It’s time! Trust, charge what you’re worth, offer up your gifts and talents, find some mentors and support and then plunge in. Your time is now. Begin!

♥ Crystal – Red Jasper

Action Step – Confidence through action. We can’t wait for confidence to come, we need to act in order to DEVELOP that confidence in ourselves and our abilities. Identify some action that clearly shows the Universe you are open and ready for business, no matter how humble that beginning may be.

4.  Grove of Power:

♥ Message – You need a team – it’s so much easier than trying to do this all  on your own. Just because you CAN do it, doesn’t mean that you HAVE to do it. The next step in your growth is to create that support network. There are few people who have succeeded entirely on their own efforts. Don’t be afraid to draw people to you who can help you become all you desire to be. Teachers, associates, affiliates, mentors, spiritual guides, assistants, health care professionals, accountants, researchers, house cleaners, child minders, dog walkers, whatever it is that you need – look for ways that others can advise you, build your skills or free up your time, leaving you more opportunities to do what you do best.

♥ Crystal – Sodalite

Action Step – Delegation. No-one can do everything themselves. Find one small area that you are ready to hand over to someone else, and act on that. Practice allowing yourself to be open to support in all its forms.

5.  Sacred Companions Tree:

♥ Message – Trust! There is great connection and love on its way to you. This may take the form of a love relationship, a friendship, a mentor, a pet, or even a child. For some it may also include those from the spirit realms. Open your heart. Breathe in Love. Accept healing and hope. Know that this life is a journey meant to be shared.

♥ Crystal – Amethyst

Action Step – Get clear about what you want! Write a list for the Universe. What is your heart’s innermost desire for companionship? What are you ready to heal or let go of? What are you now ready to call in to your life? Be as specific as feels right for you.

6.  Nightscape Tree:

♥ Message – Have patience – you’re a work in progress and it’s all still unfolding. The ways of the Universe can be both gentle and profound. Expect to feel a readiness for change without knowing what that change may be. Inspiration and guidance will come to you in many forms, including dreams, cards, personal messengers, music and books. Know that your intuition and Divine Synchronicity will lead you in unexpected but wonderful directions. Stay open. Stay alert and watchful, but calm… All is well.

♥ Crystal – Moonstone

Action Step – Journalling, visualisation and meditation will begin to reveal the path to you. Spend time on your own, and trust that the vision for your future will unfold piece by precious piece.

7.  Socotra Dragon Blood Tree:

♥ Message – Build scaffolds for your ideas. Create structure for your passions. Passion and keen interest is a sacred energy that aligns you with your heart’s purpose. But passion without structure cannot create stable foundations or a sustainable future.  Right now you need a plan. And from that plan you need to create structure. A routine. Goals. Priorities. Not to make life harder, but to ensure that you can make your dreams reality.  A brilliant time for study, new undertakings and all forms of renovations for the body, mind, spirit and career. 

♥ Crystal – Ruby or Ruby in Zoisite 

Action Step – Plan, diarise, investigate and organise. Determine your short and long term goals and then break those goals down into smaller achievable steps and targets. Implement those plans. Reassess often.

8: Star of Hope Tree:

♥ Message – Now is a time of endings. Patterns are being broken, hard times and suffering shall fall away. You are called upon to have courage, to look deep into your own heart and to let go of all that is holding you back. Know that you will not remain empty-handed for long. Sometimes we need to put our burdens down first, before we can pick up something new that will be more suited to our needs, talents and energies. Ask for help if it is needed. Seek professional guidance and emotional support, call upon your Guides, Angels, Ancestors and God, whatever you perceive that energy to be.

♥ Crystal – Smoky Quartz

Action Step – Identify a habit, relationship or pattern that you are ready to change.  Look for guidance in bringing about that change. Research, find support and actively seek to create something new that better serves you.

PS – If you’d like to do further work with letting go of those old energies of 2012 you might enjoy my free Guided Meditation for releasing 2012.


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28 thoughts on “Tree Oracle Reading for Embracing Change

  1. I just listened to the Guided meditation for the end of 2012 and I can not tell you how spot on it waa\s. I spent 18 weeks in the hospital in 2012. My colon exploded and I had emergency surgery, I almost died for three weeks my family didn’t know from one day to the next if I was going to live. I stopped breathing during the first surgery and during the second surgery i had a reaction to the anesthesia .during the most painful, lonely times I remember laying there saying over and over to myself Something good will come from this. I do not believe in coincidences -that meditation was meant for me, bless you.!! I wish for you all that you wish for yourself!



  2. What beautiful images and the wisdom that you’ve connected them with, Nicole. A perfectly timed “tree” day as we launch our new “tree-related” project on the same day as your post. Thank you for your valued clear guidance along the way. Much love, Fiona xo

  3. A big Thank you Nicole! My choice of tree was in the continuity of my thoughts of the last weeks. And the message was right on the spot! xx

  4. That was interesting. Night and day tree, and the description/action are pretty much what I’ve been telling myself to do for the next couple of years. So, spot on. Thank you for the confirmation.

  5. Thank you, Nicole. I’ve been on my current path for three months and I’m still not in a position to move forward (as much as I truly want to – timing just isn’t right) I chose the Mystic River Tree because I love its colour, but the Day and Night Tree held the more meaningful words for me. xx

  6. Thank you dearest… the Mystic River tree made my solar plexus and Heart area really tingle…. can still feel it. like a sparkler… it’s now moved up to my throat…THANK YOU. The Power tree also attracted but was not accompanied with the same magickal feeling in my body. But it’s message is complimentary… and just what I was writing about this morning… lotsa luv to you dear Nicole A new chapter certainly has begun…it’s in the air, it;s in the sky… it’s all around xxxx

  7. Sycronicity as per usual…trouble sleeping last night..up early…reminding myself to take a lil’ bite out of the ‘elephant’ each day…feeling teary, sensitive & grateful…much love to U..X

  8. Thank you Nicole! Perfect………….I woke up feeling so unsettled and unsure. My first tree gave me back my confidence and my second choice, the tools I need to sustain it. with love Celia xxx

  9. Thankyou Nicole. I was greedy today and picked 2 & 5. Gorgeous trees I just wanted to run outside and see one. I could live in my picks. xx

  10. Oh wow, you’ve perfected your timing again 🙂
    it is time for me to make (finally) that change in my relationship with the past….looking forward to moving into the future, free from past obstructions x

  11. Hello lovely!!! Thank you for the beautiful tree reading. As per usual I couldn’t decide between three and it took an age to get there typical of where I’m at. So I’ll go along with the three and hope and try to trust for the best. Thank you for the remind about 2012 meditation. I keep you in my prayers.

  12. Wow, Thank you 🙂 The Socotra Dragon Blood Tree grabbed me, of course, because I went back to Uni last week at the age of 41 and have been feeling totally overwhelmed by the challenge of juggling study, family and my writing career. Making a plan and creating a structure!

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