Are you brave enough to follow The Call?

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Have you ever had a crazy, crazy hunch, or an idea you just can’t get out of your head?

Maybe in the middle of being a Dentist you start thinking of Art School.

I mean REALLY thinking about Art School.

You become a closet hoarder of Art School brochures, you haunt their on-line curriculum, and while you spend your days peering into people’s mouths, part of you is dreaming about how different your life could look…

It goes from being a wild idea to the tender beginnings of a plan. (For more information on how to protect that tender plan or idea read this!)

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Or you wake up thinking about Peru.

Of all places!

Your whole life Peru hasn’t even been on the radar and now it’s everywhere. There are posters of Peru in the Travel Agent’s window, your friend lends you a book about Peru, there’s a show about it on the Discovery Channel. Your dreams are filled with llamas and Machu Picchu.

You can’t explain why, but suddenly you have an overwhelming urge to go there.

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It’s known in my world as ‘The Call’.

Maybe it’s God. Spirit. Angels. Your wise Higher Self. Guides.  Your own heart…

Whatever it is, it’s calling you, and it won’t let up.

Art School.  Peru.  Walking across Spain. Entering that competition. Calling your friend from College all those years ago. That idea for the book/TV show/film/restaurant/rock band/charity/house makeover/epic adventure.

You find the seed of a strange and unexpected idea inside you, that grows into something bigger.  It gets reflected back to you from all angles. Waking, sleeping and everything in-between – there it is. The Call.

And in my experience, when you follow that Call, life begins to gift you all manner of support, synchronicity, helpful people and lucky breaks.

You meet your soul mate.  You finally work out what you want to be when you grow up.  Your spiritual and psychic gifts kick in. You do that thing, that leads to the thing (and there could be a bit of a chain of that happening, so insert extra ‘things’ here if necessary) that gets you to this amazing new place of flow and happiness in your life.

You look back later, and see how it all came together; how your life changed direction, how endings and beginnings merged to provide you with a clear path, and a deeper understanding.

When you get The Call will you pay attention? Are you brave enough to say yes? Are you bold enough to follow your heart?

♥ Because what will your life look like if you don’t?

What do you have to lose? ♥

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Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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48 thoughts on “Are you brave enough to follow The Call?

  1. When I first saw this post, I couldn’t believe it! as a few weeks ago, went into a travel agent, to get brochures on peru to make a vision board up.. I sooo want to go to there!! had a lot of things come up about this place especially in the last few months but always felt a connection. I thought up until this wk it won’t be possible for me to make it happen.. but I am going to write/dream until this call manifest’s and flow’s into my world.. it is going to happen as soon as Possible.. and so are the rest of my callings.. I BELIEVE!! again… & U are awsome!! thanks for the magic of hope and inspirationxx

  2. It is so true. Hearing the calling is a miracle in its self because normally our minds are so busy that we do not even hear that quiet whisper. Then comes the “do I dear” question. This is where many people just brush it off and move on being unhappy just to keep the known, instead of going for the unknown. I think we are just so afraid to make mistakes. I lalso think it is the mistakes in our life that bring us little closer to the true calling. Sometimes the journey is short and sometimes it is very long. People who dear to go through all these stages get to calling. Great post! 🙂

  3. Nicole, I’ve been working on following my call for the past year … and have finally taken the plunge and am self-publishing my first book of poetry this year! It should be available in print and ebook formats sometime in October – I’m thrilled and excited that one of my life-long dreams is finally coming true! Wonderful post! ~ Julie xox

  4. Dear Nicole,
    I heard the ‘call’ many years ago and along with Rudy we are still flying. It’s been quite different to what I originally thought but we have been blessed and amazed at what we have acieved, witnessed and how we have been sooooooo supported. The path they say is never straight and for us this is so true but what a blast. The best thing is our original dream – to ‘set sail’ has never dimmed it has been the divine focus. Where we’ll end up, God only knows but it will be sailing the beautiful oceans and sleeping under the star filled skies and Nicole you may not remember but you saw our dream toomany years ago and hearing that voice of confirmation has made it so much easier. – being revamped and slowly brought up to date..


    I am blessed..

  5. I have a calling and it gets louder every single day! I am brave enough to take the baby steps toward making that calling a reality but still scared to death to make the giant leap and just go for it. I dont want to let fear hold me back but there is a part of me that is saying, “when the time is right- it won’t be scary to take the leap”. So, I am hoping these baby steps are what I am supposed to be doing right here and right now…

    1. That’s wonderful to hear! Sometimes it feels like the baby steps are so small that they will never add up! I just need to keep perspective! (((HUGS)))

  6. Excellent Nicole, what’s at risk? Mother Earth, that’s what! I take 100% responsibility to achieve my purpose here this life, and thus will avoid the necessity of returning in future lives to ‘do same shit, different bucket’, which would result in consuming a disproportunate share of Mother Earth’s resources and over populating and polluting Mother Earth …. thus I courageously and purposefully hear and follow ‘The Call’, PhillipTMorley

  7. My Call was moving to a city 1600 miles from where I had lived all my life, and I knew no one there. But like you said, it was in my face everywhere I looked, and in my heart as well. So I made the move a year ago, and it was absolutely the best thing I ever did. I am crazy in love with Portland, and cannot imagine living anywhere else – it is my soul’s home 🙂

  8. Such a great time to read this Nicole! I’ve had a major pull or “call” to pack up and go travelling.. finish my lease, leave work, downsize my belongings, sell the mini to buy a little 4wd and camper trailer and set of south.. I know.. crazy right!!! First stop is Byron and then follow the coast .. seeing where my little adventure will take me. Reading your article has re-inspired me and invigorated my spirit to keep going. As always Nicole.. you’re just a little piece of wonderful. Lots of Love. Jo xx

  9. I just wrote about this too, sort of, my most recent experience with a much smaller “call” that makes up the larger “Call” I responded to over 20 years ago when I sold my law practice…miracles can happen, we will be supported by Spirit, when we Just Say “Yes”. Thanks for sharing this.

  10. Super wow…wow..WOW! Yes what would life look like if we don’t follow our calling/s..before sleep last night I wrote in my diary about needing help to follow my dreams…follow my passions…and lo’ and behold you’ve done it again Charlie…a mission I’m excited about fulfilling…big and bigger hugs to U….blessings upon blessings…XX

  11. I love your innate wisdom and yes, I met my soulmate when I followed my ‘Call’ to begin doing readings at a local shop, he was the delivery driver and started with his Company at the same time. Now we are getting married…)0(

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