How to do a Simple 3 Minute Essential Oil Meditation

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“Meditation makes the entire nervous system go into a field of coherence.”Deepak Chopra

I love essential oils. I’ve been using them for nearly thirty years in my spiritual practice, and recently they have been instrumental in my ongoing recovery from Lyme Disease.

Today I’d like to share a very simple meditation with you using essential oils. It only takes three minutes, but that three minutes can have a profoundly peaceful, calming and uplifting influence on your body, mind and spirit. It’s a meditation you can do at any time, anywhere, and if you’re new to essential oils it’s a great introduction.

To do the meditation you need a drop or two of your favourite essential oil.

Let me show you what to do.

1. Firstly, sit with your feet flat on the ground, and your spine straight.

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2. Place a drop or two of your favourite essential oil onto the palm of one hand. Rub your hands together for a few seconds so that the heat of your body begins to activate and diffuse the aroma of the oil.

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3. Bring your cupped hands up to your face, just in front of your nose. Close your eyes, and breathe naturally. With each in-breath you will be drawing that essential oil into your body. With each out-breath you will be pushing the essential oil around your aura or energetic field.

Continue this simple process for a few minutes. Then open your eyes, give yourself a moment to come back to focus, and go about your day.

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Here are a couple of my favourite oil suggestions for you:

1. Lavender – a beautiful oil to promote relaxation, peace and a sense of tranquility. Also helpful for restful sleep.This is a super one for kids too.

2. One drop of Peppermint, and one drop of Tangerine or Orange. This blend will wake you up and mentally refresh you, helping to uplift your spirits when you are jaded or exhausted.

3. Geranium – an oil to restore those who over-give and who need nurture and emotional support. Helps shift negative emotions and trauma. Also wonderful to support women with hormonal issues such as PMT or painful periods. (You can also cup this in your hands for your dog, cat or horse to breathe in too if they’ve experienced shock, upset or trauma!)

4. Young Living’s Stress Away blend – when you’re frazzled, have a tension headache, or your brain is on overload, Stress Away helps restore clarity, calm and grounded awareness. A great oil to keep in your handbag or on the desk at work.

PS: If you’d like more information about essential oils you can contact me at but be a tiny bit patient, as I am at the Young Living Conference just now. I promise to get back to you just as soon as I can. Much love, Nicole xx


24 thoughts on “How to do a Simple 3 Minute Essential Oil Meditation

  1. I have a little rollerball bottle of Stress Away on my desk, and I share it with my colleagues 🙂 Just today I broke it out and shared it with three people who sit close to me. They love how it smells … and I think it really works!

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  3. I just looked into this essential oil. It is quite pricey but will have to save up for it. I wanted to get some of the thieves too for quite some time. Thanks for the connection and advice.

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